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Posted by Chambolle on 29 March 2020 - 04:39 AM

Re: sembei (as pictured elsewhere), my favorite is kuromame sembei, particularly the one made by Akebono (they have a store in Ginza, and probably at a number of depachika).

Pras, you know I have VERY good reason to be VERY upset at you ... but I'm not really the type to hold a grudge ... especially when you were doing your utmost to help a poor, lost soul like sweet, little Chambo
Please note that Akebono does NOT seem to make kuromame senbei anymore ... or at least that's what I believe I was being told ... at a minimum, the Ginza store surely did not have them. I asked (or at least I tried to ask, many times and many different ways) if they were just out of stock or it was a seasonal thing or whatever, but I was being told that they simply don't make them anymore. It sounds strange to me, but whatever
Being one who prefers to turn lemons into lemonade and not wanting my Akebono adventure to result in a big goose egg, I opted to get some of their other snacks for serious reading ... nevertheless I was now even more desperately seeking senbei a la kuromame ...
Oh man, do those little squid suckers (bottom row middle) look good or what ! 



So where would the best place to look for the mentaiko senbei? Which region is it popular in, so I can look for an antenna store when I go back to Tokyo in a few weeks.


According to this https://fukutarousa.com/ you may be able to find it in the US soon.
They don't have branches in Kanto.

Pras, you are oh so CORRECT ! and they are called menbei ... at least by people in the know, like Chambo

I made a trip to Fukuoka for the sole and express reason* of seeing whether you were right or not on this one (cause I was slightly losing faith in you, given the "Akebono Incident") and you came through like a total champ, Pras !  and as you can see, I have made some progress on the kuromame senbei situation


* and I also wanted to do Ev a solid
Open and ye shall find ... a bunch of packets ... each containing 2 menbei ... the Japanese sure love to package things, don't they ?

#1448329 Supper

Posted by Chambolle on 30 November 2019 - 09:59 AM

When planning a revolution and toppling an impostor, it is essential to know thyself and to know the opposition ... that is the basics of Master Sun's The Art of War ... but there is much more in store in order to succeed as any true warrior knows


Victory goes to the prepared ... and preparation must start well in advance ... months, if not (light)years, in advance and far away ... and they always do chez Chambo !


It's called Shaping the Battlefield and it must start from the get go ... if done correctly and with wisdom the war is won before it is even started ... pay close attention ... for that's what Chambo's doing here in order to undertake the revolution foretold in the final words of this significant post


I'll also note that in order to topple an established order, it is best to be a God (just ask Zeus) or to have the right Gods on your side (consider the Trojan War) ... in fact, having / being both is best and as fate shall have it, Chambo is so blessed


We take you back to Tokyo ... the evening of October 4 to be exact ... too late for a real meal ... but had already eaten and drank a bunch of nibbles and liquids ... hence something simple, quick yet good was in order ... those paying close attention shall note one friendly hurdle that Chambo cannot seem to overcome with a great foreign Goddess ... that is, improving her English ... after years and years of trying and discussing and giving examples and examples and elaborating on the exceptions etc, Chambo now simply gives Goddess the good words and goes forward into the night ... 


And when I told you previously that the powerful Princess-Tigress-Goddess's Gresca dinner was semi-disastrous because she is so adventurous when eating and she'll snarf down just about anything, I bet some of you were skeptical ... to the skeptics, pay close atttention !


Finally I shall also note that what was communicated to me as pork tongue was pork but not tongue ...



#1448149 So, where are *you* going next?

