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Yesterday, 10:55 PM

That reminds me: I've got to go to Koreatown to restock; my homemade kimchi went fuzzy, after a few years. Not worth it to me to try to make more when I can easily buy so many varieties. Anyway, while I'm there, I can also restock on the Chinese vinegars I'm almost out of. And noodles.

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Yesterday, 10:52 PM

Orik may think he's being cute, but I'm talking about a time before he was born. Or at least while he was still a tot plucking turkeys in Israel.

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20 March 2018 - 10:31 PM


Five minutes from my office.


You were a regular!


it's funny.  After the Chelsea Hotel became a development site I expected the restaurant to close within a matter of months.  It was a welcome surprise they stayed open as long as they did.  I never actually ate at a table there but I did order small plates (actual tapas!) at the bar.  They were fine, especially at the prices they charged.


I think I'm going to delay reporting the news to Deb.  She's not feeling well and this won't improve her mood.




it's funny.  After the Chelsea Hotel became a development site I expected the restaurant to close within a matter of months. 

I was hoping that they had come to their senses and decided to keep it open.


Maybe there's hope. Item in today's Times says:


EL QUIJOTE This Spanish restaurant in the Chelsea Hotel, which has been serving traditional paellas since 1930, will close on March 30. The hotel is being renovated, and its owners say that work cannot be completed without closing the restaurant, which they also now own. “We definitely plan to reopen it in about six to eight months,” said Ira Drukier of BD Hotels, which is a partner in the Chelsea Hotel company.

We shall see.

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20 March 2018 - 09:39 PM


As a curiosity, this particular death went particularly unmourned on

MF. Why, for those of of you who consider yourselves intelligent?

Why? Here are options:


1) We're smart on <$100 pp dinners, but dumbfucks on larger questions.

2) We're not interested in larger questions of life, death, and the origin

of the Universe.

3) We're vaguely interested in the larger questions of life, but, really,

the trivial ones are so much easier to waste bandwidth on.


Vote, people.


I had no idea you could tell so much about people by what they don't post.




I notice that you yourself have expressed no opinion of the event or of the person, FoodDabbler. Your statement



The New Yorker account of the life and career of Stephen Hawking

is riddled with errors. (I've a screenshot of their claim that he discovered

black hole evaporation in 1984, not 1974, in case they deny it.)


is all about you, not about Hawking.

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20 March 2018 - 04:18 PM

When I was small, we had chickens delivered weekly by the "chicken and rabbit lady".   Rabbits were dressed, but chickens plucked only; my mother had to draw them.    I guess they were pretty nice free range chickens.    When Foster Farms "came to town' and my mother could buy decent enough birds that were essentially  pan-ready, she never looked back, so I grew up on FF.    It IS a very mild flavored bird without the depth of heritage chicken flavor, but it's sadly what I'm used to,    I remember having  very choice and expensive chicken in London years ago and finding that it tasted like feathers and barnyard.    Sad for me...


Reminds me of the first time I had "free-range" chicken, I think at Demarchelier: the flavor was so strong, I thought it had gone off.