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Cooks and Books

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#1 sparrowsfall


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Posted 07 April 2005 - 12:51 AM

Gee it sure is nice to just hop on this forum and ask, "who's going to the various cooks and books dinners?" without having to refer to section 2.3.24, sub-paragraph 6 of the egullet policy on rules and restrictions to see whether I'm allowed to ask that.

Here's what's coming up. Unfortunately May 3 is the only one that's looking open for me.



April 12: Giada De Laurentiis with her new book, EVERYDAY ITALIAN, at Serafina. Chef John Neumark will have a wonderful time creating a menu from this book. $95.00 per person. For reservations call 206-323-0807. www.serfinaseattle.com.

April 17: Deborah Madison at Union Bay Café in Seattle, with dinner created by chef Mark Manley, and offered at 95.00 per person. For reservations call 206-527-8364.

May 3: Donna Hay and THE INSTANT COOK at Nell’s in Seattle, dinner created by chef Phillip Mihalski, 125.00 per person. For reservations call 206-524-4044. www.nellsrestaurant.com.

May 11: Mark Bittman at Union in Seattle with his new book, BITTMAN TAKES ON AMERICA’S CHEFS, 125.00 per person, with the dinner created by chef Ethan Stowell. For reservations call 206-838-8000. www.unionseattle.com.

July 26: Susan Herrmann Loomis at Union Bay Café in Seattle, with her new book COOKING AT HOME ON RUE TATIN. Chef Mark Manley will create the dinner and cost is
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#2 Guest_rockdoggydog_*

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Posted 07 April 2005 - 01:09 AM

I have reservations for the May 3 and May 11 so far, but I can't remember what times.


#3 Rail Paul

Rail Paul

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Posted 07 April 2005 - 01:50 AM

I didn't realize Susan Herrman Loomis had a new book out. I have several of her earlier books. She presents a great sense of place in her recipes.
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#4 Guest_rockdoggydog_*

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Posted 07 April 2005 - 06:41 PM

So I'm going to the Donna Hay dinner at Nell's on the May 3 at 730 and the Mark Bittman dinenr at Union on May 11 at 700. Char and Co. will be joining Dani and I at the Union dinner, would anyone else like to meet up for either dinner?


#5 tighe


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Posted 07 April 2005 - 07:50 PM

Being a devotee of her cookbooks, I'm tempted by the Donna Hay dinner. Unfortunately I don't think it's in the budget.
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#6 little ms foodie

little ms foodie

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Posted 21 April 2005 - 11:00 PM

I just saw the menu for the Donna Hay dinner at Nell's:

6:30 pm—Passed Hors d’ Oeuvres
Green Pea and Mint Soup
Root Vegetable Fritters with Herbed Goat Cheese
Chili and Basil Squid
Yarrabank Brut, Yarra Valley 1999

7:00 pm—Dinner
Caramelized Fennel and Arugula Salad with Point Reyes Blue Cheese
Yering Station, MVR (Marsane-Viognier-Rousanne), Victoria 2004

Crispy Skinned Black Cod with Asparagus and Lemon Salsa
Novelty Hill, Chardonnay, Conner Lee Vineyard, Columbia Valley 2003

Rack Of Lamb with White Bean Salad and Pea Vines
Fonthill, Grenache, “Dust of Ages”, McLaren Vale 2002 and
Para Creek, Grenache/Shiraz, Barossa 1998

Rhubarb Tart with Strawberry Ice Cream
Covey Run, Reserve, Semillon Ice Wine, Yakima Valley 2002

$125 per person
Wendy.....Seattle, WA

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#7 Guest_rockdoggydog_*

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Posted 22 April 2005 - 02:55 PM

I have to cancel on the Donna Hay dinner, too much to do.


#8 Guest_rockdoggydog_*

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Posted 21 August 2005 - 06:34 AM

Edited to remove redundant post, Scarlett beat me by ten minutes with the fall lineup for Cooks and Books.


