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In Topic: The Rest of Us, Paris edition

Today, 01:50 AM

A totally new name.    Wow~    Thanks much.

In Topic: Why Do We Travel?

Yesterday, 02:28 AM

Tonight we received an email from a French friend, a woman we stayed with and who invited us to share a day with her parents at their country place.      Her father recalled his memories of the Americans liberating their Normandy village.    His stories were terrifying and vivid.    He transferred to us all of his gratitude, just because we were Americans.   


In his '80s, he climbed a ladder in his barn to pull down a banneton  (he was a boullanger) for me which lives in my dining room.


He passed away two days ago in his late 90s.    His daughter thought to write us because we somehow made a connection not only with her but with her parents.   


So...why we travel.

In Topic: The Rest of Us, Paris edition

Yesterday, 01:11 AM

This conversation begs the hackneyed stereotype of the taciturn Parisian waiter.     Chuck and I "got" this waiter from the moment we were seated.    However, friends who are Paris regulars, actually part time residents,  found him impossible to work with.    It's my sense that they wanted to superimpose their wants/needs over his wealth of inside knowledge..    Sensing this, I can see this guy retreating into a mute food runner.   


We found him a joyous component of our evening.    Unfortunately, I think many visitors fall into our friends' mode.    Their loss

In Topic: The Rest of Us, Paris edition

22 February 2020 - 02:45 PM

All food, no bullshit. Would last three seconds in NYC.

Probably not,    But that waiter could take down anyone in NYC, or Paris.    Without a word.   

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21 February 2020 - 11:50 PM

I think we're trying not to go there,...