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Today, 12:23 AM

You don't know good value.


e.g. this place is around 200,000 yen/month:




But right across from the train tracks, but much livelier neighborhood, but a bit dreary because for japanese people... will look for nicer ones later. I´ll point out again that the Duplex properties are fine and not expensive. Also there are https://www.sumitomo...ish/lp/?trflg=1


And something like this:




Regarding the airbnb, you're really reading too much into the names, etc. Not saying the host can't cancel on you last moment. 

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Yesterday, 10:57 PM

All are welcome.

In Topic: Micromanage my Life - Japan

Yesterday, 08:46 PM

1. Exactly in the center of this map


2. I think it's perfectly nice and I highlighted the only somewhat annoying aspect of distance to the subway. I don't recall any other gotcha.


3. If you offer a place for stays longer than a month and you're the owner you don't need a license (well, you might need permission from your building association, but I don't think this building has one) as you'd just be renting to a regular tenant. This is why, as I mentioned, many of the serviced mansions will only offer monthly leases that can be broken at a very small cost. I met the owner and there's no monkey business here, just some weird phrasing due to neither English nor Japanese being her first language. We did rent the place for less than a month but this was before the crackdown. 


If you're considering a monthly rental there are other places in a different category (not marketed as vacation rentals but as monthly furnished apartments, invariably in Japanese only) - let me know and I'll see what's available. 

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14 July 2019 - 08:43 PM

I was just telling a MFFer the other day about the lackluster condition of some Mons offering at WF, but today there is a Mons Epoisses that is the best Epoisses I've had stateside, on sale at least at the Bowery location.

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14 July 2019 - 05:31 PM

You are truly multi-generational.


It's funny to think of CH as a boutique brand in retrospect. 


@Rich - we deliver there by narco sub