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Yesterday, 09:01 PM


As I try to get it together to write up my trip, let me just quote my date during our dinner at Vespertine:




OK, I get why in Denmark everything has to be fermented to last through the long winter.  But we're in Southern California.  And it's the end of April.




8. Has Kahn said anything about specific dishes that I can latch onto here?

Not really.

He told the LA Times there would be “no puréed dots, no crumbles, no nasturtium leaves, and absolutely no rampant fermentation.”

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13 April 2019 - 12:47 AM

Sear-roasted (what do you call it when you cook meat over a flame in a cast iron skillet?  I can't believe I don't know) veal flank steak with housemade Eternal "Chimichurri".  (You read all these people in the D'Artagnan comments complaining that the veal flank steaks are dry and tough.  I think it's sort of malpractice for D'Artagnan not to instruct purchasers that these steaks need to be marinated [as I did].)  Sautéed hedgehog mushrooms on the side (these are mushrooms that know a lot of things, instead of knowing one thing very very well), along with some sautéed spinach.


I had a very clear idea of what I'd drink with this.


2016 Brendan Tracey Wah-Wah


This is sort of a definitive natural wine, made in the Loire, two-thirds Grolieau and one-third Cot (you can see where I got the idea for pairing this with a light meat with chimichurri).  It's light, it's a little fizzy, it's got thin but quite pronounced fruit (cherry!  cranberry!), it's a little sour (cranberry!).  It's got this beautiful light purple color.  The Brett is very minor.


This is a wine that the catchphrase "glou-glou" could have been invented for.  It couldn't have provided a better foil for the sour chimichurri (which kind of dominated the mildly flavored meat) (I think I'm going to change the olive oil-to-vinegar ratio in the Eternal "Chimichurri" going forward).


And man am I enjoying the dregs just by themselves.


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21 March 2019 - 10:33 PM

Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells

Henry Cow: UnrestIn Praise of Learning



an ode to Hudson Yards for sure:


"High in offices we stared into the turning wheel of cities

dense and ravelled close yet separate: planned to kill all encounter.
Intricate we saw your state at work its shapes
abstracted from all human intent. With our history's fire
we shall harrow your signs."

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14 March 2019 - 11:23 PM

you mean taion was joking?

In Topic: Hudson Yards

14 March 2019 - 10:26 PM

It's a stupid piece and Kimmelman is an idiot.


I guess we've found something worse than architects having opinions about urban planning – it's architecture critics having that kind of opinion.


admin: this belongs in the "why you should read chowhound" thread.