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Men's Suits

05 July 2018 - 08:21 PM

There was a thread about 1-2 years ago that involved some discussion of men's custom suiting that I can no longer track down. This thread probably wasn't even dedicated to clothing so it has been even trickier to track down. I also clicked on the fashion forum and it seems to be dead or inactive for me (the irony).


I remember there being some positive discussion of Mr. Ned and I'd made a mental note to go there when I had the opportunity. Well, that opportunity is now and I wanted to refresh my memory on anyone's insight into his work.


I've had some custom suiting done by Mysuit at one of their NYC stores and it was fine, but I am ready for the next step up. Spoke with the man himself today and will probably be visiting next Friday (he confirmed that an appointment is not necessary and to arrive before 4:00).


Can't imagine this will be a busy thread but your thoughts are welcome and appreciated. 


Please move this to the appropriate forum, if needed.