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#16 Blondie


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 11:33 AM

I'm so sorry to hear this. Condolences to her family and friends.



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#17 foodie52


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 11:36 AM

In fall 2007 when we were collecting items to take to Colombia for the girls, she was unsure that she knew what they would like. We had some back and forth via pm about possible gifts but she still seemed unsure.

A package arrived from her in early December: wonderfully eclectic, delicate jewelry from India that she had found in a small shop. Bangles and bracelets and necklaces, accompanied by a note saying that she hoped that this was "OK". It was more than OK: it was perfect, and I told her so.

Her posts were great: very stream of consciousness. She will be missed.
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#18 splinky


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:59 PM

Sad news. Condolences to her family and friends.

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#19 Lippy


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:07 PM

This is very sad news. I will miss her posts.

#20 hollywood


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:19 PM

I always got a kick out of the way she would be making her points in a rambling post and then out of nowhere do a shout out to another member asking about some arcane detail that interested her. Sometimes I knew exactly what she was talking about. Other times I had no clue.

Then that happened.


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#21 fentona


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:47 PM

Oh dear. I'm so sorry.
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#22 Evelyn


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:49 PM


#23 Lex


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:59 PM

Condolences to her family. She could really be pretty entertaining.
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#24 Jaymes


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:00 PM

Last post - April 20th. I was wondering...


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#25 StephanieL


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:07 PM

RIP. sad.gif I will miss her surrealness.

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#26 Sneakeater


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:22 PM

Horrible. Condolences to her family and to us.
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#27 awbrig


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:29 PM

Gosh. For once, I'm at a loss for words. I'm actually welling up. Rest in peace, Rebecca.
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#28 porkwah


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:33 PM

condolences to friends and family.

i enjoyed her posts because she was all over the place. now, perhaps, she really is all over the place.

man, i need a headache

#29 GalPalJoan


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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:46 PM

I'm just bummed. We had a couple of really pleasant PM exchanges about odds and ends. I would have liked to have met her in person.
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I have been remembering this man with some real vigor over the past couple of days. He was a miserable stinker, although now that he has gone on to his reward I can't say what I really thought of him. But if I'm any judge of these things, I'll bet he's hotter than Squeat Mungry. DebVanD

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#30 Maison Rustique

Maison Rustique

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Posted 11 May 2009 - 02:51 PM

I'm so glad I got to meet her and must say that I feel a bit of guilt for not having gotten the next SoCal MF get-together planned in time for her to enjoy it with us.

Rebecca, we will miss you. Thanks for enriching our lives with your delightful posts and friendship.

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