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#1444654 San Sebastian

Posted by Chambolle on 29 August 2019 - 06:56 PM

While we like Sakona a little bit more than Old Town for their pour overs, I do get the charm of the outdoor seating

Sakona Coffee Roasters got demoted in Chambo's arsenal as solely to be used for afternoon cold brews ... and those are good.

Last year on my final Bastard day, the battle plan was Sakona for coffee, GOÑI for wine and photos at the fish market* of course ! Then immediately pedal back to hotel, return bike, load up car, high tail it to BIO in Bilbao, say bye bye Basque and prepare to be bonjour-ing before the coucher du soleil.
I executed excellently if I must say so myself, but Sakona's flat white was so inexcusably, amateurishly bad that they ruined the start of my last Spanish summer day to such an extent that I've held a grudge to this very moment
There's always problems percolating somewhere ... and Chambo's always optimizing ... always looking for a solution to problems that don't require one ... or do they ... that's a question for you to decide
* do you folks realize that I have thousands of pics from fish markets all over the place ... yep, I do ... I was considering doing a PhD fish seminar here at one point a few years ago ... but opted not to ... reason overcame me
Like I said, I'm not much of a breakfast guy. My normal morning breakfast is coffee and a yogurt, full stop
So I tried this the first day at Old Town and I liked it ... nice fruit, right ? There is amazing and cheap fruit throughout all of Spain, by the way ... ohhhhh and the tomatoes ... but that's a fruit too, I believe ...
So yesterday on my final Spanish summer day, the plan was Old Town for coffee, GOÑI for wine, photos at fish market, of course ! Then immediately pedal back to hotel, return bike, load up car, high tail it to BIO, say bye bye Basque and prepare to be bonjour-ing before the coucher du soleil.
I executed excellently and so did Old Town !!!      even if this Caprese Bagel is actually a roll with hole because Spaniards don't know bagels from a hole in the wall.
I did indeed buy their La Cabra Ethopian beans, per joe, which I was drinking early this morn and I like very much.
Further, because they got a brand new delivery of some other beans that were roasted one week ago, I opted to additionally buy some Gardelli Ethopian beans that I have no real need for (they are hiding on the far right of the pic below) ... but that's not unexpected because I also suffer terribly from FOROOC, which is a sub-condition that FORO suffers often have deal with

Life isn't without its challenges ...

#1444636 Clueless questions II (The Ones You Really Want Answered)

Posted by Chambolle on 29 August 2019 - 05:42 AM

I’m in the Ork camp on this




None of the following needs to be said, Mongo, because you’ve thought it all through already, but since it might be helpful to have your thoughts re-confirmed, let’s jointly think about this together, out loud …




100% commission after a few months, isn’t that the red flag that a prudent, risk-avoiding, small-time landlord is looking for when doing a bit of due diligence … and bravo to you for doing a bit of d d !




The guy works in sales for a builder … and his compensation model is perfect for a builder who wants to ride a real-estate bubble on the way up and have no / minimal fixed cost downside when the bubble pops. Further the builder doesn’t even have to be the bad guy and fire anyone during hard times because the then zero-earning salesforce is simply going to leave all on their own




Mongo, let’s analyze this quickly … in the best of time and in the worst of times …




In the good times, your tenant is doing very well and you participate in none of that (nor should you). Orik has a slight point that maybe this guy decides to upgrade when he’s rolling in the dough but more often tenants (who don’t have to move for a new job, etc) like to move about as often as landlords enjoy finding new tenants




When the bad times arrive and as they continue over the course of numerous months or more, you know IN ADVANCE that your tenant is earning ZERO and most likely CANNOT PAY HIS RENT, unless he has saved up a tidy little nest egg. That doesn’t sound good to me … YMMV




And if you are anything like me, you want to try to avoid such problems in the bad times to the best of your ability because it’s going to be WAY harder to find a good tenant then




I understand that you may not have a lot of people to choose from ... and your prospective tenant may very well be a great human being and a hard-working individual ... but we are in an upside-down world right now (have you been watching the yield curve, Mongo ? and it's rate of change. Wow ! Interesting times ...) ... so I'd say a slight bit more caution and patience is a very prudent path forward at this time for a budding real-estate mogul ...

