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#1339686 Kin Khao

Posted by pim on 26 July 2015 - 05:35 AM


Question, if you make all of your curry pastes, do they all use those little dried shrimp or Thai shrimp paste? I think I've become allergic to those things, as most curries make my scalp itch like crazy! Well, red curries and whatever is used in khao soi. I stopped eating curry after the last couple of tries, because I was just too uncomfortable after. 


Our vegetarian curry pastes are all shrimp paste and fish sauce free. We mean it when we say vegetarian. You're safe!

#1339685 Kin Khao

Posted by pim on 26 July 2015 - 05:33 AM


I am missing something, but I think I don't want to know, so I'm not really missing it, I guess.




i assume at some point in the past pim expressed skepticism about thai restaurants with non-thai chefs/cooks in the kitchen. and that her restaurant now has some non-thai chefs/cooks in the kitchen.



Not to be drawn back in to some silly online squabbles I walked away from ages ago, but I really do not understand this level of persistent attack (any time there's even a small mention of me or my restaurant over here) over a very, very old argument I barely have any recollection of, except that it's probably far more nuanced than you or Suzanne are giving me credit for here.

That said, to assume that I haven't learnt a few things, evolved perhaps a little, or might even changed my mind on anything at all over the period of close to ten years means what, I've kept myself locked in a dark box this whole time?  

#1339668 Kin Khao

Posted by pim on 25 July 2015 - 10:00 PM

I keep forgetting to ask: does she only have Thai cooks? :ph43r:


Wow, Suzanne, how empty your life must be to hang on to whatever this is after all these years?

#1251910 Clueless questions II (The Ones You Really Want Answered)

Posted by pim on 14 September 2013 - 08:37 PM


he looks pretty not-Thai to me, but you never know.



Maybe he'll do all the unimportant stuff (like making the chili jam or preparing the miang kam or spring rolls) while she does the "real" Thai food



No, Prasantrin, he's not Thai. He will be running my kitchen, though. 

When I set out on this project, I began with making a list of things I didn't know how to do, on the very top of which was "running a professional kitchen". I will be an integral part of the kitchen, the food and the menu will be mine, and I am delighted to have someone as talented, well trained, and receptive as Mike to run my kitchen. 

We don't have an entire kitchen set up yet, so I can't spell out the ethnicity of everyone involved, but I can assure you the food will be as Thai as I can make it. I hope you give us a try next time you're in town. I'd love to hear your opinion. 

#806271 Etxebarri

Posted by pim on 31 May 2007 - 04:13 PM

Hmm, yes, but I swear the one Bittor used looked positively homemade. There were fewer holes than the chestnut pan, by the way.

It's really too bad we didn't make it to Etxebarri this time. I'll definitely go back when I'm in San Sebastien later this year.