Posted by Chambolle on 22 November 2019 - 07:51 PM

Milan, Piedmont, Turin ... and boom ! I've blown 2 weeks so, now being short on time with only one week left, I gotta rush east to feast near Padua, otherwise Max will be bumming, and after that I'm juggling multiple reservations cuz I have reservations about Venice where I go every year anyway (for the New Year and much more) ... spoke to La Subida and can redirect there for a bunch cuz they are indeed open as is Radikon and Sasha is happy to see sweet little Chambo again but Gravner is growling about their vacation time and those daughters don't want to be doing Chambo a solid, witches ! Dario is cool to see Chambo again and an interpreter will be required again etc etc ... but the Subida houses are still without wifi (WTF !) and cell service is stupendously spotty to the point that you can't rely on it ... and even though she said that she'd give me the best located option for cellular data, I'm not convinced ... so I'm scratching my head about what to do ... but I don't have time to research anything cuz I'm too busy posting here and running a global empire*  ... hmmm ... decisions decisions ... made the difficult decision to skip Florence this year for the first time in many, many years (I usually arrive Florence perfectly timed to do some scouting and then hit the winter sales on the exact day that they start ... I have all this stuff down to a science) ... but I do love love love being in Italy over these Xmas NYE holidays cuz it's so festive and fun and hence I do some version of this trip every year, always including Piedmont cuz life's not worth living without a major winter white truffle mid-December blizzard (which is a bit late but still fine if you go to fine places) ... well I don't do this EVERY year ... that's an exaggeration ... but every year for the last 7 years, yes


* FYI the Asian work trip was a WILD success ... bot manufacturing is now up and running ! ... the Kimchi Princess, who's quite the Asian tiger, convinced me to skip China and setup operations in Seoul ... so I did ... and it's proceeding better than I could have ever imagined ... all the stars are aligning and everything is falling into place such that I've decided that I've earned the right to celebrate a bit and sneak in a little vacation because 2020 is going to be a blockbuster success story ... stay tuned ... Chambo is on the verge of total Universal domination and I think it's now unstoppable ... but it's going to take time ... I'm feeling good

Bogota this weekend and Cape Town in January.

Oh look above, there's my good friend mitchells ... or at least he was, until he started slandering me and my champagne en Chine, the bastard ! Remember The Bastard, mitchells ?

You need to learn how to live a little cuz your comment demonstrates a lack of knowledge in that important department ... as we shall see at some point in the future ... at a time and place of my choosing ... game on ! and don't forget that you started this war ! As always, it's never Chambo that starts any of this stuff ... for Chambo received a blistering, sarcastic assault on his good taste ... you should have made love to me mitchells when you had the chance ... it's too late now !
I have made it abundantly clear in the past to you that you know nothing about my lifestyle choices !
To wit ...


Yes, made a pit stop in Castelnau Le Lez. Thought it would be nice to hang poolside on a vineyard for a day and drink Rose from the vines a few meters from the pool. I could definitely get into the Chambo lifestyle.

mitchells, please be careful talking about things of which you know virtually nothing ... ie The Chambo Lifestyle.


I'll have you know that that September ie in 2016 I was there, mitchells and I didn't like the place AT ALL.


Total nouveau riche !


Way too much money with too little taste was poured into the place.


Met a good buddy there ... he's a NYC Greenpoint-loft-based artist friend (he's been in GP since before it was trendy and his big canvas totally out there mostly abstract w some tiny human-ish figure-oids interspersed among the colors seems like a good Green fit) ... who has a place outside Montpelier up in the hills where doth grow the vines ... and he looked at me funny upon arrival at the Castel and said "You really wanted to come here :unsure: ?" and I grimaced :( and said "Sorry, man, was given bad info. I'll take care of the 50 euro Pibarnon rosé and we'll make the best of it and then blow out of here ... and so we sat, we chat, we drink and we keep on moving ... and went to where I really wanted to go which was the brand newly opened Terminal#1 pop-up from the bros, where I was invited and we had a great time hanging outside, tucking into tons of tapas and drowning our blues in some reds and whites ... and that was our night, mitchells

#1448020 Foxface

Posted by Chambolle on 18 November 2019 - 07:46 AM

I remember when you couldn’t buy cheese in New York. Not like cheese cheese.

What does this mean exactly ? When was this ?

@chambo Hyperbole in the service of humor.


As usual, there is a lack of clarity here


Anything "in the service of humor" is acceptable and always encouraged ... but what "hyperbole" is referring to here is totally unclear


So I repeat, as per above, to relay to me what you are remembering above, whether hyperbolic or not ? When was this ? What does "Not like cheese cheese" mean to you ? because it can mean many things to me


Do you not understand that I have a journalistic duty to request comment before I go to press ?


It's been long written, editors have approved it and it's ready to publish for all the world to see ... the clocking is now ticking


We have a modest amount of patience ... but not an overabundance ...

#1446935 Coffee bean grinders

Posted by Chambolle on 20 October 2019 - 03:41 PM

4 vs 7-10 dependent on storage ?


