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In Topic: Agern

Today, 04:25 PM

All I can say is fuck them for destroying a piece of fish.

How does one destroy a piece of halibut so badly that it turns into a steak?

In Topic: "Colorized versions" of older black and white movies

Today, 04:24 PM

Well, look at her dress. What color is it?


Looking at https://smile.amazon...l/dp/B006TTC5UE, I suppose they render it as purple?


Perhaps it was... but you can't make it be something other than black without lightening it and screwing with the contrast (really with the values).


How do you add color there without screwing it up?

In Topic: The Pete Wells Thread

Yesterday, 07:47 PM

Why does Wells keep reviewing places like Shake Shack, LocoL, and Made Nice?


Is the Times cutting his budget?

In Topic: Made Nice

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

"Made Nice Doesn’t Have the Eleven Madison Park Magic"


Well, did Shake Shack?

In Topic: Currently Reading...

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

Lord of the Rings, mostly.

Less facetiously, I don't really remember. Like, The Great Gatsby?