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In Topic: Gigs

Today, 01:07 AM

I go back to before he was in a band, and was not taken very seriously. But he’s made a career out of being that character, so what do I know? Hope it’s tolerable.

In Topic: Annoyances

Today, 12:59 AM

That is true. I used to hang my trilby in the Coach & Horses in Soho, but a fedora is tricky.

In Topic: Marrakech, in Morroco

Today, 12:06 AM

I think, like CBGBs, the glory days were over a while ago.

In Topic: Annoyances

Today, 12:04 AM

Mongo, if you meet me in Barcelona I will get you fitted with the best beret.

In Topic: Annoyances

Today, 12:02 AM

Hat in pocket: that works for my Catalunyan peasant beret from the 80 year old family owned Sombreria Orbach, in case I hadn’t mentioned it, but not for all hats.

If there are no hooks, there’s not much choice.