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Today, 01:24 AM

Is foxface a real restaurant?


The only real restaurant on Saint Mark's Place, per the paper of record. (although I think someone is opening something Korean with starry aspirations)



I should open a milkshake shop and see if it can be a restaurant too.

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Yesterday, 11:35 PM



After we ran out of hare, Sivan started putting foie on burgers.

In Topic: Foxface

Yesterday, 11:06 PM

You should definitely call plush services on that shop. The panda is in distress and the snow hare looks like the perpetrator...

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Yesterday, 02:02 AM

These hares are very fresh - I put them in marinade 2-3 days after they were caught, so they really do taste mostly of hare, less of generic high game. 


If you asked me a year ago if there would be 32 hare sandwiches sold on Saint Mark's Place today, I would look at you real funny (actually I think I missed you on my way down today, with you being so skinny!)

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16 November 2019 - 02:30 PM

Should be, we're not even telling anyone yet.