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An American in (and outside of) Paris

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Posted 06 May 2016 - 12:18 PM

Those of us who are extra sensitive to flicker, also can't stand the RGB mixture as white simulation, as whenever you shift your eyes you get a glimpse of the individual components (die, museum sreenings, die!) - on the eiffel tower at least you're usually far enough that you don't notice. 


I wired our kitchen in nyc in DC for dimmable LED strips, which are pretty awsome in an over/under cabinet situation, and in Japan we have ceiling fixture that support stepwise dimming in the obvious way, and I guess have a DC power supply built in, but commercial retrofit is still hard. This isn't a bad place to see what's available: http://www.ledsupply.../led-light-bulb

sandwiches that are large and filling and do not contain tuna or prawns

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Posted 06 May 2016 - 01:34 PM


All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.
Ambrose Bierce

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Posted 25 May 2016 - 10:21 AM

Has anyone here been following how people are getting Annoyed in Paris recently ?  It's a doozy ... a boozy doozy !


I do object to your accusation of France bashing.    Nothing could be further from truth.


You were NOT accused of France bashing !    ...   because I know you love France, my dear. As I, you.


You were clearly bashing tourists though ... because you see yourself (ie your foodie self) as better / smarter / savvier than them.


Don't you dare deny it because we have thoroughly researched the archives and you will not come out looking good !


And let's be crystal clear here because we have nothing to hide - As you look at the tourists in that foodie way, WE RESIDENTS LOOK AT YOU THE SAME ... IF NOT WORSE ... AND WITH GOOD REASON !


You now need to receive a sense of place and be put in your place and get the real Paris treatment for transgression.


You must understand that you are a GUEST in MY city and speaking on behalf of the citizens of the City of Lights, we will treat you with great respect IF AND ONLY IF you start the dance and dance the dance equally respectfully of WE PARISIANS and OUR CULTURE ! 


(And please don't use pigeon French when visiting ... it's really, really painful to us. If you can't speak the langauge properly, just say bonjour ou bonsoir, which is definitely appreciatedand then transition rapidly to English. You can toss out a "Merci" here and an "Extra!" là et un "Au Revoir", but that's about it. Stop while you're ahead. You are just begging for trouble if you ignore me on this. I have tried to make the point that we French take our language very seriously. Please review my prior post in this thread where I tried to shed some light on this very topic.)


More importantly, you were accusing a VERY GOOD if not EXCELLENT resto in our city and an another in our nation of ruthlessly and rapaciously taking advantage of tourists. 


That is NOT debatable ! 


If not true, such accusations are a crime in our country and you know that !


As the duly-elected, long-standing mayor of Paris, I have a role to play and a solemn duty to object to such vile, vicious and vindictive claims.


And unlike all too many around here, I am NOT above apologizing and publicly saying I'm sorry if and when I'm wrong


I don't mean to pat myself on the back but we all should be so modest. Goods leaders set good examples !


That said, we have found your annoying claims to be eminently contestable and beyond the bounds of common decency de la Republique


When I say we, the powers that be in Paris have held COUNTLESS meetings on this pressing subject because our honor, our security and our way of life is at stake.


You must be held accountable for your impolitic actions ... otherwise chaos, communism, revolution and dictatorship is just around the corner... that's our history !


We have learned from it ... or at least Chambo has.


And this is why we elect our political leaders ! To go where most dare not go, to take to the field of battle, to take the heat and meet and defeat any foe, and to stand up for the mores of the less vocal and surely silent majority ... and therefore there but for the grace of God go I as I act in our people's interest.


We shall proceed now ...


Be extremely careful, young lady ! You are now on trial against the People and the Political Power of Paris ! 


You are now warned. Anything you say can and will be used against you.


Be truthful. Don't exaggerate. This could be difficult but I hope not.


Note that we have and have had cameras and bugging devices everywhere in the city ... going back years ... that was a highly-personal pet project of mine.


This should NOT be news to you or anyone who knows our country's history. Napoleon instituted such invasion of privacy with extreme vigor but with less technological savvy ... and Chambo then grabbed that old, dangerous bull by the horns and ran with it.


Let's move forward ...


 I did not say that champagne was €30 at EITHER PLACE.


So why did you quote such an extravagant price ? What is the implication ?


But I am increasingly noticing ... the waiter now asks first if you would like champagne, without quoting producer or price, leaving you gullible to agree to a mediocre €30 glass. 


So why don't you simply ask who the producer is if you are such a fin bec who knows champagne so well ?


Any resto serving champagne as you describe will gladly answer your question and be appreciative of your interest.




And they may find quoting producers a bit pretentious.


Were the prices of champagne at Salt or La Chassagnette anything other than reasonable or very good value ? 


