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korean food in new york

Yesterday, 02:43 PM

may as well have one catch-all thread for future reference.


here is my review of our meal yoon haeundae galbi last month. as i said in that meal planning thread after the dinner, we liked it a lot. the meats were very good as were the jigaes. the interior is fairly mod and attractive (and they take reservations, which i gather a lot of other korean bbq places in the city do not). prices are high compared to koreatown, los angeles but i guess that's to be expected for midtown manhattan (or any other part of manhattan). then again the price per head for a meal centered on very good beef was lower than the price the next evening at a mod indian place in the east village with far inferior food.


not sure where they stack up in the korean bbq scene in new york.

meal reviews from our recent dc trip

27 August 2019 - 05:21 PM

my reports are going up fairly randomly on the blog.


our first dinner was at the oddly named baby wale. it is so named because it is the informal sibling of a fancier and long-established restaurant named corduroy which is next door. baby wale is a gastro-pub'ish sort of place which means they serve everything from smoked ribs to ramen to pupusas. recommended on the donrockwell forum as a good family pick within reach of our hotel. we enjoyed the meal--but i'm not sure it would be appropriate with small children at peak dinner hours (we were there on a monday evening when it was pretty empty. full review on the blog.


our last dinner was at bantam king, a chicken based ramen etc. place also within walking distance of the hotel. quite nice but nothing worth traveling across town for. more details--you guessed it--on the blog.


our first lunch was at hill country bbq. easy walk from the smithsonians and a big hit with the whole family. the smoked chicken wings and kreuz sausage were particular highlights. sides all excellent too. you'll never believe where the full report is.


more soon.




current recs for decent dim sum in manhattan?

19 August 2019 - 08:34 PM

say we have a lunch free one day and have a hankering for dim sum, is there anywhere in manhattan that would be recommended? keep in mind that anything will likely be far superior to what we get in minnesota, though, of course, we would prefer some place good.

eating on the north shore (lake superior, mn)

28 July 2019 - 08:46 PM

they say you're not a real minnesotan until you've visited the north shore and come back raving about everything you found there. well, after 12 years in the state we finally went up in early july with a full van load. we'd rented a cabin for us, the brats, my visiting parents and the dogs (still going strong at 13 and 14, thank you very much).


the north shore itself is stunningly beautiful. lake superior--i don't know if you know this--is very big; for all effective purposes going to the north shore is like an ocean-side holiday. well, if the ocean is too cold to go into (in july) and the mosquitoes will eat you alive the moment you emerge from it. we were told the mosquitoes wouldn't be too bad in early july, very close to the lake (our cabin was all but in the lake) but this was a LIE: the mosquitoes were terrible. my parents--visiting from delhi--are still in shock.


we ate breakfast and dinners at the cabin and went out for lunch each day. you'll never believe it but i've been writing these meals up on the blog (see below).

quetzal, toronto

19 July 2019 - 06:20 PM

here is my account of my meal at this downtown toronto hip mexican spot. i was joined by two friends/colleagues. sneak will want to look away but we shared everything we got. the food was good though only some things rose very far past that level. the desserts were a particular highlight. the room is very attractive but also very loud--or it may have been louder for us on account of the four-top seated next to us who all leaned back in their seats and then screamed across the table.


if i lived in toronto i'd probably go once a year.