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Saul Steinberg

02 April 2019 - 07:14 PM

I was surprised to read this.


It hadn't occurred to me that Saul Steinberg wasn't considered a major artist now.

MeMe's Diner

27 March 2019 - 04:23 AM

This place is so lovable that I think it might tend to get a bit overrated in its reviews.  But I'm about to do the same thing.  Because I loved it.


Everybody says it's in Prospect Heights.  But it's on the Crown Heights side of Washington Avenue, so that's where it is.


The food concept is clean, stylish versions of Midwestern comfort food.  There's an incredibly appealing day menu.  But I'm never gonna be there for that.  The night menu is more limited.  But it's all so lovable.


I started with fried giardiniera.  Fried pickled vegetables is an idea whose time has come.  Very cleanly fried.  Incredibly good with a cocktail from the very basic list.


It may be hard to get excited about a Patty Melt.  But it was So.  Fucking.  Good.  Part of it is that they get the "secret sauce" right:  not overly spicy, not cloying.  Just right.


The Patty Melt comes with these fried "crispy potatoes" that are addictive.


They have only one dessert:  a slice of whatever kind of basically disgusting, buttercream-rich diner-style cake they made that day (on my day, it was an Ambrosia cake).   Of course, they absolutely nail this.  Nobody fails to order it -- and nobody is unhappy to eat it.  Quite the opposite.  You can see the joy radiating up and down the bar and from table to table as people reach the dessert course (which no one seems to skip).


One of the hooks for this place was that it would be determinedly LGBT friendly.  That translates into a general feeling of ease, of belonging, that is palpable when you walk in.  I can't remember the last time I felt such a good vibe walking into a restaurant.  The crowd is mixed.  The staff certainly seemed to go out of their way to make at least one cis male solo diner feel as welcome as anyone else.


This is clearly a neighborhood place.  You'd be nuts to go out of your way for it.  But just as much, you'd be nuts to have it near you and not make extensive use of it.  I'm sort of embarrassed that it took me more than a year to drop in.  Cuz I just loved it.


COMP DISCLOSURE:  A slice of that cake.  (I didn't think I wanted any.  But after a glass of artisanal Malort, I was ready for anything.)

Paul Liebrandt @ Chefs Club

21 March 2019 - 05:05 AM

Whatever flaws there were in his residency at Racine's, they do not exist here.


Yes, you could pick out some minor defects here and there.  But the whole is fucking great.


Just go.

Cherry Point

18 March 2019 - 09:29 PM

Cherry Point is the Greenpoint bar that recently ramped up its food program, which led to favorable attention from Pete Wells.


The focus is meat-centric British cooking.  The quality of execution is ridiculously high for some bar in Greenpoint.  And the prices are more than reasonable.


So I feel a little bad grousing that I wish there were more main-dish selections.


But everything I had was prime.  The jar of smoked whitefish, for example -- served with house-made saltines and some kind of delicious tarted up butter -- continues to haunt me.


Think of a less ambitious Beatrice Inn with much lower prices and not a douchebag in sight.

Dan Jenkins

09 March 2019 - 07:24 AM

Name a better book than Semi-Tough.  Come on.  Tristram ShandyNotes from the UndergroundLabyrinths?  I think you're going to have a semi-tough time.


Holy shit:  he was 90.