#1443336 Lisbon

Posted by Chambolle on 27 July 2019 - 07:55 AM

Went to Lisbon most recently 4 years ago for a handful of days prior to heading to Madrid


For seafood, went to both Solar dos Presuntos and Cervejaria Ramiro. Both are good Lisbon options in their own way. Solar is the more real "restaurant", fancier and more upscale. Ramiro has very good seafood selection and as per its full name it has a much more casual "cervejaria" ambience ... and no, don't think of the upscale Cervesería Catalana in Barca ... think more upscale cafeteria and look at Goog Maps pics. Both are good, just depends on the desired atmosphere for the meal in question. For lunch, I'd head to Ramiro. For dinner with certain business associates, I might head to Solar.


I didin't bother with Belcanto (okay so maybe I might have called them the day before and was told that they were full and maybe I might have showed up at lunch time the next day to confirm that they were still full but it's only maybes on all that) but I did go to Avillez's nearby casual spot Cantinho do Avillez (in Chiado, there are now more than one, I believe) for lunch one day and I enjoyed the meal and friendly service. I also popped into his Mini Bar place another evening for the food / snacks and I recall it being fine. It was this sort of stuff ...




Went to Pap'Açorda but wouldn't go back for the food.


Went to Restaurante 100 Maneiras but it looks like its original location closed (cuz I'm thinking it was located near that park) and now there's a Bistro 100 Maneiras with the same chef and a gastro tasting menu (as before?) and also a bistro a la carte menu. Not sure what the exact situation is here. My imposed tasting menu meal was pretty good (considering the super reasonable price point) if you are in the mood to putter around with an imposed tasting menu.


Went to Belem and yes I did the "been there done that" Pasteis de Belem and yes I skipped the line. Had some empanadas and their custard thingies. Historical place, yes ... but I continue to have zero interest in custard thingies. I'd go back to Belem for the buildings though and someone post-visit mentioned the place called Enoteca De Belém. My notes says it's a trad resto with interesting local wines. It might be worth doing a look-see on this place ... for me, wine vs custard ... easy decision


I really like the National Tile Museum aka Museu Nacional do Azulejo !

#1442799 Micromanage my Life - Japan

Posted by Chambolle on 09 July 2019 - 04:04 PM

If an English-speaker wanted to rent an apartment in Tokyo for about one month is Airbnb the right place to be looking ? or are there better sites with better apartments that are more focused on Tokyo ?


And since I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO knowledge of Tokyo, where would be the recommended neighborhoods to be looking ? That is, what would be the closest Tokyo equivalents to a well-located downtown NYC place where ideally you can walk to a bunch of good casual and finer dining places / coffee shops / food provisions places and have very good access to subways to get you wherever. In my mind, Greenwich Village, East Village, NoHo, a less-touristy SoHo all could qualify, whereas LES is totally cool to go out to eat but can be slightly grungier than where I might want to live on a daily basis.


And if upon arrival I were thinking that I would start in a hotel for a handful of days, what Tokyo hotels might be worth considering ?


My mindset is as follows … I don’t speak Japanese and don’t know Tokyo at all, hence it might be a good idea to leverage off a hotel’s concierge services as I get my grounding in the city upon arrival. And since I presumably have to go to Kyoto and Osaka for a bunch of days, it probably makes sense to organize things as follows – 1) Stay in Tokyo hotel for 5-ish days. 2) Travel to Kyoto and Osaka for 5 or 6 or ? days. 3) Return to Tokyo for a month in my well-located apartment. Do we agree with my mindset ?


If I were to do this (mainly based upon finding an apartment that I like enough), the trip would start mid-September-ish


#1442613 FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

Posted by Chambolle on 03 July 2019 - 08:46 PM

Miss A tried to get me to go to Paris for my birthday to watch the finals ... 


Finals (and both semi-finals) are in Lyon, in fact … as is my Seattle-based sister, along with her hubbie and her 13yo twin girls.


