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Today, 08:02 PM

to answer voyager's question: i was offered generous samples of everything i was interested in. if the kids had not been with (and going a bit out of their minds at that point) i'd have done broader sampling before purchasing but we're here almost another three months.

In Topic: cheese in london

Today, 07:52 PM

here are this evening's purchases from paxton & whitfield:


old winchester (hard, pasteurized cow's milk from wiltshire))

shropshire blue


wigmore (semi-soft, unpasteurized ewe's milk)

windrush (goat's milk cheese from oxfordshire)


now to enjoy them with helicopters buzzing above our flat in westminster...

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Today, 01:30 PM

in the same way that its sublime "farmer glickstein" parody/pastiche is a definitive portrayal of dylan.


In Topic: cheese in london

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

okay, paxton & whitfield it is!









the marylebone la fromagerie is pretty close to cadenhead's, which i plan to visit tomorrow or the day after. a combination seems easy. i'll wait to see if i'm passing in the vicinity of neal's yard for something else and pop in then.

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20 March 2017 - 08:37 PM

the fact that my primary visa card has a chip but is not a "chip and pin" card, which means it keeps getting rejected in various shops in london.