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Salty - Bittman's New Food Mag at Medium

19 March 2019 - 11:07 AM

So Mark Bittman is back (did he ever really go away?).


With a publication called Salty. For the online platform and publsiher  subscription service called Medium.


As the Times writes:



Salty, which is making its debut on Tuesday, will comprise recipes, stories related to food and more.

“There’s a large part of me that wants people to be interested in food agriculture, or policy, or kids, or immigrants, or race,” Mr. Bittman said.

There will be no articles on restaurant openings, think pieces on super foods or profiles of celebrity chefs, he added. Some of the stories he has lined up go into racism in restaurants, how to buy an egg and how your relationship to food changes when you become a parent.

“We’re doing practical stories that will help people see food in a way they haven’t seen it before,” Mr. Bittman said.


I, for one, can't wait to find out how to buy a fucking egg. If anyone knows, then as Gwyneth once said, Bitty does.


PSSSSt - here's a hint - use the Julian date!

Tomatoes in Winter

16 March 2019 - 12:21 PM

Check this out...




Found at my local crappy grocery store (Fine Fare, for those who know/care), these tomatoes actually look, smell and taste very good, for having been purchased in mid-March.


Now, I don't know if I'll be able to find them again, and this was the first time I'd ever seen them, but quite a nice treat.


Together they weighed at least a pound, and they were $1.99.

Francesco Cali

14 March 2019 - 01:14 PM

The "reputed" crime boss of the Gambino family. 


On Staten Island.


Interestingly, Rich is out of the country.


And last week, Carmine Persico, the "reputed" boss of the Colombo family. 


As Clemenza said, and I'm paraphrasing, we need this every 5, 10 years - cleans up the bad blood.

Natural, Organic, Bio - The Wines Some Love to Hate

04 March 2019 - 12:41 PM

A very fine article in The Guardian, entitled Has Wine Gone Bad?  Ought to be of interest to a few of us here...



As natural wine has grown, it has made enemies. To its many detractors, it is a form of luddism, a sort of viticultural anti-vax movement that lauds the cidery, vinegary faults that science has spent the past century painstakingly eradicating. According to this view, natural wine is a cult intent on rolling back progress in favour of wine best suited to the tastes of Roman peasants. The Spectator has likened it to “flawed cider or rotten sherry” and the Observer to “an acrid, grim burst of acid that makes you want to cry”.  Once you know what to look for, natural wines are easy to spot: they tend to be smellier, cloudier, juicier, more acidic and generally truer to the actual taste of grape than traditional wines. In a way, they represent a return to the core elements that made human beings fall in love with wine when we first began making it, around 6,000 years ago. Advocates of natural wine believe that nearly everything about the £130bn modern wine industry – from the way it is made, to the way critics police what counts as good or bad – is ethically, ecologically and aesthetically wrong. Their ambition is to strip away the artificial trappings that have developed in tandem with the industry’s decades-long economic boom, and let wine be wine.



Task Rabbit

25 February 2019 - 08:31 PM

I used Task Rabbit for the first time today; had hired someone via the web site/app whatever to replace a blown out transformer and light fixture.


Picked the one with the most reviews, and they were literally all positive reviews.


Person did the job in an hour, perfectly.  I'm impressed with the whole procedure, as I've decided all the stuff I used to do (and do poorly), I'm just gonna hire someone from now on. It's good for the economy.