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Eric Ripert's favorite eating places in airports

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 11:35 PM

The Wall Street Journal has a lifestyle piece by Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin on his favorite places to eat on layover.

At LaGuardia, he enjoys Crust, the pizza place in the Delta terminal. When at JFK,Bobby Van's Steak House serves a decent steak.

In Miami:

Miami—now, Miami is pretty dysfunctional as an airport, in my experience. It's where you have the most delays. But there's a restaurant there, La Carreta, that is part of a local chain and is where all the stewards and pilots go. They do fantastic yucca fries, and it's so classic Cuban Miami.

I haven't sampled the Billy Goat Tavern's O'Hare location, which he likes. I wasn't overly impressed with the original "down under" location in Chicago.

Washington, D.C., in Reagan National Airport, - Matsutake Sushi.

"I really enjoy the Wolfgang Puck experience when I'm in Los Angeles. I admire how consistent they are—it's really good, every time. My go-to dish is the pizza with smoked salmon and wasabi cream."

Denver - there is a Mexican place called Cantina Grill that I enjoy.- you see the pilots and flight attendants going there.

In London there's Caviar House & Prunier. It's nice to have something sophisticated like oysters before you get on a plane. Or you can indulge in gravlax, Champagne, vodka—they also have great Spanish ham. (snip)

In Singapore and Hong Kong, I go to the airport ahead of time just to eat. The food is very sophisticated in Hong Kong, and I always go back to the same place: Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant. It's tiny and modern, and serves traditional cuisine. You can even get Peking duck. Singapore's Changi Airport goes on and on forever. On the lower level are 30 or 40 different small, small restaurants, each specializing in one thing—one does only chili crab, one does only pork cutlets. You can get 20 little tiny plates to share with friends.

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 11:53 PM

not as good as larry craig's guide to airport toilets.

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