Joe, maybe dependent upon whether those beans were accelerating / decelerating near the speed light +/- but there ain't going to be much of a storage difference


And you'll almost assuredly re-read that article and come to the same understanding that you originally had ... unless you deeply think thru my reality and my situation ... which is that I'm going to be drinking those same declining beans on a daily basis over the course of 10 days and about 5-ish days in, I'm going to be noticing a daily comparative decline vis-a-vis the prior day ... and that is not pleasant ... and what goes thru your mind each morning is "gee, this is worse than the day before" and it doesn't have to be that way ... you need to read the author's words carefully

#1446896 The Rest of Us

Posted by Chambolle on 19 October 2019 - 11:00 PM

Tsk Tsk Tissot ... taste there every year, never like his stuff ... others do, I think ... can’t say I'm creaming in my pants right now for a Cremant ... and it's not sour grapes ... cuz I'm pouring other sour things in the "cream"-like department as we speak

#1446396 Supper

Posted by Chambolle on 10 October 2019 - 02:43 AM

About last night ... and yesterday ...

The Isetan purchase 

The LUXURIOUS yogurt ... had it for bfast today ... sugar was in there ... UGGHHHH not a good thing ... added granola to mask it ... better but not acceptable for Chambo ...

Opening up the goods now ... sweets first ... just for research purposes !
Red bean and chestnut ... chestnut costs almost double !
Lots of fine print to read before eating ...

More goods ... front and back ... what are they ?
Not totally totally sure ... I have general idea but it's TBD ...
Others may know for sure ...

 And of course I had backup plans ... disaster can strike at any moment ... military people know this
Full war could break out this very moment ... and then what ! Huh ?
You gotta be prepared in life ... always ... so yes I always travel with a whole bunch of Bellota
That's standard practice ... a couple Kilos cuz I like to give gifts to strangers
It's GREAT idea by the way ... it breaks down cultural barriers quickly ...
People like gifts ... it's human nature ...

But I didn't use any of the above last night cuz I have other supplies from prior sorties
You guys have no idea what's really going on here ... nor do I ! 
So these were used last night ... like I said, I'm not cooking ... I'm just preparing ... and it's frickin' excellent
And yes, Orik, that's a bottle of Red Burg in the background ... La Pousse d'Or 2005 ! ... I stole the frickin' thing
I did and I feel no shame whatsoever ... and what are they going to do to me anyway ...
Slap me on the wrist ... 

The rest is self-explanatory ...





#1446392 Supper

Posted by Chambolle on 10 October 2019 - 01:14 AM

A couple rice batches are now safely frozen 


Daniel, meet me in Japan, I don't want to ruin everyone's Supper here ...



#1446104 Seoul

Posted by Chambolle on 03 October 2019 - 02:51 AM

Soley sleeping in Seoul ... 4 at the Four Seasons ... 3 at the Shilla
And now that I'm armed with the KakaoMap* app, which is the way to go, I believe, I'm sorta scratching my head a bit about why the Princess insisted on the switch ... because those two hotels are only 15-ish minutes apart, and Chambo doesn't like unnecessary packs and unpacks, and taxis aren't very expensive in Seoul as they are in Tokyo ... hmmm ... but I'm perfectly fine with it and I do think it's probably the right answer for my first time there and I'll enjoy checking out both places
That said, her bro does want to take all of us east one Saturday to some places along the river which is being advertised as quite a fun time with good eats ... sounds like it might be something along the lines of Seoul's fresh-water Hamptons ... not sure cuz I'm just doing whatever they think is good and going with the flow


And with only a week and with the Princess pissed that I'm in Seoul for such a short period (and yet I can be wasting all this time in Tokyo) and therefore we can't eat everywhere we want to, it makes a lot of sense to stay put ... so I have no need nor desire to be running around the country (although I would like to be running it ... one day)


* because Google Maps does NOT do directions at all in Korea ... nor can it do Offline Maps in Japan ... bastards !

Isn't mingles the most pellegrino-y place in town.

Atomix is up there too ... birds of a feather ...

#1446102 Micromanage My Life

Posted by Chambolle on 03 October 2019 - 02:10 AM


Go for Mexican. It’s horrible in Europe.

