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Old Sichuan

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 08:27 PM

65 Bayard St,
New York, NY 10013 Phone: (212) 227-9888
So, doing the nightly drive across Canal Street, my wife proposed Sichuan Food. A quick right on Mott, turn left one block down on Bayard, you find this little spot tucked away next to Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and X’ian Noodle. Also, halfway down the block from Great NY Noodle Town and Oriental Garden. Not to mention there are 20 other places. Mei Lei Wah, would be one of those 20 other places.

Old Sichuan, while not my favorite, it provides an enjoyable dinner. Certainly, better than any Chinese food in my neighborhood

Ox tongue and tripe, served cold. Lots of cracked Sichuan Peppercorns, hints of sesame, star anise, chile oil and garlic. The tongue is stewed well, the tripe perfectly cooked. Some really wonderful preparation on the tripe.

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Cold Spinach w/ Ginger:

Not much to say about this. Very refreshing. Just a few ingredients, the spinach was cold, cold. Deep fresh ginger taste.

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Another reason why I found us here “often”. I am such a hopper that the fact i have come here perhaps 5 times this year, I feel like I am a regular. The waiter, I have known for close to 12 years through various restaurants. I know he was working in Flushing, then Grand Sichuan Chelsea and now down here on Bayard He is a nice guy who always makes a point to come over and give me a big hello. We then kind of look at each other knowing, that is pretty much the extent of the words we share.

From his suggestion off the Chinese Special Board, he described a squid dish. We ordered that and the sliced fish with sour soup or something like.

Squid. Nicely cut and cooked. had a slight smokey flavor. the squid was done very well. the sauce was unable to stand next to it’s slice sour soup neighbor. They were similar sauces but, the fish soup was so much stronger, was drowned out. there was celery and greens.. it doesn’t look subtle, does it?

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This was the star of the show and worth going to for. You get this, some ok soup dumplings, the ox tongue and tripe and the fried chicken pieces tossed in chile peppers, you can have a good meal.

Very garlicky. slices of fish cooked in a pot with fermented black beans, sour vegetables,soy, chiles, chile oil, some wine, and a bunch of garlic. the filets are sturdy but, flakey. it has that fermented taste and the sour taste, and there are lots of chiles. It’s wonderful. It’s almost worth getting a cold to eat this dish.

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Nice people, enjoyable food. I know people who loves this place.

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