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CloudKitchens ... Travis's next gig

11 November 2019 - 05:41 PM

Travis’s next gig …




It’s a well-funded operation … fully-equipped kitchens with high-performance, diamond-tipped chain saws, bone saws, hatchets, axes … the works …. a chef’s dream work place !






The Cowboy and the Indians are talking turkey …




So the question is … Can he cook up a Unicorn ? Does lightning strike twice ?


Well he’s already raised 400 mil from the Saw-dees … so it’s probably already a Unicorn … and they say these things don’t grow on trees … as I’ve been saying for years, billionaires are a dime a dozen nowadays ... they're the hoi polloi


Regarding bills, you need a dirty dozen to be a real player … otherwise you’re just a rich, single-digit piker



Off Topic … in other unrelated news, Uber’s new CEO is in the news …



Micromanage my Life - Japan

09 July 2019 - 04:04 PM

If an English-speaker wanted to rent an apartment in Tokyo for about one month is Airbnb the right place to be looking ? or are there better sites with better apartments that are more focused on Tokyo ?


And since I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO knowledge of Tokyo, where would be the recommended neighborhoods to be looking ? That is, what would be the closest Tokyo equivalents to a well-located downtown NYC place where ideally you can walk to a bunch of good casual and finer dining places / coffee shops / food provisions places and have very good access to subways to get you wherever. In my mind, Greenwich Village, East Village, NoHo, a less-touristy SoHo all could qualify, whereas LES is totally cool to go out to eat but can be slightly grungier than where I might want to live on a daily basis.


And if upon arrival I were thinking that I would start in a hotel for a handful of days, what Tokyo hotels might be worth considering ?


My mindset is as follows … I don’t speak Japanese and don’t know Tokyo at all, hence it might be a good idea to leverage off a hotel’s concierge services as I get my grounding in the city upon arrival. And since I presumably have to go to Kyoto and Osaka for a bunch of days, it probably makes sense to organize things as follows – 1) Stay in Tokyo hotel for 5-ish days. 2) Travel to Kyoto and Osaka for 5 or 6 or ? days. 3) Return to Tokyo for a month in my well-located apartment. Do we agree with my mindset ?


If I were to do this (mainly based upon finding an apartment that I like enough), the trip would start mid-September-ish