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Che Fico (SF)

Yesterday, 05:07 PM



Last night we attended a celebratory dinner in the private room at Che Fico;.  Huge exterior sign points to a door that leads down a cement utility corridor to unmarked elevator and set of stairs at the end.    Step out into hip and vibrant room, deafening track and diner chatter.   Lead to private room (with noise relieving door).


This place is rightly super hot at the moment.    Great staff attitude, perfect service.   Cocktails immediately recommended, excellent wines.   


We were able to sample the highlights of their menu.    Chopped grilled duck liver; chopped salad (a real winner with the men); winter salad; a fabulous lamb pasta; a red sauced pasta (I missed tasting this one.  At this point the platters were coming out faster than I was eating.); an awful sounding biut delicious "pineapple" pizza;  margherita pizza; roast chicken with polenta; roast Jerusalem artichokes; roast potatoes; grilled house bread.     House caramel ice cream; house made birthday cake.   


A nice Italian white wine and fabulous southern Italian red.   I missed snagging a shot ot the label.


The service was superb with the possible problem of dishes coming out off the kitchen too frequently for a large chatty table.   I thought the food was excellent; husband didn't love it as much altho we agreed on the superb pastas.    


The place, bar and dining room, packed when we arrived at 6pm and lines at the door at 10pm when we left.   They must be doing something right.   Do I have to add that the crowd is about 90% under 30?

Shucking oysters

11 January 2019 - 02:38 AM

i can't.


I've watched experts, videos, Julia with her church key, read pricedure after procedure. And they stay locked as Tut's tomb.

i have several good oyster knives and a rubber left-hand guard.

What simple manouver am I missing?

(Tonight, it took me several minutes an oyster and a quarter of rhem were mangled. Not pretty.)

Pearl 6101 (SF)

30 December 2018 - 03:59 PM

Funky/shabby chic storefront bistro with big cocktail presence. https://www.pearl6101.com/ Quite good press, our side of town, i.e., almost neighborhood.
Good welcome and seating. Decent handful of starters, three pastas, four mains. Okay wine by the glass, $11.


Husband chose the mussels piled on good toast with rouille which was really good,



as was my himachi.




Things are looking good.
Savvy and sassy server. Happy campers except for the ear-splitting track which made conversation an effort.


On to pasta. Following the critics, I ordered the handkerchief with veal regout. What a miserable bowl! Cut into ribbons, i.e., isn't this pappardelle? and smothered in a heavy ground veal cream sauce which husband likened to the infamous army breakfast dish.




He ordered the clam/squid ink pasta which was maybe the heaviest pasta I've ever met.



We switched after a few bites each, only to retrade a few later. Neither of us came close to finishing either plate.


What is it today that makes starters so easy to pull off and pastas/mains so difficult? We repeatedly swear that we will order only off the starter section but get sucked in to a less successful main.

Anyway, we'd like to go back but won't.

Things I wish someone had told me

22 December 2018 - 11:48 PM

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but there is a lot of wisdom on this board that needs to be shared.


Fraternal twins,, 7 year old, mother and au pair came over today to trim the tree.   Arrived staving; no surprise.   Wolfed 3 slices of poteca each with a half-gallon of milk before embarking on project.   


Tree decently clad, they needed lunch.    Sliced up some pears and apples, found some clementines.   Boiled up some mini-farfale, tossed with homemade red sauce.   


Attention veered to setting up their 'tea shop" in the living room.    Boxes of fake food, small serving pieces, tablets for taking orders, jar of pennies for purchases.    About half hour.


Behavior going south before their mother and I steered them toward the door.    


A lovely holiday afternoon... but...


MORAL:   IF YOU PLAN TO HAVE KIDS, DO SO EARLY ENOUGH SO THAT YOU WILL NOT BE GERIATRIC GRANDPARENTS.    i.e., grandparenting in your 50s sounds about right.


Atelier Crenn, 3 Michelin stars?

30 November 2018 - 02:17 AM

Do you agree?