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In Topic: Judith Jones

05 August 2017 - 02:07 AM

When I worked at Random House in the mid-aughts, she was in one of the new building's offices, for which she'd probably given up a lifetime of work furniture and knickknacks, in exchange for "blond wood and stainless-steel detail, Ikea-style modernist furniture, aluminum bookcases, oval desks on rolling wheels, fluorescent lamps, Aeron chairs and ottomans that second as filing cabinets" (per an old Observer article).


It was a pleasure meeting her, she was very gracious, but I remember wishing, at the time, that I'd found her in a space she'd visibly made her own.

In Topic: Kitchen Appliances

18 July 2017 - 02:48 PM

Blue Star/Prizer/Kobe hoods don't seem much less expensive than the Vent-a-Hood ($2,679). I wanted. I'd like to spend closer to $1,500.


I'm gonna price Imperial and Cavaliere next. The appliance store sneered at the much simpler Broan I suggested, but I do like its having an external fan, for more quiet in the kitchen. I can also cut costs by replacing the stupid "wall mount" stupid flue sheath with another cupboard cabinet and get an under-cabinet hood instead, which'll expand my options.


We too can vent outside, thanks to being on a top apartment floor, very excited about that. Bring on the nước mắm!


Thanks for the tips.

In Topic: Supper

16 July 2017 - 04:14 PM

I'm planning beer-battered onion rings tonight and have a surplus of year-old Guinness not worth drinking straight. We love Guinness so I'm eager to see how this turns out.

In Topic: Cocktails

16 July 2017 - 04:04 PM

A rare, forbidden splash of grapefruit juice in discouraged mixed drinks hasn't killed me yet. Might grapefruit liqueur cross a line?


I gave up grapefruit long ago when I started taking Lipitor/atorvastatin. I miss it terribly. But statins have been great for lowering my blood cholesterol.


I also now drink only socially, after years of daily cocktails or wine hammered my liver too hard. I'm annoyed that my tolerance and alcohol-trivia knowledge has dropped. But having more energy has been a bonus. In two years I've had great liver-panel tests, have lost thirty pounds, and can work out much more, all without sacrificing the delicious fatty foods that make those statins so helpful.


Today, the kind host of a party happening next week has asked if I can have pamplemousse liqueur. But I find no gastroenterologist-mixologists writing online about whether that has more, less, or equal furanocoumarins than the juice itself. Any ideas?

In Topic: Miele dishwashers

16 July 2017 - 03:42 PM

I've lived with an oldish Miele dishwasher daily for most of a year now and use another home's newer Miele frequently; never noticed this.


Do the spray arms stop spinning if an exorcism's needed?