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Szechuan Mountain House

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Posted 10 May 2018 - 04:34 AM

I am writing about the EV branch on St. Marks Place, not the Flushing mothership.


I ate here a few months ago.  But I didn't want to write about it until I had also eaten in the celebrated Guan Fu in Flushing (right next to this place's mothership, as it turns out).  Before I heaped any praise on this place, I wanted to make sure it wasn't totally outclassed by Guan Fu.


Well, Guan Fu deserves all the praise it's gotten.  And it's better than here.  But NOT an order of magnitude better.


I'm no expert on Szechuan food.  But I'd say that this is the best Szechuan restaurant I've ever eaten at in Manhattan.


First, the cooking is better -- more precise, more finely calibrated -- than even at such excellent entries as Lan Sheng.


Second, the menu is chock-full of dishes you just don't see elsewhere.   And the ones I tried (don't ask for details:  I ate here a while ago) were very rewarding.


I'd love to hear what the Sichuan experts here have to say about this place.  But I think it's a real EV resource.

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Posted 10 May 2018 - 12:34 PM

This is exciting
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Posted 17 August 2018 - 07:33 PM

In the old Grand Sichuan Street on St Marks, up a flight of stairs occupied by two homeless people, is this lovely Sichuan Restaurant.. The food, exciting, delicious, offering a wider variety or different selection than your typical menu... 


With a 45 minute wait, we walked down the street and ended up in a Saloon.. They unfortunately do not call you when your table is ready so, we came back 30 minutes later and waited the remaining 15 minutes.. Also, unfortunately, no reservations, even for large groups.. 


They offer a spicy pickled cabbage salad that was so good, we ordered a whole order as well.. 





cold chicken is exemplary.. the chicken is fatty and cooled in fat and soaked in oil and it has this creamy quality.. 




Beef in sour soup.. A really nice version.. I was missing the fresh peppercorns often add but, there were enoki mushrooms or mushrooms and it was spicy and sour and delicious. 






Crab with gelatinous rice.. Make sure you ask for a vinegar dipping sauce for the crab.. as they didn't give us any but, i asked and they were like, oh shit how did you know about that..  And I said, cuz that's how your mom made it for me... Anyway, this was like 60 bucks and it was really lovely.  the rice takes in the crab, there was roe smeared on the rice.. it was all very good.. it takes about 30 minutes to prepare...






Fish head is normally my favorite.. But, I like the Hunan Style better but, this was a rather poor version on a few levels.. Firstly, it was not cooked all the way through.. And despite my protests, they said, it was fine.. And I thought to myself, when the heck was the last time you were served anything remotely medium rare in a Chinese Restaurant.. It's either cured, pickled, or hammered to death.. Like, not even vegetables are served undercooked.. We were stuffed so, why protest.. I ate the cheeks and some parts but, whatever..   This was an oily pickled pepper sauce.. The pickled peppers were not that strong and it was just sort of mild pickeled oil tasting.. The fish again, was cooked poorly and well, what a bummer..  But yeh, even if the fish were cooked well, the sauce was not successful.   As a consideration, I gave the fish head container to the people sitting on the stoop.. Hopefully the staff will get a second look at the fish and realize their mistake. 



We ordered so much food that it was not an issue but, yeh, next time I am getting the fish in the pot... 


I'll be back

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