#9 little ms foodie

little ms foodie

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Posted 26 August 2005 - 06:40 PM

Rocky I think this is probably what you posted and then took down but I'm putting it back up because when I look for cooks and books I don't always think of restaurant happenings. I think it's good to have in both threads, so to copy Scarlet's other post:

Hi everybody! It is time to announce the fall COOKS AND BOOKS Visiting
Chef Series lineup of dinners--and we think it is our best yet. We are excited to
host these dinners in some of our all-time favorite restaurants, and we are adding a few wonderful new places too. Call the "host restaurant" directly to make reservations, and remember to do so quickly, as these dinners have a limited number of seats and can sell out quickly. Format will be the same: all courses, wines and a copy of the new book are included in the price of the event for each attendee---seating times vary byvenue.

Sept 19 at Southpark in Portland and Sept. 20th at the 35th St. Bistro in Seattle:
CAT CORA will be our guest chef, here to share recipes from her new
book, CAT CORA'S KITCHEN. As the first woman "Iron Chef" Cat holds her own
with the Big Boys in both flair, flavor and talent--and finds inspiration in her
mixed Greek and Southern heritage. 95.00 per person, call Southpark at
503-326-1300 and 35th St Bistro at 206-547-9850 for reservations.

Sept. 26 at Saucebox in Portland and Sept. 27th at Ray's Boathouse in Seattle:
One of the leading chinese/fusion chefs in America will be our guest
of honor for these dinners, and the meal created from SUSANNA FOO/FRESH
INSPIRATION will be nothing less than inspirational! Mix Susanna's talent with our
Northwest ingredients and these dinners will be a true "fusion" of cultures and
flavors. 95.00 per person at Saucebox-call 503-241-3393 for reservations and in
Seattle, call Ray's at 206-789-4130 for their dinner, offered at 100.00 per person.

October 11th, at Union Bay Cafe in Seattle:
We welcome back one of our favorite chefs in the COOKS AND BOOKS series,
PAULA WOLFERT, for a dinner created from her recently updated THE COOKING OF SOUTHWEST FRANCE. Let's face it--if we had to have one last dinner--wouldn't
it be in the south of France? Meet one of the most important chefs in this region of cooking-and a truly wonderful person with whom to share dinner! Dinner is at 105.00 per person; call Union Bay Cafe at 206-527-8364 for reservations.

October 26th in Seattle at Union Bay Cafe and October 27th in Portland at Paley's Place:
While she IS the Executive chef of Gourmet Magazine AND a Food Network star--don't we all feel we know SARA MOULTON? In whatever form she enters our homes, we know her to be a warm and accessible proponent of "non fussy" food--which is not to say it lacks in flavor, presentation or elegance. Her new book, ARA'S SECRETS FOR WEEKNIGHT MEALS promises to make us all a GOURMET
chef--or close, anyway...so call Union Bay in Seattle at 206-527-8364 for reservations for this dinner (150.00 per person) and Paley's Place at 503-243-2403
(125.00 per person); and in Seattle we have the Extra Fun of having
chocolatier MICHAEL RECCHIUTI on hand to sign copies of CHOCOLATE OBSESSION--plus we get to have his wonderful chocolate creations for dessert! a wealth of riches....and both books are included in this event cost.

November 7 at Union in Seattle:
One of the most impressive and beloved restaurants in San Francisco has finally been captured in a book, and BOULEVARD is so beautiful it does justice to its inspiration. BOTH chefs NANCY OAKES and PAMELA MAZZOLA will be on hand at Union to discuss their food and philosophies, and in a really special touch, their friend and San-Fran Chocolatier ALICE MEDRICH will be on hand to sign copies of her new book CHOCOLATE HOLIDAYS. We will obviously eat ourselves glorious silly at this dinner(150.00 per person), so call Union at 206-838-8000 to make reservations; and yes, both books are included in the price of the dinner.

November 13th in Portland at Lauro and November 14th in Seattle at Serafina:
When chef/author/tv guy/winemaker MICHAEL CHIARELLO is not doing all of
that, he is home making incredible dinners for friends. Since he can't invite us all over, we have invited him here to be our guest at dinners featuring the wonderful recipes in AT HOME WITH MICHAEL CHIARELLO. We will blend Northwest ingredients into his dishes and yet serve some of his wines from Napa--if we can't go there, lets have dinner here! Dinner both Lauro and Serafina is 95.00 per person, and call Lauro at 503-239-7000 for reservations; Serafina at 206-323-0807.

