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#1440590 Micromanage My Life

Posted by The Flon on 30 April 2019 - 07:14 PM

We've talked a lot more about how we haven't talked about Crown Shy than we've talked about Crown Shy.


Well....I'll be going on the 14th.

#1438052 Sota Atsumi's 'Maison' @ Chefs Club

Posted by The Flon on 26 February 2019 - 08:30 PM



Paul Liebrandt will be here from March 12 - May 12.

ooh! Imagine his food with good service!


But certainly not the wine list...


True tsuris never ends...

#1437136 Mekelburg's

Posted by The Flon on 28 January 2019 - 04:42 PM


I had...ALL of this last Monday with some friends in Williamsburg. 


DAMN that caviar pie is heavenly.


what do you think of the Croque.. The first weekend we made this, three guys from France came in and one ordered it.. It was a nervous moment... 



The mustard streak on the plate is invaluable to cut the richness. In fact, I'd say that more would be welcome. The cornichons are nice too. It's a delicious sandwich and requires a nap afterwards.


Interestingly, we also had the porcetta that day (I brought first timers so we had to do the classics too) and one of my friends said that it was almost the platonic ideal of a sandwich. The proportion of pork, the greens, the bread.


THAT will always be the one to beat.

#1437132 Mekelburg's

Posted by The Flon on 28 January 2019 - 03:45 PM

I had...ALL of this last Monday with some friends in Williamsburg. 


DAMN that caviar pie is heavenly.

#1435071 eating in Japan

Posted by The Flon on 03 December 2018 - 08:40 PM

any thoughts on cocktail bars at the moment? 


Bar Gen Yamamoto was getting a lot of attention during my last visit almost three years ago.  It was a fine experience, and he is terrific but I did find the progression of drinks to be on the sweet side. 

#1433622 Katana Kitten - Izakaya and Cocktails on Hudson Street

Posted by The Flon on 23 October 2018 - 01:08 PM

Friendly service and I think we had some pork belly skewers and maybe deviled eggs that were very good. We found the bar stools a little uncomfortable for a longer session but that seems to happen more frequently these days. 

We went early on a weekend evening in summer so almost had the whole place to ourselves for about two hours.

#1433178 Existing Conditions

Posted by The Flon on 08 October 2018 - 02:36 PM

The turkey club is fantastic!

#1430190 Existing Conditions

Posted by The Flon on 18 July 2018 - 11:39 AM

The Canary is a very good drink.

speaking to one of then bartenders and he said the celery drink was a runaway hit. Loved it but that helicopter is terrific too. And the bottled martini. And the turkey club. And the latkes. And Garrett the bartender.

I think really like it here so far. I can say I wish the bar had seating with backs but then I'd be gushing at Eater/PR levels about this place.

#1429471 Aska

Posted by The Flon on 29 June 2018 - 06:11 PM

I think enough people that I respect like this place enough that I have to go.. 

Here and Rao's on the same week would be quite a story

#1427361 Uncle Boon's Sister

Posted by The Flon on 07 May 2018 - 01:38 PM

Went for an early lunch yesterday around 11:45am and we had the place to ourselves.  Everything was we tried except for the roti with Pumpkin Curry was excellent.  Standouts were the mataba lamb pastry (Exceptional dipping sauces for that) and the Thai sausage.


Would love to have this in the ongoing rotation and might even consider it for takeout whenever we're in the area to bring back all the way to Harlem bit it is a small space with short stools when it's not completely empty. We had the luxury of spreading out and taking over other tables. There is outdoor seating available in normal sized chairs but eating on an NYC sidewalk is never something that has appealed to me in 21 years of living here.

#1427225 What makes you laugh?

Posted by The Flon on 03 May 2018 - 05:43 PM



Conan adding ketchup to his steak in Italy. 


The entire episode was fantastic.

#1426883 The surrealism of everyday life

Posted by The Flon on 25 April 2018 - 03:05 PM

Just wrote a monster order with the the company that is handling the Toys R Us bankruptcy case.. I am selling to the Toys R Us location, (as well as 400 hundred other locations) where I use to buy my Gi Joes from as a little kid. 


I loved my Cobra Commander but would get livid when his faceplate paint would scratch off.

#1426702 Racines NY

Posted by The Flon on 20 April 2018 - 01:42 PM

 Whether that’s what he’s doing remains a question until someone here eats there and reports back.

But I come here for the 12 pages of baseless speculation!

#1425807 M. Wells Steakhouse

Posted by The Flon on 02 April 2018 - 01:30 PM

The special beer with maple was kind of great.


Great was my ladyfriend playing hockey in the designated area in heels and firing a shot that sailed over the net and landed in the dining room.


Staff was unflappable! 

#1422745 Pre - Yahrtzeit for a Kitchen

Posted by The Flon on 02 February 2018 - 07:02 PM