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In Topic: OMG Beets

28 February 2019 - 07:04 PM

I was a beet hater all my life, because they were the pickled in a can type. And one day in 2004, I was having dinner at a friends, and she roasted beets and topped them with goat cheese. I know that's a combo that's seen everywhere now, but I was transformed. Voyager your beets look amazing, thank you for another way to enjoy.

In Topic: Myrtle Beach, SC

19 February 2019 - 11:39 PM

I know this is late for the OP, but may be helpful to others. My family has a place up the coast from Myrtle, and I went to visit a few weeks ago. We had lunch at a place called Flying Fish Public Market & Grill that was very good. Beautiful space overlooking the intercoastal, a tidy fresh fish counter and a good menu. My Dad declared the crab cakes some of the best he'd ever had, and he's always ordering crab cakes. 


One tip- Hoskins in North Myrtle is an institution, and their fried flounder is outstanding. It's a "meat and three" (two?) set up, and other dishes are also good, but that flounder is the thing to order. Be prepared to wait in line on weekends or in summer.

In Topic: Reykjavik

03 September 2018 - 10:33 PM

So, basically 1:100

Yeah, if you care about decimals and stuff. 

In Topic: Reykjavik

03 September 2018 - 09:55 AM



It's worthy of the praise it gets. Last night I had a glorious dinner, and I hope that you'll all immediately get to Iceland and eat here. The chef is from here, trained and worked in Reykjavik, and has moved home and opened this little gem. His girlfriend was my charming server.


Here is here:



The drive from the ring road is otherworldly- I stopped every 5 or 10 minutes to take pictures. I can add more if you wish. But this post is about Vidvik.


Menu: (USD to ISK is about 1:10)



Amuse of cod crudo with a little sesame and soy- very nice.



The cod. The cauliflower 3 ways was puree, roasted, and thinly sliced and pickled, which was a wonderful little hit of acid. The green oil is dill, and the pesto is the dill that's left from making the oil, mixed with pine nuts. Sounds like too much dill, but it really wasn't, and I'm not a huge fan of dill usually. The crisped kale was salty and added a nice crunchy element to the dish. 




This was marvelous, and I savored every morsel.The cod was where some would say *just* undercooked, which means to me a little glassy and perfect. I also indulged in a bottle of wine. In Iceland the state liquor stores are opened for very truncated hours in the countryside, and I really wanted to sit on my deck later, watch the sunset and seals and have a glass. The law with restaurants is that they have to open the bottle on premises, but you can take the bottle with you.


Since this was my splurge, after dinner I had a Camus VSOP.



Then walked the 6 minutes back to my seaside triplex. Hellisandur has dubbed itself the "street art capital of Iceland", and there's cool stuff everywhere. This first one represents the women waiting for the fishermen to return.



and this is just fun. 



and enjoyed the sunset, pleasantly tipsy, listening to the surf, birds and seals.



Yep, Glorious day. 

In Topic: Reykjavik

29 August 2018 - 02:55 PM

So far I've made it to Svarta Kaffid, which Rich describes perfectly: No menu, no prices, choose between two soups- yesterday was either a traditional Icelandic Lamb soup, where the lamb is a flavoring, not necessarily the star, so don't expect heaps of meat. There were plenty of root vegetables, and the soup base was slightly creamy. The other choice was Leek and Potato, which I didn't get.  Soups are served in a bowl of hollowed our brown bread- very filling. I had a draft beer with it, which came out to be around $28 usd. I'm trying to get used to the sticker shock...  At some restaurants, Like Icelandic Street Food, they give you refills- I don't think that's the case here, as they looked really confused when one North American asked for more. They gave it to them, though.


Tomorrow I leave for an adventure around Western Iceland for several days- especially the Snaefellness Penninsula. Over the weekend I've booked at a restaurant called Viðvík (I just learned that the 3rd letter there is anglicized to a "d". not an "o", which has changed my directions seeking life) in Hellisandur. If you haven't heard of this- it's Mouthfuls Worthy from what I can tell. I'll report back.