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In Topic: Making pizza at home

Yesterday, 06:12 PM

I’m being picky: San Marzano should be an appellation for tomatoes grown in Campania. There are nice tomatoes being grown on the East coast of the U. s., but hey....there are tomatoes ,and then there are tomatoes.

In Topic: Making pizza at home

Yesterday, 05:51 PM

We might have tasty tomatoes later in the summer,but please,San Marzanos and some Sicilian tomatoes cannot be replicated here ....volcanic soil,very hot dry sun,terroir. After spending a summer living there,and going bonkers over tomatoes,ricotta and wine....wait until tomato season,or buy the canned stuff,and reduce it gently. My issue with pizza is oven,or grill heat....just have limits on how hot I can get it.

In Topic: Supper

18 June 2018 - 10:15 PM

Slightly fussy outdoor dinner: Braised,then grilled octopus with romesco,and a nice relish made with green olives,celery,parsley and preserved lemon. More sous vide fennel: bagged with a bit of orange juice ,zest ,tarragon and olive oil. Smashed grilled potatoes,grilled okra,elderflower poached aprciots with zabaglione, summer cookin’

In Topic: Dessert, the Sweet Spot

12 June 2018 - 05:23 PM

I havent liked it for some things:animal proteins have a texture after cooking that I dont love,for the most part,except for octopus. Braising dense vegetables and fruits is turning out to yield excellent results. I purchased it back when for professional purposes,but now that I have it,why not mess around with it....

In Topic: Dessert, the Sweet Spot

12 June 2018 - 04:28 PM

I have been finding some surprisingly nice little apricots at Trader Joes...so far have made tarts and compotes,but decided on a sous vide treatment this week,poaching them in a bag with some elderflowers and a bit of simple syrup,for about 20 minutes. The plus side is that they can be held in the bag for a day or two without browning...and were delicious tossed with some strawberries and a little more sugar.