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In Topic: Dimora...Norwood, NJ

07 July 2019 - 03:11 PM

Closed for the summer for major renovations.

In Topic: No. 12

07 July 2019 - 03:06 PM

Well...since there isn't a single person who has anything to say about this place...I will...


This has become my favorite restaurant in Bergen County! From arriving, to the raw bar (a minimum of 10 different types of oyster every night), to the shared-plate menu items, to the few entrees...the bread, served hot, right out of the oven...the music, the ambiance, vibe...to dessert...this is the real deal! The chef gets a daily inspiration and the menu is born. Some things stay, some rotate out and come back...but the menu is fluid and ever-changing. The flexing of creative muscle, intelect, inspiration, layers of ingredients...and more...results in perhaps an esoteric, but certainly unique menu.


The raw bar is incredible, with the oyster menu bifurcated to East and West Coast, chilled lobster, large shrimp (U-8's), and crabmeat. I can't give the menu the justice and respect it deserves...so all I can say is "GO!!!"...and if you like excellent food, you will thank me. This small, cozy, but certainly hip BYO has a great vibe...speak-easy'ish, but with upbeat, tap your feet rock, pop, and light hip hop music playing just creates a fun, great vibe. I really like it. 


Remember...no website, no phone number (you have to call Stella Artisan, get on their email/mailing list, etc.)...so, on the evening of your reservation...go to Ridgewood, stop at Super Cellars on S. Broad Street and pick up a nice bottle of wine, or two! LOL. Walk down the street and and when you show up for your reservation...you check in at Stella Artisan and let them know you have arrived...when ready...they hand you a card with a code number on the back...and they tell you to walk out the door of Stella Artisan, make a left, walk half a block, take a left down the alley...and look for the blue door. No names, no signs, nothing. Just a blue door...with an electronic keypad...type in the code...and that's how you get into No. 12.


From there...get ready to enjoy!!!

In Topic: The Forgotten Northeastern Bergen County

01 July 2019 - 01:58 PM

Thanks for the heads up, review -- I've been hearing good things about this place! Thanks again.

In Topic: Best smoked meat in Toronto...

27 May 2019 - 11:42 PM

Thanks...made the SumiLicious recommendation...thanks again!

In Topic: [Rutherford] Cafe Matisse

27 May 2019 - 03:08 PM

Very, very surprised to hear this. Thank you for the heads up.