True ... wanted to ask if that Empellon Cocina chef's table thing exists in any form today ?


B, before I forget**, I did do Mexican ... and thank you for the suggestion

Atla, for lunch on my final day, and it was the BEST meal I had BY FAR and I had it after all the others so there's no way I'm comparatively confused
Each dish made good sense, was executed well and tasted very good and it was interesting to boot ... voila !
That's my New York in a nutshell
Hmmm, come to think of it, I never shared with you all that final action-packed NYC day that was worthy of a Spanish superhero  ... the day before blast off ... wow that day was sure something and it would be quite a tale to tell ... straight out of Galician mythology ... including bank robbers, high finance and turbo-charged turbots, the size of London whales, swimming upstream faster than a speeding bullet leaping 60 stories into the air to grasp seemingly flying pigs in its formidable and fearsome jaws ... uptown down over up down and all around ... including enlightenment on the upper East standing face-to-face with my doppelganger Fudo Myoo, traversing parks with Madame Xand then passing all known planets in our solar system including my former stomping grounds, walking a Fairways before sub-ing and rising and preparing my personal vessel by inspecting a Vessel from top to bottom with a Princess, walking High with her and then visualizing vases dans Les Ateliers Courbet which is a seminal painting in the Musee d'Orsay, I must say (because the Princess is also an awesome potter and has pals) before proceeding to procure a bottle of Bacchus's life blood in a clutch performance on a 3rd and final at bat in an indoor Market with the Princess pleading "just buy something already, will ya ! " cuz Chelsea's other nearby options were so so OMFG horrid and then wishing a pretty Princess adieu til our inseparable souls are in Seoul soon and then rushing to a tiny village in the West while struggling to take orders to go on the go from busy doctors and professors, while navigating the finer details of UberLift logistics because a man has got to eat, doesn't he ? I can't get into all the details right now but I promise you that that ain't even the half of it. What I will say about the city that day is that it wasn't even Early Fall and I was Smoking and I Paint-ed it Black and I'm not even a smoker, go figure ! 
Important Breaking News ... surrounding Atla, there was considerable caffeination occurring. Pre was coffee at Colombe with a close colleague* whose hideout is Hanover and he's a bear of a guy. Post, after sending a hand-assembled Chambot to bribe foreigners with 2 euros worth of Food and Travel Insanity (and to cover up my dastardly deed, I used multi-colored porpoises for my evil purposes, naturally), was Abraco, downstairs, which was a change for me I believe, and here's why it's important breaking news ... Abraco was Cash Only ! so I did indeed spend some actual cash in the Big Apple after all
* communicating at super-high bandwidth about the latest layering techniques of the world's best 3d printers for he is an expert in these matters and I was explaining that I need them to work as super-high speeds and use organic molecules for my needs ... as opposed to plastics or metals. He inquired about these needs and I said I want to mass produce millions of Chambots ... he asked what a Chambot was and, as I explained, his jaw dropped, his eyes bulged and he said I'm CRAZY and the technology is no where near that level yet. I pounded my fist on the table, making a little bit of a scene and I said "It WILL BE soon ! Push them harder ! Because when it is I plan to be the first to take full advantage of it and I'm positioned to do so and I will then take over the world. Mark my words ! " and I added that I may be crazy ... but those who take over the world usually are ... crazy like a fox ... and we proceed to lunch to work out the going forward plan and I told him I was off to Asia to inquire about manufacturing capacity because this is going to happen hell or high water and Chambo will go down in history as the greatest benevolent dictator there ever was

** I never forget ... it's just an expression
OT - I have NOT forgotten about you, Eat, but as we've discussed there's no rush whatsoever because we've got months and months before your blast off.   / OT



