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Aaron Padwee, fellow winemaker, doored to death in Queens

04 June 2018 - 01:42 PM

My fellow basement winemaker of many years, Aaron Padwee, was killed last week when a driver doored him into the path of a truck. He's the sixth cyclist killed in NYC this year.
One closer to him describes it best:
“The car was not just parked, but double parked, which people forget, is illegal. It was on 21st Street in Long island City, Queens, next to PS1, and just across from the post office. The driver flung the door open without looking, and my friend Aaron Padwee, riding his beloved bicycle in lawful manner, was doored. He was thrown into the path of a box truck, and was run over. The truck was driven by an unlicensed operator. Aaron sustained massive head and chest trauma. EMS responded quickly, but he was declared dead at hospital. The truck driver was charged, but other than operating a vehicle without a license, he is only indirectly responsible. The Queens district attorney refuses to charge the driver of the car, whose carelessness triggered the event which led to Aaron's death. Forget double parking, DOORING someone is a crime. If this law was enforced, people might be made aware, and future senseless deaths could be avoided. I think Aaron would be onboard with this. Aaron was the kindest, gentle man, whom everyone loved. Rest in Peace, Aaron Padwee, 1973-2018.”
On Twitter, the local politician who boasted of telling local TV news that there should be charges is, instead of being thanked by constituents, chided for not having done enough to make streets safer for bikers in the first place.
On the politician's comparable Facebook post, the comments are more victim-blaming.
Tonight I'll raise a glass of slightly vegetal vino to Aaron.

Fixer-upper houseboat (my childhood home) for $1 in lower Westchester

19 August 2017 - 11:37 AM

You've always wanted to cook in a houseboat, right?


After failing to sell my childhood home of 14 years for $5K last month . . . and after last week's eager-seeming potential buyer blew off what was to be our third and final meeting . . . I'm offering it for a buck, as is, to the first taker, so I don't get stuck paying for another month of slip space in New Rochelle, NY.


Already got a family scheduled to visit it today. I'll be there all afternoon and maybe tomorrow. Chomping celery sticks and drinking kefir, since I don't have a car and there are no restaurants in walking distance. If anyone wants to visit, I'll gladly reimburse you for any random Asian takeout.