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Yesterday, 07:05 PM

Rumor has it Difaras was seized over taxes

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Yesterday, 04:46 PM

Booya... Congratulations guys! 

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Yesterday, 12:49 PM

So, around 1 am last night, i decided to book a place in Portland Maine.. I then sent the information to the rest of my family... I have free hyatt points so, that is where we are going.. I am looking forward to reading this thread.. Has anyone been there recently. 

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Yesterday, 12:47 PM

Looks beautiful 

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19 August 2019 - 02:06 PM

Which pizza's did you get?  That sucks with him messing your order up.. I order via their website as you are then able to use a CC and have never had a problem..  I think because it's on a print out and there is a time and he has a good internal clock in there..   But, he is also, it's chaotic and he is  running around and talking and counting in his head and he rarely has help and well,  It's rare to go there and for them to not have an issue with a customer..  For me, the pies vary. And they freeze so well.   Vary in terms of how different all the selections are.  Thin crust, thick crust, buttery.. It's all about the crust.  One of the best parts is reheating and how well it does on the reheat.. Its  instinctual for me to salt things.. Still trying to figure out my favorite one.. The sausage is so far my favorite topping and works with every nicely.. But yeh, i would use the website and I would bring some salt with you!    


heating up a slice right now