And Seth, don't think for a second I agree with anything you wrote in the first paragraph here other than "it isn't by any means exhaustive" because as Tubbs immediately shows it sure wasn't, was it ? And now your trial balloon is rapidly losing altitude and I don't have enough time to keep correcting incorrect facts. Champagne is easily shippable and it's not at all expensive to do so, most especially if you're in the case-buying business as you profess to be. It is not unreasonable (in fact, it's reasonable) to think about many / most champagnes as almost a global commodity. I sent this list to multiple knowledgeable people in different countries and they are all on-board with Chambo. I will strongly agree with your "despite the fact that there's only a couple things on the menu I think it'd pair particularly well with" and further expand it to say that if you look at all those very, very expensive red bottles on their list and actually ask yourself "What might I order off their menu that would be a nice complement to my fine burgundy, for example, at nose-bleed prices", what's the answer ? Scraps of short rib ? This is a restaurant that deserves to be SLAMMED, and you can slam it on very, very solid grounds ... and no one's willing to do it ... except Chambo. Orik started inching in that direction but he grants them an "off night" pass and sums it up by saying maybe it's just not his cup of tea. I'm going way further - It's a seriously flawed resto in both concept and execution and now I'm on the record. PLEASE NOTE WELL that I'm NOT saying that people can't go there and enjoy a kinda sorta fine dining dinner. They can and they have, as we have seen here, and they will. But there are other objective grounds upon which you can consider the conception of the Crown ... and when you have a wine list at these prices then you have seriously upped the game and you MUST offer food to go with it ... your margin for error is now slim because you are planning on taking boatloads of bucks from these sitting (drinking) ducks and therefore you need offer and deliver good matching goods ... and they don't even come close and they're just trying to take the cash of clueless, overpaid, fat cats who prowl these walled streets ... and therefore they royally strike out AFAIK ... or so says Chambo

And mark my words ... even though I'm surrounded by the Japanese right now ... I shall return ! I shall and the Crown shall fall, inshallah ! ... and the concept of fairness will be restored throughout the world ... because there are those among us who have lost any and all conception of what is fair and toss out that word SO easily and refuse to (actually, can't) back it up at all ...


but Fudo Myoo, who is you know who, has a sharp sword and a lasso ... and this crazy cowboy character, who is seemingly totally out of control, is actually the only one who is making perfect sense and willing to show the light and spread the truth ... one day soon ... coming to a theater near you ... 

#1445970 Micromanage my Life - Japan

Posted by Chambolle on 29 September 2019 - 02:39 AM

re Sushi Namba Hibaya, awesome meal last night

re Nihonex, am I correctly reading the above that you are insuring me against all losses ?

re your etrade debit card, that's sweet ... and super convenient

re opening a foreign bank account, when I moved to Paris for the first time, I was young, stupid and optimistic*. I also had done close to zero preparation because it was a total, crazy, spur of the moment, wing it decision when you have a fraction of a second to dare to leap into the unknown because the space-time-life continuum just aligned and you must immediately blast past those restraints of reason as you go somersaulting headfirst out of your comfort zones to see if you can wind up landing and standing on your own two feet.

I was in a Paris hotel, didn't speak the language (I could count and conjugate a few verbs of the er ir and re variety but I couldn't talk in real sentences nor understand a real person when they spoke normally) and was trying to get myself set up ie I needed a roof over my head and a bank account ... but there was this Heller-istic Catch 22 whereby I needed a bank account / bank to guarantee x months of rent before anyone would sign a lease with sweet, little Chambo BUT I needed a valid lease with a perm address and a current utility bill to open a bank account

Hmmm ... what to do ... what to do ... desperately I touched base with someone who I barely knew at the time ... he was a London-based Brit and a young riser at Citi ... I told him about my sad situation and asked if there's anything he could do to cut thru all this French baloney ... he said "give me a day" ... next day he says go to the Citi branch on the Champs (no longer there, I think, at least not for retail customers) and the local branch manager is expecting you and has been instructed by the France country manager to open a bank account for you and to do whatever you need done and to do it in a hurry ... YES !!! I screamed to myself internally ... and I told him that he was awesome and a life-saver and I owe him a drink or three when we meet up next, whether in Paris or London or wherever, and that he's ALWAYS welcome back on the Farm ! Yep, that's where I met him and he came back multiple times and he was made an "honorary" farm friend because he was just a sometimes visitor as opposed to being part of the full-time crew.

