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Is the pint beer mug obsolete?

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 01:51 PM

Eater references an article in the Guardian positing that the "pint" is obsolete. Too much beer, and not the proper shape to enhance the brew within.

The government took a step in the right direction earlier this year when it legalised the ⅔ pint measure. Up until then, pubs could only serve beer in a ⅓ pint, pint or a pint. The move was part of the coalition's "nudge" approach to improving the health of the nation, and while the majority of bars have yet to embrace the modest measure for fear of selling less beer, the idea is catching on in an increasing number of specialist craft beer venues.

Drinking a British beer in a ⅔ pint glass may befuddle traditional beer drinkers, but I've tried it and not only does the beer taste better in my opinion but, even more remarkable, the world kept turning too. There is an array of alternative options to enhance the elbow-bending experience. Realising that the shape, size and other attributes of a glass can affect our perception of not just wine but beer too, swanky glass manufacturers such as Dartington have developed particularly voluptuous vessels for different beer styles.

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Sam Adams Brewing has designed its own custom class.

Sam Adams

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