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Yesterday, 07:37 PM

You can spew out condescension, but you can't take even a tiny little bit? Poor you.


McCarthy's interest in science is largely irrelevant, and as a fairly devoted reader of Nautilus, I'm quite disappointed to see them think that the best way to fulfill their mandate is to waste page count on this sort of rubbish.


Plenty of other outlets for this sort of useless pseudo-philosophical speculation.

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Yesterday, 06:02 PM

He... hangs out with scientists a lot, but doesn't actually have any sort of scientific background, or any real qualifications? And, no, "copy-edited something" isn't a real qualification.


By the way, Wilfrid, what's your familiarity with Nautilus? Me, I've been subscriber to the print edition for years now. It's probably the first magazine I read cover-to-cover every month when my subscriptions drop.


They're not, in fact, generally in the habit of publishing silly speculations from nonspecialists without any backing in research.


Gauging your basic intelligence, thanks.

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Yesterday, 04:55 PM

Tell me all about Cormac McCarthy's science background.

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Yesterday, 04:53 AM


"Hanging out with scientists" is not a "science background", Wilfrid.
I'm glad that this crossover exists, but his palling around with scientists still doesn't make his little essay any more than the idle speculations of a nonspecialist, and correspondingly fairly shitty material for a popular science magazine.

No it's not. Gauging your knowledge. Thanks.



Do tell.

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27 April 2017 - 04:22 PM

McCarthy's essay is actually just bad, though.