How exactly did we meet, you ask ? Well, he was invited by a Boston-Back-Bay-based, female, full-fledged farm friend who I know super duper well (as we lived around the corner from each other and breakfasted together frequently on non-summer weekends in our hood and her heart doc hubby at the time and me were good buddies and she loved the young, lovely lass that I was lassoed to at the time blah blah blah) and she had given an open invitation to this London friend of hers to join us at the farm if he were ever passing nearby ... but our lovely farmhouse had no spare bedrooms. So early one summer morning, as I'm stirring to life after a real real rough evening, I'm heading towards a nearby fridge and I literally stumbled over a stranger who was mostly sleeping under our breakfast table, but not completely ... twas one morning one summer one hell of a lot of fun ago

We've become great friends through the years ... with me and my improving French helping him with purchase and sale documents as he was buying property dans le Lot ... un beau, vieux château du 17eme, pas trop cher en fait, sur une colline avec une vue superbe des cingles du Lot et des vignobles** sur l'autre côté du fleuve ... on a passé beaucoup de temps agréable dans cette région, mais on mange pas très bien en général, sauf si on cuisine chez toi apres avoir visité les marchés

eta - It's a lot easier now to open a French bank account and when I had to open another one in 2012 it was a breeze

* and now I'm a bit older and a bit stupider

** appellation Cahors que je n'aime PAS du tout mais je le bois quand je suis dans le coin car, c'est vrai, il boit bcp mieux quand on est là

#1445613 Old Man Shaking Fist at Cloud

Posted by Chambolle on 20 September 2019 - 09:24 PM

Well, in the short term, this cashless business thing is headed for a legislated halt in many jurisdictions ... google and you will see


With the caveat that I haven't looked at prior pages of this thread and I only quickly skimmed what people wrote on this page .... hence I may not be totally in context ... but the following needs to be said ...


eta - sorry in advance, Bonner ... but you, more than most, know that Chambo is on-point


The fully unbanked in the US is MANY millions of households ... and when you look at certain states, you may be very surprised about the magnitude of some of the numbers. Just google "unbanked in the US" and focus on FED reporting cuz that's real data. And then reflect upon the fact that the US is (one of) the wealthiest country in the world


Further, the debit cards that are being heavily marketed to these unbanked communities and that have achieved substantial market share have egregious fees for actual usage patterns ... when all is said and done, these are loanshark-like, predatory businesses ... and it's such a real issue that the CFPB is issuing rules to address the situation ... and if you read some of the details in the below link, these requirements are obviously being put in place because these communities are being taken to the cleaners ... and it's wrong and it sickens me ...but people in general just don't understand money and how to handle their finances prudently and don't seem to care and don't truly educate themselves* ... and I'm now talking about most people at ALL economic levels and it's also true for many big corporations ... and if there are people who are ready, willing and able to be imprudent in this department, you can be sure that faster than you can count to three that there will be a sky filled with vultures to pick at any and everything left unattended ... and that's why we have the MASSIVE financial industry that we do today who very happily and cluelessly and greedily sunk the US economy a decade ago ... of course, with the help of this overall imprudent populace ... and yes, let's not forget the regulators and politicians too ... a total societal breakdown ... but thankfully we all learned from all this, right ? ... because our country's books are pretty close to balanced ... or NOT !


Listen up ... this may take some time, but stuff is SO out of control right now and it's an ultra-serious subject that is pretty much completely off the radar ... and let me be crystal clear as I look into my crystal ball a handful of years out ... SCARY TIMES ! VERY SCARY TIMES !





* which, I agree, is VERY difficult to do because there is a giant, self-interested, conflicted, wealthy-beyond-any-sound-reason finance industry that all in harmony and all in concert endlessly chant lies and half-truths until they're believed to be true, deceives deceives deceives, confuses confuses confuses and then there's the clueless co-opted press and their clueless reporting on this stuff that just parrots what the fat financial cats (who are very slick and very articulate and very well-dressed and very well-groomed and very personable and seem very, very helpful, I might add) want them to say ... which is that this financial stuff is way too complicated and way too important for you to handle yourself so let us sweet, little fat cats do it for you ... and help you get in and get out when appropriate .,, and sell you funds with nice fees (maybe when coming, maybe when going, maybe all along during the ride) ... and sell you funds / products that have "no fees" but actually do ... and will package up some nice, tidy offerings for you to peruse ... blah blah effing blah ... I could go on for days on this subject ... and I know of what I speak ... but here's the thing, many here among us might be kinda sorta nodding along but saying to themselves "Chambo's kinda right, but this doesn't apply to me, cuz I do have my act together" ... because that's human nature ... but do you really ? ... and this applies so much to so many very smart folks ... think doctors, lawyers and even financial industry folks themselves !!! ... and it's all because they do NOT want to be "average" and get "average" returns because they consider themselves way above average ... just go note average per capita US income ... and yes, many here may well be well above average ... so why settle for the average returns of those unwashed masses ... and that's human nature too


And the problem is that it's extremely difficult for the truth to get out ... because the truth is a very lonely voice in the wilderness ... drowned out by the monstrous resources of the financial industry marketing and PR machinery and the press who eats it up and spits it out, no questions asked ...


