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Today, 04:42 AM


That is incredibly close to how I made my Beach Plum Gin sauce.

Of course, of course.

(Thanks Orik.)



I left in the blood, cuz I like my sauces the way I like my women:  bitter and metallic.

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Today, 04:40 AM

The last of the pork gulasz.  With roasted broccolini (don't tell me I serve the same things over and over).


Why didn't I think of this house-favorite pairing sooner?


2013 Bodegas y ViƱedos Ponce Buena Pinta


You want something with this dish that's high-acid, low-tannin, fruity but spicy?  Well, how about this Manchuelan blend of mainly the obscure Moravia Agria with some of the very non-obscure Garnacha.


Strawberries.  Plums.  And I could swear I taste some orange(???).  Then we move on to black pepper spice, lots of herbs I can't identify, and minerals.  Some smoke.


Yeah.  If you don't have any Bull's Blood handy (as I don't), this is the wine to drink with this dish.

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Today, 04:33 AM

Haydn:  Symphonies Nos. 12-15 (Hogwood/Academy of Ancient Music)


Big Thief:  Two Hands


Hugo Largo:  Drum

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Today, 03:41 AM

That's totally the way I eat it.  (Maybe a little less salt.)

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Yesterday, 07:49 PM

Michael McGear:  Woman


Altnickol/J.C.F. Bach:  Choral Motets (Bernius/Kammerchor Stuttgart)


Temples:  Hot Motion


Biber:  The Battle of the Bethel & the Bell (ACRONYM)


I Solisti Italiani:  The Glory of Music in Venice (music for string orchestra by Maderna/Malipiero/Wolf-Ferrari/Galuppi/Albinoni/Vivaldi/Gabrieli)


La Monte Young & The Forever Bad Blues Band:  Just Stompin'


Ensemble Pamplemousse:  Ra An Na Je Da Ku (pieces by Andrew Greenwald/Rama Gottfried/Natacha Diels/David Broome/Jessie Marino)