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london whisky

18 April 2017 - 01:52 PM

this will be of limited interest to actual londoners but non-londoners interested in whisky will be excited to know that it's not just cheese shops that i've been taking pictures of. a couple of weeks ago i posted a virtual tour of the whisky exchange's swanky store in covent garden. today's installment covers the royal mile whiskies london outpost in bloomsbury and the vintage house in soho. and back in august i'd posted a look at cadenhead's, milroy's and hedonism (plus a quick glance at berry bros. & rudd*). between the whisky stores and the cheese, london is pretty much an ideal city for me.


actual londoners who know of quirky smaller stores and bars with interesting whisky selections should point me to those as well.

*when i was there in august they'd had a plumbing disaster which had caused the whisky part of the shop to be shut down for a few days. i'll be going back for a proper look soon.

indian food in london, spring 2017

27 March 2017 - 05:00 PM

so far we have eaten three indian meals out:

1. quilon. we were there in late 2009 with vanessa and were very happy to go back for lunch with a friend who was passing through town. we each got the tasting menu and it was excellent. and it was also a lot of food for £36/head.


2. malabar junction. this is a large if somewhat garish place in bloomsbury which specializes in south indian food, specifically the cuisine of kerala. some things were quite good, most were fine, some were not very good indeed. still better than most indian places in the u.s, especially considering we got out at just about £20/head for quite a bit of food (all ordered to share).


3. cinnamon club. this is right around the corner from us in westminster and we decided to take a flyer on their set lunch today. it was really quite good. the room is great (it's located in the old westminster library) and the food was very good. the least of the dishes was above average by u.s standards and the best (a tandoori cod starter and a baked plaice main) were just excellent. at £26/head for three courses this was a very good deal and we'll likely go back once the set menu turns over.


i'll have detailed reports on all of these on the blog in the coming weeks.


next on the itinerary: lahore kebab house in whitechapel (recommended by our indian friends as better than tayyabs for similar food), set lunch at amaya and a return to hoppers.

chinese food in london

22 March 2017 - 01:14 PM

our flat is in westminster, a stone's throw from ma la sichuan, one of london's better reviewed sichuan restaurants--opened by the chef of barshu, apparently. we ate lunch there on arrival on saturday. some things were quite good, some were fine, some were blah. will report in more detail once we've tried more of the menu.


yesterday, we had dim sum at joy king lau on leicester st. in chinatown. london dim sum doesn't seem to have the best reputation and chinatown's reputation is even more faded but we thought this was far better than decent. superior to anything in minnesota certainly and would probably be squarely in the middle of the sgv's second division (the more old school places like ocean star and nbc). i wrote this meal up quickly this morning on the blog for those who are interested. our next stop for dim sum--unless i'm guided away/elsewhere--will likely be to royal china on baker st.. will probably combine that with cadenhead's and la fromagerie in a week or so. for now i'm going to get my first lot of cheese from paxton & whitfield and my first lot of whisky from the whisky exchange in covent garden.

cheese in london

21 March 2017 - 04:14 PM

this is a thread in which i ask about where to buy good cheese in london. but feel free to turn it into a discussion of 99 cent stores in lower manhattan and from there to a thread about where lower manhattan begins and ends.


my plan/desire is to eat a lot of obscure british cheese over the next 3 months. the closest reputable cheesemonger to us (we're in westminster) seems to be paxton & whitfield. good enough? or should i be traveling further afield to some other establishment? any particular cheeses you'd recommend i ask for?

squirrel: the other dark meat?

14 March 2017 - 03:08 PM

ten days ago i cooked up a bunch of squirrel (11 of them to be exact) for a large group of friends. one of them's a hunter and he bagged the squirrels over a period of time (no laws broken). he skinned and dressed them, i cooked them. and man, squirrel is good. squirrel broth, in particular, is really good: i served it straight up, garnished only with scallions, so people could taste the essence of squirrel. the hind quarters i braised with white wine and potatoes, the fore quarters i made into a very spicy, dry curry. they're basically very small rabbits and taste like high quality dark meat chicken, with a nice nutty depth. more details on the blog but them's good eatin'!