Re twins, fraternal not identical, crazy fans of their country’s women’s team (actually the whole family is), both are supposedly semi-serious soccer stars who are more into Orangina than drinking Chambo’s fine wines (although they tried a bit … and they approved “nice and fruity and earthy and spicy and delicate, Uncle Chambo ! ”), who are more into galettes de Breizh Café et souvlaki de Filakia (twas near their Airbnb) et pizza chez Louie Louie than any good food like poulpe de Galice et langue de veau sauce gribiche (“What’s this Uncle Chambo ?” Just try it. “It’s okay. What is it, Uncle Chambo ?” Have a little more ! “Yeah, it’s pretty good ! What is it, Uncle Chambo !” Veal tongue !!! You’re chewing on a baby cow’s tongue right now !!! Tasty, right ? “Ooooooh, gross ! Gross !!” Here, have some wine … and try this. “It looks slimy !” It comes from the sea. Of course it’s slimy. Fish is a bit slimy compared to a hamburger, right ? “Oooooh it IS slimy !") … …


Best Paris moments for the twins – candy candy candy and desserts. Yes, they approved of Pierre Hermé’s dessert deliciousness but the absolute greatest non-soccer part of the trip so far was watching candy being made at Papabubble !


Nothing else was even close !


Not my hoary, gory stories of beings being beheaded during the Revolution as we strolled thru Place de la Concorde.


Not the beauty of the Jardin et Palais du Lux as I tried to explain the Italian influences that were bleeding into France at this time.


Not my explanations of the exploits of Marechal Ney and the Napoleonic armies as they were rampaging throughout Europe as we were rambling past Rude’s sculpture on Avenue de l’Observatoire on our way to a cocktail on Blvd Montparnasse.


Not nothing.


So they arrived in Paris for a few days, then followed the team to Reims for the game, returned to Paris (via Rouen, Normandy and the D-Day beaches / American Cemetery cuz they had a few days to kill prior to game day) for the Spain game and headed out to Lyon on Monday.


They are at the game right now and were at the USA game yesterday and will be at the finals later this week.


In short, they are having the time of their lives

#1432560 So, where are *you* going next?

Posted by Chambolle on 19 September 2018 - 07:31 PM

re Galicia, Im all over the place. Im here for only a month this year ... a short stay but theres reasons why ... but still roving all around. Was in Coruna then a special place (which I cant disclose) on the Ria* de Vigo but on the Moana side not the Vigo side, then near Baiona, then your fave Sanxenxo, then our fave Santiago then bye bye Galicia cuz I got to get my butt back to Asturias. Yes, back to Asturias then Cantabria then Bilbao then a week in the Bastard then back to Paris for a week then Barca for a few weeks interrupted by some annoying friends who insist I cruise the Costa Brava with them and then Madrid for a month-ish

* When discussing rias, the ria is the body of water, not the landmass


La Gavina, Villa Mas (for some white burgs), Can Jubany, La Xicra peut-etre, Villa Mas (again, but for some red burgs this time*), somewhere in Girona because Masia el Puig was full 1 of my 2 nights of interest,  hence lunch (not dinner) at Ca l Enric, probably Plaça del Vi 7 to quaff some wine (merci bien mais no interest in Can Roca :-), a free day in Girona that will start with coffee at Federal Cafe, Almadraba Park, Compartir, Figueres for Dali Theatre, Dali Jewels, Dali House** then El Motel (for food, not sleep), probably Llanca (more for Els Pescadors vs Miramar but TBD as we are still searching for the coin to toss), ruins at Sant Martí d’Empúries (cuz if it s good enough for Elon s bro Kimball tis good enough for Chamball), Castle of Púbol (more Dali, dahling, and I don t even like Dali, dahling, but Gala Gala Gala, I mean who doesn t like Russians nowadays!), then either Mas de Torrent or Mas Pastora, Casamar, some free time, then drive back to Barca with maybe a lunch stop at Hispania (because I was warned that the sisters are about to throw in the towel … the end of an era)


Brava Blast Off … 3 2 1 0



* Crazy good burgundy list and crazy good prices and tis in Spain ! Can NOT find such awesome value anywhere in France AFAIK. Food is fine but this place is all about the wine … and the seaside terrace ambience


** Note that there is an interesting Gala Dali expo at MNAC in Barca at this very moment

#1375289 Passing through Paris

Posted by Chambolle on 18 May 2016 - 04:24 PM

I'm in heavy training now, I'm getting totally focused and preparing for upcoming offensive operations.


@Bonner - operations commencing ... man your battle stations, team !


Oh yes, Champ-o. Who be you to talk about ... moola stashed away in, appropriately enough, the Cook Islands?


