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27 June 2019 - 02:22 AM

A thrilling end to the mosquito event. As I was walking out of my room, the mosquito presented itself and flew into an open closet by the door. I closed the closet on my way out.

Do realize that she may live there for, like, forever.    I have a mosquito who has taken up permanent residency in an off-bedroom closet.   Gone for days, then....ZAP!

In Topic: Annoyances

18 June 2019 - 03:08 AM


To annoy Mongo even more, let me tell three stories about responses to the New York branch of Indian Accent that really annoyed me.


First, I dropped in once when I had time to kill before a concert at either Carnegie or City Center.  I was sitting at the bar having a cocktail and a snack when, to my surprise, a bunch of my friends passed by on their way to a table.  I couldn't join them because, as I said, I was on my way to a concert.


I was surprised to see them there because these are people who don't usually do fine dining.  The person who chose the restaurant is a sort Chowhound follower.  When I subsequently asked him how he had liked it, he said, "It wasn't what I expected.  I chose it off Yelp because it got high grades and said it was Indian.  I wasn't expecting that.  It's sort of misleading."


Second, I once ran into someone I know at a Carnegie Hall matinée.  It turned out we both had an evening show at City Center.  She suggested we grab a drink together in between.  I suggested Indian Accent.


We sat at the bar.  I looked at the list and ordered a cocktail.  The cocktails there look very good -- and, in fact, are very good:  some of the better restaurant cocktails in New York, to my mind.  She didn't even open the list and ordered a Kingfisher.


Our drinks came.  She looked at mine.  "That looks very good," she said.  "Can I have a taste?"  She had a taste.  "Oh, that's delicious!" she exclaimed.


"I was surprised you didn't even look at the beverage menu," I said.


"This is an Indian place," she said.  "I thought all you could order was beer."


Third, that person then tried to take a friend of hers to Indian Accent after another Carnegie Hall concert.  "I don't want an Indian place," her friend snapped when they got there.  "I want a restaurant."

sounds like you need new friends.


Am reminded of the NYLIfe motto.  

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08 June 2019 - 01:50 AM



Adding that I think paper bags are also good for 'shrooms.


Mandatory for shrooms, unless you're carrying cloth.

In Topic: The farmers market thread

06 June 2019 - 02:45 AM

Bring your own reusables.



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05 June 2019 - 08:28 PM

bánh tráng nướng are at a lot of places these days.   Sorry, Minnesota didn't invent   :P   It seems like this article is giving her credit for it.  It's sort of a coincidence that her kids named it the same thing that all of vietnam happens to call it. 

Yeh, it's fake news.