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In Topic: Is "Appalachian cooking" the next food trend?

Today, 12:35 PM

Since people like Sean Brock, "who has become a powerful evangelist for Southern ingredients," have saturated co-opting poor black people's food, what's left in local appropriation besides doing the same with whites'?


Next up: haute Newfie!


Native American food wasn't interesting enough in coastal cities to became more than a short eighties fad, I think. Last week friends who'd gone on a Pacific Northwest ocean cruise told me that one of the dining options was Indian. Turns out they'd meant what was homey food for tourists from India.

In Topic: Keep On Running

Yesterday, 02:15 PM

Sarno's a quack, though. Now, if Don Imus had a recommendation . . .

In Topic: [North Adams] Mass MOCA

22 June 2017 - 03:58 PM

The Turrell we saw at Bennesse was extraordinary. Paul, much of Main Street's frontage is held hostage by a landlord in hope of high rents. But a Long Island developer just bought a city block. If that adds market-rate residential, that may help North Adams more than its past encouragement of subsidized housing, which kept buildings from going to seed but didn't bring in much new spending. There's so little money. While we were there, the school district had to close a grade school to meet its budget. The argument was over which school to close, not whether to close one. 


The attempt to renovate the old Mohawk theater was a joke. The downtown projects of the museum and the local college aren't enough to pull people away from the museum. The planned for-profit modern-art and model-railroad complexes wouldn't build up the rest of the town either. It can be difficult to stay there. You're not allowed to park in the streets overnight during much of the year, and have to visit city hall to get the hand-stamped permit for the parking lot.


Here are the best of the other North Adams places we ate/drank at, in addition to what I'd posted above. Had we driven, we would've been able to include Williamstown:


Brewhaha - sunny in-town cafe with breakfast-and-lunch sandwiches, wraps, salads, and eggy entrees. The residency artists were comped good lunches four days a week from Mass MoCA's own cafe, but they also loved the weekly delivery from Brewhaha. Tasty espressos, but at $4, yikes. Professionally run, yet closes early when slow. Brewhaha outlasted a competing cafe, but a new creperie, Empire, opened by a former animal-control officer in one of the storefronts of a sprawling antiques/knickknacks store, might flourish.


Bright Ideas - at Mass MoCA, a brewpub with pizza and salads. This replaced Cafe Latino. I'm not qualified to judge the several beers but they're popular; and the salads and pizzas, prepared at a small side station, were excellent, towering over what's available in town at Public (below), Ramuntos, or Village Pizza (though we didn't try Greek-style Christo).


Gramercy Bistro - at Mass MoCA. The finest, most grown-up dining in North Adams, but I agree with Suzanne, above, that you can take it or leave it. Since we were in town for three weeks, we enjoyed its cosmopolitan break.


Grazie - in-town Italian; fine if you like everything swimming in creamy sauces.


Hub - the downtown, lunch-and-dinner counterpart to the roadside, breakfast-and-lunch-only Renee's Diner. If Public (below) is the closer-to-Mass-MoCA "gown" restaurant, this is the "town" one. Thanks to its bigger and heartier menu, we ate here more often than at Public.


Public - in town; more pub than gastro despite its ambition. Cocktails were hit-or-miss despite boasts of regular new creations. Delicious burgers were more interesting, with fries great enough not to need up-priced truffling. But awful pizzas: almost-raw chopped bell peppers, or faux-jerk chicken, and white sauce on flatbread is not pizza.

In Topic: Keep On Running

22 June 2017 - 03:14 PM

Thanks to you both. The initial injury was a week ago, with pain so vague I thought the problem was in my gut, till seeing a doctor yesterday. I'd made it worse with more running. Heat and ibuprofen are helping, and thanks to a muscle relaxant, I can sleep on my back again. No problem resting since I have forty hours of editing due on Monday.


My spouse is very supportive. The cat, used to chase games, is not.

In Topic: Meat Allergy from a tick bite?

22 June 2017 - 02:17 PM

May I instead choose the Hawaiian-raw-veg brain-eating parasite?