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In Topic: toronto recommendations please

02 April 2019 - 11:57 PM

I think actino would be better as a solo meal than edulis, even if I like edulis more.

In Topic: toronto recommendations please

02 April 2019 - 11:31 PM

Of course. Maybe to finish the list off, I've stuck closely to the tasting menu request but, for a solo meal, I would probably choose the bar at Quetzal, Bar Isabel or La Banane over any of them. 

In Topic: toronto recommendations please

02 April 2019 - 03:30 PM

I guess the first question for the solo tasting menu meal is whether you want to eat at the bar/pass or whether you are comfortable doing it at a table. I would find it somewhat odd to do the solo meal at a table, but this is a preference and perhaps a weird one, so I will not judge. If you are comfortable with a table, Edulis is probably the choice. Not that it's "better" than Alo - the cooking is not as precise, it's more rustic - but it is unique. I can't say I've been anywhere quite like it in North America. The cooking is a modern interpretation of fairly European country cooking with an intense focus on ingredient quality. It's very special, but also cozy and romantic and has no bar. 


The pass at Alo is the natural option, though the price point is a bit high. It's very good, though the food itself will be something you've seen before, it is a very good version of food that you've seen before. It's the consensus best restaurant in town, which also means that it's the restaurant that most resembles an international modern fine dining experience, though the food is mostly French with Japanese and Italian touches here and there. It's pre-New Nordic, if you will. This may sound tepid, but it's not. Alo is a very good restaurant.


Actinolite is kind of the opposite of both Alo and Edulis. Highly Canadianized New Nordic-ish cooking in a further flung neighbourhood in a more rustic room. Recent meals here have been very good. The food, despite the New Nordic touches, is actually very comforting. It's further afield, but you can eat at the bar and they are at the top of their game.


Canis is also doing some nice things. My last meal there had some misses (an inexplicably sous vided short rib in an onion broth) and some home runs (the roasted duck) and it generally fits nicely into the progressive tasting menu in a small restaurant with natural wines space. The duck itself is worth the visit. 


There are the thoughts. 

In Topic: toronto recommendations please

27 March 2019 - 05:53 PM

The north, Bloor St., part of campus is a bit weaker from a cheap and good perspective. Brothers is really nice for lunch, but very European and at a slightly higher price point. The Oxley is a slick (but still cozy) pub serving better than average pub food. Wow Sushi is decent for cheap sushi (the hamachi collar is actually excellent). Further afield, but probably too far a walk for lunch, is K-Town, which as lots of good Korean options, with House of Soon Tofu being a personal favourite. Piano Piano is good red-saucy Italian, though maybe not what you are looking for, with Cafe Cancan across the street doing some nice bistro food. The Host is an Indian restaurant fairly close to campus, and used to be pretty well regarded, but I have not been in years. May be worth a shot but it's a large menu with meat options.


A non-Chinese dark horse for the group dinner would be Lahore Tikka House, a wonderful Pakastani/North Indian restaurant in the east end. No booze though. 

In Topic: toronto recommendations please

26 March 2019 - 03:51 PM

U of T


Lunch options depend on where your conference is, where you are staying. The options down towards College St (south on campus) are more in line what you are looking for. In Chinatown, Dumpling House has my favourite fried dumplings in town (they are really, really, good and better than what I've had in NYC), while Mother's Dumplings is good for not fried dumplings. Hand pulled noodles at Chinese Traditional Bun if you are looking for a walk. There are a lot of hit or miss places, but Swatow and King Noodle (roast meats) have their merits.


Down on Baldwin Street, Matahari is fund for Malaysian and Wah Sing is good for cheap Chinese seafood.  


Over in Kensington, hipster tacos at Seven Lives do the trick, but I've actually really been enjoying the tortas at San Cosme recently. Mille Cafe does that Japanese crepe cake thing which is a lot of fun.


You could hoof it to Raval if you have a longer break and you're near the College St. end of campus.


Bloor to follow on a subsequent post.