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Top Chef

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#61 Eatmywords


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 08:36 PM

I had no problem with Chris. He turned out to be much less of a molecular d-bag than originally thought. Unfortunately his lack of confidence and skill eventually caught up to him.

Im ready to see Ed go with his derogatory comments and shitty disposition. Lindsay too, seems to have turned into a phony beyach overnight. Sarah, well, I just try to forget shes still there.

For all the back stabbing and abuse Beverly has endured Id love to see her back in the competition and beat Paul in the final.

#62 nuxvomica


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 09:27 PM

after the ridiculous winter sports challenges, i'm done. Beverly's return was the only thing that made me watch the last episode but it was beyond ridiculous. i like Paul, seems like a nice guy and a good cook but the other two contestants should have gone home long ago. 2:1 are just not the odds that will keep me watching - even though i only watch while doing something else. bah.
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#63 mongo_jones


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 09:30 PM

paul and nyesha (who was eliminated under ridiculous circumstances as well) are the only two contestants this season who would have had a shot at making it into the final six of any other season i've seen. then again who knows what they all could have done if the season hadn't been so into gimmicks from day one.

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#64 foodie52


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 09:55 PM

Paul Qui is up for a James Beard award.

What a stupid, stupid challenge. That whole day was a farce. Food encased in ice, chefs on skis. Ridiculous. Luckily nobody broke a leg or pierced their hand with an ice pick.
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#65 Lauren


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 11:54 PM

I hated this episode. The only part that was mildly interesting was cooking on the gondola. Go Paul!
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#66 malarkey


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Posted 02 March 2012 - 05:18 AM

wot?! no finale discussion?

:) very, very happy Paul won!

Tom said it was the best finale food of all the seasons. Looked like both of their meals were pretty spectacular. Nice that they got a full staff to help them in the kitchen. I always like the final because the judges finally just let them cook.

yay Paul! I think a trip to Uchiko is in order ;-> good lord, it will be swamped even worse than it was before.
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#67 prasantrin


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Posted 21 March 2012 - 04:45 AM

The finale just aired in Canada last week, and the reunion was shown last night. I was very happy that Paul won. I read that the surprise on his face when he saw his parents at the restaurant expressed more than just, "Hey, my parents are here!" His parents divorced when he was young, so his last memory of his parents eating together was from his childhood, and his last memory of them being in the same room together was at his high school graduation.

The reunion was a little weird. Seemed like Sarah dominated the episode with a side-show from Heather. They were probably the two I liked the least throughout the season (I only caught about 1/2 the season, though), so the focus on them irritated me. Well, maybe Beverly (who also irritated me throughout the season, but I had a lot more respect for her than for them) was supposed to be the focus, but Sarah and Heather had no problems making everything all about themselves. But my favourite part of the reunion? When Sarah, after being confronted about telling Emeril to f-off, proclaims her love for him and he replies, "And I love your food."

His reply speaks volumes about his thoughts about her as a person.