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#1420119 Tana Butler

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 08 December 2017 - 03:56 AM

A crazy diamond indeed.

She remained my friend when few others wanted to be. She invited me to join her and her extended “family” for Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz in 2007. She was kind, unfiltered, annoying, determined, soulful, joyous, desperate and most of all passionately loyal to her friends and her family.

Whatever your connection with her, the world is a poorer place for her passing. She truly was the most human of beings

R.I.P Tana Banana.

#1060428 Michelin starred Indians

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 04 December 2009 - 04:34 PM

Oh, talking of pubs, look what they did to

The Intrepid Fox

Oh, and you know Fergus is reopening Manzie's as a restaurant with rooms, don't you?


#315451 Docks

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 24 May 2004 - 09:54 PM

So, time to kill today before hopping on a flight back to Blighty

Too damn hot so grabbed the first screening of whatever was available. Troy. Laughably bad, don't bother unless Brad gurning is your wank fantasy.

Then to meet one of our consultants on the Upper West for a quick lunch.

I wanted to try the Jaques-imo place on Columbus ( despite its terrible reviews ) as I like the original in NOLA a lot, but they were closed. My consultant, an UWS of some 40 years suggested Docks on B'way

Now, I have not given this place a second glance in nearly 20 years since one lunch years ago with my uncle. Bizarrely, Shermar also mentioned it yesterday in reference to one of the bartenders.

Still, why not? I will tell you why not. It is crap. It kind of looks the part. Nice fascade, pleasant enough room, nice looking bar, but it stops there. The service is that old style ornery NYC which is fine if the food is good. At Docks it isn't. It ranged from the acceptable to the actively noxious.

I started with some decent calamari which were fresh and crisp. My chum had some oysters which I did not try because of my allergy. He declared them "OK"

For our main courses, my chum had some ipswich clams which seemed OK on the one or two I tried, but it was my main course that took the prize for the most horrible thing I have eaten this year. Broiled sole. OK, I know I should not have gone to a fish place on Monday, but if they are open, and a fish restaurant, they should be able to do this to an acceptable if not high standard.

It was disgusting, mushy and inedible and I sent it back and got a house salad. I would rather have a 350lbs Samoan wrestler sit on me and let rip with a juicy break of wind than come close to this dish again.

I also had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc which had distilled the essence of cat's piss down to just being cat's piss. I left that untouched after two sips which tells you how bad it was and washed the taste away with a diet coke.

I didn't pay so can't tell you if we were charged for the mush on a plate.

They were playing "here, there and everywhere" on the stereo as we left. Apt, as that is where I would vomit if I was ever dragged here again


#247807 New York Chinese

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 02 May 2004 - 04:30 PM

On another thread, Abby challenges my assertion that Toronto is a better bet for Chinese food than NY or London.

While I can be certain of its superiority to London, she is right to suggest that my knowledge of NY chinese scene is not up to date.

Chinese food is never my food of choice in NY based on past indifferent experience and my, albeit infrequent, publishing lunches which often seem to be in Chinatown.

So, on my next visit, where should I go to see what NY has to offer? which are the new places to recommend? I hear good things about places in Brooklyn but can't remember any names

Suggestions appreciated


#170968 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 09 April 2004 - 04:10 PM

As someone recently pointed out, I am very much a "glass half empty" kind of guy.

That being said, occasionally there is a beam of joy in the misery that is my life.

Today,it was coming home and seeing my mum, bruised and worn by her recent troubles, but hanging on in there like the tough old bird that she is

Nothing could give me greater pleasure than seeing her at the window of our family home waving to me as we pulled into the driveway

So what made your day today?

#164889 Pets

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 08 April 2004 - 12:12 PM

Actually, Cathy's cats are quite appealing in person. (Did I say "in person"??? :o )

Cathy's cats are, as the young folk say, Da bomb ( that means good BTW)

I was so taken with them that i did not once wonder how they might taste or how best they could be prepared

#164586 Tipping

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 08 April 2004 - 09:22 AM

Interested to see what others think

Adam posted that he only tips if the service is actively good ( did I get that right Adam ) where I would tend to not tip only if the service is actively bad.

is this a cultural thing? Aussies being tight with a quid as we all know or do others follow this practice?


#143093 Keep On Running

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 03 April 2004 - 08:53 AM

Good session today with my trainer

All lower body, core stability and lower back

Jumps ( involving starting from a seated position on a bench and leaping to a standing position on a raised step ) 3 sets of 20

Step ups - with 12kg in each hand - 3 x 100 each leg

3 sets of 20 x dead lifts

3 sets of 20 x leg extensions

3 x 20 dips with a 1 second hold at the drop.

3 x 20 back extensions on the swiss ball

10 min cool down run

Lots of banter about me being 40. Bastard, but I got the sess for free as a pressie

#138745 Keep On Running

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 02 April 2004 - 08:05 AM

today, an old boxer's running programme carried out early in the morning when glycogen ( sp?) stores are low and so aids fat burning. It creates a metabolism spike that lasts until about midday

10min warmup run 11kph
2min sprint 12kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 12.5kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 13kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 13.5kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 14kph

10min jog 11kph
2min sprint 12kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 12.5kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 13kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 13.5kph
2min jog 11kph
2min sprint 14kph

5 min cool down 9.5kph

The whole thing takes just over the hour and burns c1200 calories.

I like to do this once a week inbetween my other workouts. I find it totally energises me for the day


#134522 Keep On Running

Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 01 April 2004 - 12:43 PM

Thought this may act as a useful diary and motivation for the more slothful of our members

But, today, bugger all. too hungover from Rhodes.

Tomorrow is another day



Posted by Slapsie Maxie on 19 March 2004 - 05:31 PM

Today, I love my job

Just received an advance of a book I have been working on for over a year

The crispness of the pages and the cover along with the quality of what is on the inside gives me a high that drugs, sex or even foie can't match