November 30 at Noble Rot in Portland and December 12th at Lark in Seattle:
To say the name JERRY TRAUNFELD is to conjure up great dreams of
herbs and flowers and farms and memorable dinners of incredible flavors, and
Jerry believes we can ALL make those dinners, with the help of his book, THE
HERBAL KITCHEN. We are thrilled to entice Jerry out of his kitchen at the Herbfarm, to be the guest for dinner in some wonderful Northwest restaurants with
chefs who will celebrate his vision and talent in their menu. While you are waiting
for your reservation in Woodinville--join us for dinner with Jerry! Dinners
offered at 105.00 (Noble Rot) and 135.00 (Lark) and yes, we will have extra books
on hand for the gift giving season at both dinners. Call Noble Rot at 503-233-1999 and Lark at 206-323-5275 for reservations.

At the time of this email we have MANY "surprise" events coming up that were too late to list on the print piece and while we are still working out the details, we want you to MAKE SURE you are on the email list for upcoming additions to our schedule, which will include:

-a "Cocktails with Candace" party with SEX AND THE CITY creator Candace Bushnell at the W Hotel on Sept. 27th...join us for a "lipsticktini", snacks and fun in celebration of CB's new book, LIPSTICK JUNGLE--tickets available on www.

-a chocolate and beer party at the new PIX Chocolate Factory/Brewpub in Portland on October 28th

-a panel discussion on "The Future of Food" with chefs Michel Nishan and Christine Keff and others...on Nov. 2nd (with dinner to follow) at Town Hall Seattle and in Seattle at clarklewis on Nov. 4th

-a dinner of Mexican "street food" with Rick Bayless on Nov. 9th

-a wine tasting/food pairing/PARTY with Jamie Oliver's sommelier Matt Skinner at the new VEIL restaurant on November 16th--his book is called THIRSTY WORK and boy will this be fun! and because, well, we just can't help ourselves--more to come...

We really and truly hope to share a glass of wine or dinner with you soon! Tell your foodie friends to join our mailing list at www.info@kimricketts.com or don't let them complain to either of us that they can't get in or didn't know about it...though of course we welcome all questions, comments and suggestions at the office of kimricketts/book events: 206-632-2419.
Wendy.....Seattle, WA

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#10 little ms foodie

little ms foodie

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Posted 29 August 2005 - 05:48 PM

We are signed up for the Michael Chiarello dinner at Serafina and the Jerry Traunfeld dinner at Lark.
Wendy.....Seattle, WA

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#11 Scorched Palate

Scorched Palate

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Posted 29 August 2005 - 06:24 PM

I might have to fly up for the Bayless event on 11/9, but I think I will wait to buy my ticket until it's actually scheduled.

I wish I could take 3 days off and come up for Nancy Oakes at Union on 11/7, too...
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#12 heyjude


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Posted 29 August 2005 - 10:10 PM

Anita, it would be so great to have you at the Bayless event. we are working on a restaurant match for him. The new book demands some authenticity so we are being very selective. I'll post as soon as we have finalized the plan.

#13 Guest_rockdoggydog_*

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 12:10 AM

Is anyone else going to the Cat Cora dinner next week?


#14 heyjude


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Posted 15 September 2005 - 05:15 AM

I'll be there, of course. Cat and I will be driving up from Portland in time for this. Steve and she have planned a very rich and tasty feast. I was at 35th St. tonight and there is a whole different buzz. It was crowded, but the service was professional and gracious. I'm still not thrilled with their desserts, but they are improved and the apps and main menu are totally tempting. I hope to see you there.

#15 malarkey


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Posted 15 September 2005 - 02:52 PM

Judy, did you do the champagne dinner?? I was sorely tempted by that menu, I'll tell you... *sigh*

so much food, so little time.
I'm looking forward to regretting this.