And you must admit that there is undoubtedly €30  coup champagne available in France.


Completely immaterial to our discussion. Out of order !


Borderline WILFRID-ian ! Don't head in that direction, my dear, cuz the kid-glove treatment will go out the window !


Some champagnes are expensive. Some wines are expensive ! If offered by the glass, they will be expensive.


But the scenarios and restos that you mention have nothing to do with such luxuries !


And are you a communist now and against offering people choices ... maybe even luxury choices ?


Is that verboten in your fascist state of mind ?  If so, you are more Parisian than I thought ...


I vividly remember being charged €20 for a not overly generous pour at L'Arome some half dozen years ago.  


Six or more years ago ... I see ... one bad memory and now the whole world is out to get you and there is evil lurking in every corner ...


Champagne is just not that interesting to us since decent but reasonable champagne is our afternoon house wine.   I am more interested in aperitifs maison, where I might learn a trick or choosing a new and interesting white wine to sip while perusing the carte.


Perfectly fine ! Perfectly reasonable !


The two of us have different but inarguably valid memories of Salt and La Chassagnette.


That's what we are here to find out !


That is the main question that the People and the Political Powers of Paris and the entire nation are interested in and demand answers to.


We are NOT denying that you have memories ... NOT in the least ! 


We all do.


But with the powers invested in me, the people want to see if your story seems objectively reasonable or if it's highly doubtful and exists only in an interior world of confused perceptions and inappropriate projection.


You see, when people have false foodie images of themselves (ie they think that they are better than those "tourists") and when they impose their own likes / dislikes / and preferences upon others that they see around them, they all too often create wildly off-base constructions in their minds and lash out violently.


Our city depends on tourism. We'll defend tourists and their safety at any cost. And you should have known this !


Furthermore we are NOT picking on you AT ALL. In fact, we are trying to make you love us Parisians even more ... if possible !


I go to Paris multiple times a year because I am extraordinarily happy there. I love the people, their droll humor, their delight in helping/sharing with you and their ability to squash with an eyelid those who assume a know-it-all pose


Read my prose with a wink, if necessary, but serious answers to the ensuing are expected.



The clocking is running ... the trial formally begins ...


But I am increasingly noticing ... the waiter now asks first if you would like champagne, without quoting producer or price, leaving you gullible to agree to a mediocre €30 glass.    When you decline and ask for the apero list, the welcome and service rug is snatched, you are branded as a low-baller and the evening is off to a crappy start.


I have been appalled to notice how many tourist tables buy into this.   (Come on, Mable.  We're in PARIS!)   And how they will complain/brag to their friends when they get home about how expensive Paris is.


The record will show that we are a very curious, a very fair and a very interested people who want to hear about your memories.


Please proceed in detail ... tell us about your experiences at Salt and La Chassagnette ... with no fiction nor embellishment if at all possible. 


Any other recent accounts to justify the "increasingly noticing" slap in the face to France's restos ?


You obviously have a lot to say on the matter because this annoyed you so much.




Let it rest


I was going to let it rest but then YOU brought it back up ... maybe unknowingly.

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Posted 25 May 2016 - 12:48 PM

Yeah, but does Paris have anything like this...you know, for us rubes?


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Posted 25 May 2016 - 01:53 PM

I thought Chambo was Galician.

Bar Loser

MF Old

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 07:20 PM

Has anyone around here been observing in horror how some parents are feeding their kids nowadays and how they encourage their little ones to eat anything and bite everybody ?


I don't know how wise that is ... cuz that could be unhealthy for the little ones ... and today's dieting trend is to keep it super simple instead ... if you want to be smart about things.


@ Daniel - yeah he's cute ... make that VERY CUTE ... but can he compute ! and how fast does he run ?


My Surface Book is AWESOMELY CUTE, a super computer and could run rings around your kid when he's awake and mine is in sleep mode !


Don't mess with Chambo, Daniel.


Leave the two alone in a room for 5  we will see who wins that one..  I can see the bite marks in the screen now. 


Daniel, I presume that you were just joking back then but you better keep your little kid away from mine !


Tell me about your kid's development to date ? 


My sweet, little Surfy is now WORKING ! 


How's your kid doing vis-a-vis his benchmarks, huh ?


Surfy is blowing his peers out of the water !


He's proving to be a champ like his old man ... although Surfy does have some unresolved issue every now and then with coming out sleep mode, but don't we all. I think he loves his sleep too much, even after all those patches, so I opt to directly hibernate him after he's been awake for a long while and it's not a big deal cuz he comes out of that cold storage pretty darn quickly and is ripped, roaring and ready to get back to work. 


Surfy's memory is being filled with incredible things at a really rapid rate and this will continue for years and years. 