I'm going to go back to being silly and unhinged now ... cuz that's the Chambo brand and that's the way I like it 

#1445225 Micromanage my Life - Japan

Posted by Chambolle on 10 September 2019 - 08:47 PM

JR 7day rail pass done ... and it's a total no-brainer that it's the right way to go for Tok-Kyo-Osa IMHO


Osaka hotel done ... Intercontinental ... and by waiting and procrastinating the price dropped ... Ka-Ching ! (and the Ritz prices went up and helped lean me in Inter's direction ... and quite frankly the Ritz just wasn't doing it for me from the pics etc)


Still gotta deal w Kyoto Hotel ... ugggggh ... but ...


My Tokyo hotel's concierge service is totally totally rocking it ... amazing service ... I'm loving it ... so .... I need to give them a bunch more to do because they seem to be gluttons for punishment and keep demanding to do more for me .... and I hate to disappoint, so ...


@Orik (and / or others)- I fly Thurs, I arrive Tok Fri, staying very near Tok Station, not interested in ressies on Fri Sat or Sun* (but am interested in good cool places that can be attempted on the fly on those days), but am interested in attempting ressies on Mon Tue Wed, not of the high high end**, but of very good places operating around a 1 star level or so, with or without the star, that I have a fighting chance to maybe get into ... did I mention that my concierge service seems ready, willing and able ? And sure, toss me a 2 too if you want to and I could get in if the stars align


What from your list might qualify for such a Mon Tue Wed agenda ... supply more than needed, pretty please, because some will surely be rejected ...



* @Ev - we're on the same page ... silly to be delirious while dining ... and I'm not really rushed for time ...


** cuz I probably couldn't get in and as I said before I'm not calibrated yet so why go somewhere and not really / fully appreciate it ... although of course I'm sure I'd appreciate it

#1445024 Boston 2019

Posted by Chambolle on 06 September 2019 - 07:20 PM

Daniel, be advised that Chambo is a student of and practices the art of warfare

The following is far from firing any offensive artillery from the strategic heights ... the following is just very light defensive musket fire from a NOT-AI engine that’s starting to be fed ... and don’t forget that we also have those French forces backing us up

So when dealing with Chambo, Daniel, my best advice is to Make Love not War !

With that as context, let’s proceed …

Ha, my boy is 4. My daughter is 19

Ohhhhh yes, DATA ! me love DATA ! mmmm mmmm data data, mmmm, data taste so good … so so very good … me energy levels are rising … algorithms activating … ready to get high on my horse and ride ride ride …
Remember Paul Revere, Daniel, and his Midnight Ride … it’s mostly a legend that morphed into a virtual reality … but nowadays new and better legends can be created in a flash at the speed of light … behold the Chambo magic …

Poof !

A reared, revered Revere and his British are Coming cheer disappear into the hazy smoke and along comes this bloke as things start to clear and in Paul’s place does Chambo appear, spreading fear with his famous Midnight Mail that was the final nail in New York’s coffin


And so Chambo rallied his battle-tested, Bostonian troops in less than a Minute. Man, that guy is as good as gold and as quick and toying as bitcoin !
And the evading (yet invading) New York force fell rapidly under our spell (that's you, Daniel ! ) and surrendered willingly without so much as a single blow ... as it was all telling and kissing and Chambo's Mail made it all so ...
The New Yorkers are Dissing ! The New Yorkers are Dissing !

#1444832 Boston 2019

Posted by Chambolle on 03 September 2019 - 11:01 PM

HA ! HA !     Total Victory !


Daniel surrenders with barely a fight ...


I was prepared to summon the heavy artillery ... but we'll save that ammo for another day ...


Maybe now I should start packing ...