Let me tell you something about you and me, Mr. Brown.


You are from the Guadalcanal and Pentagon Papers generation.


I am from the Cuban Cigar, Panama Papers and Who's Who in the World generation.


You can try to put me down just because I get around but you are going to fail miserably in the process.



My generation don't brook no bullshit and we have more contingency plans, financial or otherwise, than you could ever imagine.


You are so in over your head, Mr. Brown, because you have no idea with whom you are dealing.


The only sane response is surrender.


And don't you dare talk to me about moola !  for it was YOU who was playing the big shot and wheeled out all that those heavy guns, NOT ME !


Champ-o, anything new on Chez Denis, Petit Coin de la Bourse, Vivarois, Lous Landes? What about Petit Montmorency?


It doesn't work like this Brown ... not by a long shot !


You have lost ANY AND ALL authority to question. You are now MY prisoner of war.


You will answer to ME in detail to my satisfaction ... before ANY replies might be forthcoming.


If that's not to your liking then your solitary confinement is fine with me.


You seem to be denying what has transpired here and how the tables have been turned.


You must understand that you as original poster get one crack at a surprise attack when directing massive fire at Chambo.


And that's it. One attack with precision and then you must stay on point and finish off the mission. You have a lunch to eat as presented above.


And boy did you massively fire at me with ferocity !


Five supersonic shells of the highest Michelin power were aimed directly at me without mercy and bombarded my peaceful little paradise in the South Pacific without any warning whatsoever !


It's a day that will live in infamy for our young nation.


Thanks to my superb hearing, unbelievable reflexes and seal training, I immediately instinctively dove into the pool ...   SPLASH !   ... and went sous-vide for what seemed like an eternity before exiting unharmed.


It wound up saving my life.


Americans everywhere should be proud of the military training that their finest receive. God Bless America !


And the record will show that I was willing to write it off, take a shower and still be super friendly.


We then have egregious and grievous insubordination within the nation (fully deserving of a court-martial and potential public execution) that totally neutralizes a masterly crafted counter-attack that could have saved this Illustrious Nation from the non-stop, nonsensical droning fire from above about the sous-vide that we have been subjected to for years now.


Well that plan went down the drain just like that.


So what do I do next ?


I put one foot in front of the other ... cause I'm trying to be on my best behavior.


I ask you how you are doing along with a few friendly questions WHICH GET IGNORED and I graciously return artillery fire with the utmost precision that should please any person on the planet as per your prior post ... EXCEPT FOR YOU, OF COURSE !


And then you try to change the subject and somehow weasel out a truce.




You are under house arrest.


Answer the questions. All of them.


And then I will begin a grueling interrogation before the entire nation.


Or ignore me as you please.


You started this, Brown, not me.

#1375255 Passing through Paris

Posted by Chambolle on 18 May 2016 - 05:31 AM

4 out of those 5 definitely use sous vide 


Oh man, why did you have to do that !



I cannot believe you a e k !

You just ruined my plans for today !

I was going to call all those chefs above

who feel for Chambo nothing but love.

And I was going to play a trick on Brown

To crucify that hypocritical clown !!!

Chefs were to deny all sort of sous-vide query

And serve Brown great pleasure til he was weary

Brown would return here and say that food was great

Then Chambo nails him with “Twas sous-vide you ate ! “

Can you appreciate how fun that could have been ?

Now my great plan is gone into the air that is thin.


Pfffffft ! Ruined … completely ruined … thanks aek ! Thanks a lot !


Brown would have been revealed as all hat and no cattle.

We'd be done with vacuous tales and all his tattle.

Now I gotta start planning for the ensuing battle ...


But it ain’t gonna be easy ... I got some researching to do ...

#1374459 Pure Food and Wine

Posted by Chambolle on 13 May 2016 - 12:35 AM

Not sure what's so "sad" about it.


Well let me help you out then. 


Of course it’s sad story !


Quite frankly it shocks me to think that someone DOESN’T find it to be sad.


It is sad to see someone who was seemingly working hard on a project that they seemingly passionately believed in fail so catastrophically and ruin their life and significantly hurt the lives of many others.


It is sad to see someone who seemingly had a bright future self-destruct so publicly before our eyes.