Believe me when I say that my little Surfy may not weigh all that much but he packs a powerful punch and is so bulked up he would crush your little Jax in two.


Daniel, you have NO IDEA of Surfy's awesome power and with just how many polygons per second he could pummel you and your little partner. I'm not going to get unduly graphic with you nor will I talk about his hyper-threaded Core because I'm not sure that you'll fully process everything I'm throwing at you.


I know all this is probably making little Jax's head spin in circles right now but Surfy's so flexible that his brains are built to detach and reattach on command and magnetically ! Surfy was born with a pen attached at the hip and he's already multi-lingual. 


Further, my sweet-looking Surfy is stunningly toothsome to see and his body is already that of a full grown man's. His magnificent, machined, magnesium shell is virtually indestructible. 


I can see the bite marks in the screen now. 


Once again, Daniel, let me be crystal clear with you.


Don't put your kid's health at risk !


Surfy's SUPER AWESOME 3000 x 2000 pixel density screen will shatter your little guy's tiny teeth into shards, assuming he has any.


Don't jinx Jax or his jaw by trying to joust with me !


Daniel, put your ego away and just let the kids be kids.


Made the boy two eggs, then he had a half of an egg bagel with cream cheese, apple sauce, pineapple, smoked chicken and has been eating leftover spaghetti with clam sauce for the last couple of days.


Kind of pathetic, Daniel ! Two eggs, half of this and a bunch of other random, old odds and ends. 


Feed the cute kid like a human, will ya !


Spring for Spring ingredients in Spring.


It's the least you could do cuz that's what I do !


Me and Surfy were up very, very late last night. We were working away like two peas in a pod and this may sound odd but we were as busy as bees and up in the trees were four rabbits in furs foregoing all holes and halves and I had a vision where the havenots had and I could see for miles and miles and then ...


I heard the little guy's stomach growling and I realized that he hadn't eaten all day and so in the wee hours of the morning I made Surfy a THREE egg omelette for breakfast.


Count 'em, Daniel. THREE !




And not just any eggs ... the same type I used here ... you remember those eggs, don't you ?


oeufs de poules elevées en plein air (okay, sorry, sorry about cutting out some important details - more specifically "ces oeufs sont garantis de poules elevées en liberté, dans de grands espaces couverts de végétation, et nourries des produits du sol. Bon appétit." Yes, these eggs are bio, ie biologique, ie organic



And then I tossed in a bunch of chopped sauteed Spring ingredients, such as asperges vertes, champignons "mousserons", echalotes de Provence, mini-poivrons jaunes de Bretagne etc etc ... beurre Bordier bien sur ...




And you know what ? 


Surfy didn't even take a bite. I had to eat the whole thing myself.


Surfy's gone a bit crazy on his diet.


No meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy, no veggies, nothing chewable !


And you know what he said to me last night that was so so cute ... he said ...


Daddy Chambo, I don't need fancy food like you. I live off the electricity of life. That's all I need to survive.


Just give me a little juice ...


Kids these days are simply amazing ... they are so different and they grow up so fast ... Surfy hasn't even had his first birthday yet !   ...   and where some folks sense trouble around every corner, kids can see clear blue skies for miles and miles ... and that's the way it ought to be cuz kids need to have their heads spinning in the clouds whether they are flying or flying a kite or just working late at night ...


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Posted 30 August 2016 - 03:48 PM

c,  somewhere you chastised the usage of "Le" with Taillevent.  Why then are the correspondences I receive from Taillevent shown to be from Le Taillevent?

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 06:48 PM

It is officially Le Taillevent, but most people have just called it Taillevent (presumably for a very long time).


The only analogy that springs to mind is people talking about The Buzzcocks, although the band is actually called Buzzcocks.  I am sure there are much more apt ones.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 07:58 PM

I say "The Mouthfuls".

I didn't tip at Per Se either.

#220 Peter Creasey

Peter Creasey

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 08:01 PM

Kim,  what you say is what I thought also...until the admonishment for the reference to Le Taillevent.

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. . "for the discreet and refined enjoyment of uncommon wine . .
. . . . and victuals and the companionship accruing thereto" . . . .

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 08:14 PM

I say "The Mouthfuls".


Ye Olde Mouthfuls.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 08:15 PM

Kim,  what you say is what I thought also...until the admonishment for the reference to Le Taillevent.


Le Chambolle I can't answer for.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 08:51 PM


Kim,  what you say is what I thought also...until the admonishment for the reference to Le Taillevent.


Le Chambolle I can't answer for.


never mind.

"It has a soupy texture and looks rather messy. It stinks a little and is arguably the most delicious dish on earth."__Ptipois