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25 September 2012 - 10:45 PM

OMG, I forgot the lobster. It was only the best dish of the night.

I'll bet you're right.

ETA -- In keeping with the current trend of serving shellfish with grains (I have to say that Dave Santos was the first chef I recall doing this), the lobster was served with oats. But these oats were very highly spiced. It didn't just work: it worked with a bullet.

I Had it wrong, just confirmed:
Blood pudding m wells
Rest of courses collab between Ignacio and turks

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24 September 2012 - 12:24 AM

Hugues Dufour and The Young Turks at The Intercourse

This was definitely and by far the coolest Le Fooding event so far this year. It was held in Dustin Yellin's Red Hook art space, The Intercourse, a great great space. Much of the event was supposed to take place in the garden, which would have been fine, but last night's storm intervened. To me it was even better to be inside, in that great hall, with Joey Frank's hugely enjoyable installation "Seeker an' the Trick", in which an electric train with a camera travels between and through a set of paintings, the camera creating a kind of moving-picture show projected on movie screens. You have to be there.

These guys came up with the solution to the Champagne Blanc pairing conundrum (how do you pair with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label without limiting yourself to the overly dainty?): ORGAN MEAT.

The Young Turks are a duo (they used to be a trio, but one of them left to head David Chang's Sydney project) of rising London chefs, who've done things like open the Ledbury but now just do pop-ups. My guess is that they contributed the textbook blood pudding with which the dinner started.

Hugues Dufour is of the course the Canadian import behind M. Wells. I'm guessing he was behind the duck gizzards in a rich gravy with polenta and pumpkin/squash. This dish literally seemed to divide the boys from the girls: most of the men at my table (including me) seemed to end up with two portions of this delicious dish.

Great music.

It was a fun night. But the funnest part came when I realized that the nice young ex-Madrileno sitting next to me was the Spanish Hipster. Great to meet you guys, Jose and Elise!

What a random coincidence, 100 people event in 4 large tables and we are sitted next the the one and only Sneakeater. I don't need to say that we had so much fun talking about how much we both like Frannys!
I'm not sure who did what. The other guy sitting next to us, mentioned that the polenta on the duck gizzards was something similar to what Ignacio used to make, so not sure where each plate goes. My guess is

Isaac McHale and James Lowe, the nomadic Young Turks (Spitalfields, London); -> Blood pudding
Ignacio Mattos, the rebel formerly of Isa (Brooklyn, NY);-> Duck
and Hugue Dufour, the M.Wells guy (Queens, NY).-> Lobster
Pam Young ( Chef Jose Brooklyn and Ex Isa ) -> Dessert

The Intercourse is a GREAT space, seems lie a place where boats used to be built. Very high cealings!
Some pictures from le fooding:

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30 August 2012 - 04:52 PM

Yes, best kept secret! Excellent place for oysters and sunset over Manhattan

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29 August 2012 - 04:13 PM

Agree with Daniel. Muy caro!

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29 August 2012 - 04:07 PM

For that price it better be better than going to Chicago