It is sad to see someone demonstrate such poor judgment and act in such an integrity-free way when faced with adversity.


There are obviously other emotions that can be discussed here, but sadness is surely present.


It’s sad to see the ugly truth within after the false veneer is pulled away.


This may not be big sadness but it is sadness nonetheless.


People are naturally sad when they are disappointed by their fellow (wo)man.


And let’s be crystal clear - none of this sadness lessens any resolve or demand that she should be held fully accountable for her reprehensible actions.


It is even more sad to see the economic damage and / or emotional pain (due to breach of trust / loyalty / integrity / perceived character) that she inflicted upon the following groups in descending order:


1.     her employees, first and foremost

2.     her investors

3.     her customers who believed in her and her project


It’s a very sad story all-round from just about any angle, not matter how you slice it.

#1373767 Fairway Markets on the way to bankruptcy?

Posted by Chambolle on 07 May 2016 - 05:47 PM

The company filed for reorganization earlier this week.


The NYT article says they intend to honor the labor contracts, and they have debtor in possession funding. The creditors will get 85% of the new firm.


I hope we are in agreement that this outcome was absolutely NOT a surprise given where we were in Feb.

Their stock is down to $.27 per share.


And it's most likely going to zero.


This sorta story usually ends with the equity guys being totally wiped out, the debt guys take a major/minor haircut depending upon where they sit in the capital structure and often become unwilling shareholders themselves.

But here is what I'm quite curious about.


I'm fully in sync with Suzanne when she tells Bonner that she was NOT complaining about the selling family getting rich ...


Yes. How dare the family get rich off their labors.


That's not what I was complaining about. And you know it.


... but I am NOT AT ALL clear what she was complaining about ... 


This is what happens when a family grocery business sells to a big-money company that doesn't know shit about the business.


It seems to me that she is implying that something bad has happened or that harm was done. 


Suzanne can elaborate on what you were complaining about ?



#1373648 Clueless questions II (The Ones You Really Want Answered)

Posted by Chambolle on 06 May 2016 - 12:24 PM



These LEDs are a frickin' nightmare !


But you love them in other applications...



That's true

#1373367 Le Bernardin

Posted by Chambolle on 03 May 2016 - 08:41 PM

Is it just me or does he look like a Marseille mafia boss ?

#1373255 Depressing stuff

Posted by Chambolle on 02 May 2016 - 06:20 PM

Of course, holly and Rail are right.


But Daniel, I totally understand and if you feel very strongly that you need to write him that letter, just do it !


Write the letter. Read it. Read it out loud. SCREAM IT OUT LOUD ! SCREAM IT OUT LOUD A SECOND TIME !! Continue as needed.


But you don't send it, Daniel. You absolutely don't send a letter to a guy like this.


You burn the letter. The letter is gone and the relationship is now formally over.


#1367579 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Posted by Chambolle on 09 March 2016 - 04:26 PM

@ Daniel - yeah he's cute ... make that VERY CUTE ... but can he compute ! and how fast does he run ?


My Surface Book is AWESOMELY CUTE, a super computer and could run rings around your kid when he's awake and mine is in sleep mode !


Don't mess with Chambo, Daniel.

#1362978 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Posted by Chambolle on 11 February 2016 - 04:09 PM

WILF WORLD continues !


He goes back and changes his prior post to add quotes to "forever". 


But isn't that the sort of slimy trickery that's more up Cruz's alley ?


Why are you changing prior posts AFTER people have responded to them ?


WILF WORLD front and center !


Sanders wasn't running until May 2015, so by forever, I didn't mean throughout recorded history, if not longer.


Good try, tiger ! But I got you by your tail. 


Let's focus on facts in the REAL world. I know the facts there are NOT your friend.


Both Hillary and Bernie announced in April. There was a drumbeat all that month and prior that they would do so.


Polling data from then to now is eminently on point.


And thank you for clarifying that you didn't mean "throughout recorded history". Very helpful.


Nice tactic too. Insert ludicrous absurdities when a factual conversation isn't going your way.


You could always say that you were wrong, you know ...




WILF tries to dig his way out of WILF WORLD.


Please, STOP digging !


We ALL see what you are doing.


Sanders has been leading Clinton in NH forever, and was always going to win.


As the chart shows, he's been leading NH on and off since last August