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#1362978 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Posted by Chambolle on 11 February 2016 - 04:09 PM

WILF WORLD continues !


He goes back and changes his prior post to add quotes to "forever". 


But isn't that the sort of slimy trickery that's more up Cruz's alley ?


Why are you changing prior posts AFTER people have responded to them ?


WILF WORLD front and center !


Sanders wasn't running until May 2015, so by forever, I didn't mean throughout recorded history, if not longer.


Good try, tiger ! But I got you by your tail. 


Let's focus on facts in the REAL world. I know the facts there are NOT your friend.


Both Hillary and Bernie announced in April. There was a drumbeat all that month and prior that they would do so.


Polling data from then to now is eminently on point.


And thank you for clarifying that you didn't mean "throughout recorded history". Very helpful.


Nice tactic too. Insert ludicrous absurdities when a factual conversation isn't going your way.


You could always say that you were wrong, you know ...




WILF tries to dig his way out of WILF WORLD.


Please, STOP digging !


We ALL see what you are doing.


Sanders has been leading Clinton in NH forever, and was always going to win.


As the chart shows, he's been leading NH on and off since last August


#1360112 Katz's

Posted by Chambolle on 19 January 2016 - 05:33 PM

What are you going to tell me next ?


Russ doesn't have any Daughters ?

#1359914 Hardy Wines w/multi-course dinner

Posted by Chambolle on 17 January 2016 - 06:11 PM

Wanna be a Moderator?


Not sure yet.


It's possible that Chambo will relieve you of your moderating duties for THIS THREAD ONLY ... in order to assume full dictatorial control herein.


Need to see how things progress ... and if people come to their senses ... cuz at a certain point Chambo may opt to go ballistic :-)


For the moment, Chambo's sorta sticking with civility.



To me, an entremet will always be what I was taught: a course interposed (from entremettre) or a side dish (hence the entremetier, the member of the brigade who cooks the side dishes).


Excellent, Suzanne !


You are outdoing that famous stick-in-the-mud. Bravo !


Keep on hanging on to whatever you were first taught EVEN IF IT WASN'T THE FULL STORY ... EVEN IN THE FACE OF NEW FACTS.


It shouldn't be painful to learn new things ... to evolve perhaps a little ... or to even change your mind. It should be FUN !


Otherwise you might as well keep yourself locked in a dark box the whole time.


The Culinary Institute of America's Baking and Pastry text refers to using an entremet ring for building a torte, and does refer, once, to the layered cake-and-cream torte as an "entremet."


So that text is the only information in the world. First published when ? in Modern Times ? Pre-internet ?


Suz, peruse here please ...




... for this is your beloved CIA's syllabus for a mere Bachelor's Degree .. read carefully and maybe you might consider taking that course on MODERN ENTREMETS !


If that is "modern French" cooking, ainsi soit-il. 


Ever hear of Pierre Hermé or Jacques Genin ?


Let's see if they ever endeavored entremets.


Pierre, premier ...




et Jacques apres ...




What are you going to tell me next ?


That it's not Pierre using the word entremets himself ?


That others are shoveling that dreaded word down his throat against his will ?


Sorry, Charlie. As we say in Texas, that dog don't hunt.


Even in a copy of Pierre's catalog, starting on page 24, we find a whole Entremets & Tartes section.


Read it and weep ... and also note that within the fine print, his marketers proudly proclaim that Pierre is "Célébré pour ses entremets et ses macarons"


And they ain't showing us pictures of tart sorbet, Suzanne !




And please do note that it wasn't going to matter which pastry chef names I used cuz all of these modern French master patissiers have entremets coming out their ears !


And it is a veritable crime that you are not aware of la piece maitresse du chef Conticini - his Entremet au Caramel - which is world-famous, at least among the literate set.




The point is still that if you want to call a dessert an entremet, call it an entremet. Not an entrement, which means nothing.


DON'T YOU EVEN DARE make believe that was the point of your prior comments for which you should gracefully apologize to P.


Any rube who hasn't spent their entire life living in Plato's Cave saw the obvious misspelling. A misspelling ... big whoop !


And if they didn't, then a simple google search of "Cherry and Pistachio Entrement" would have made it crystal clear that the menu writer's desired use of entremet was not only reasonable but it was the absolute best word in the English and/or French language with which to describe that dessert component.




And you would have further seen that a Cherry Pistachio Entremet is a veritable classic dessert in refined circles.




To me, an entremet will always be what I was taught ...


Are you now willing to reconsider ?


Has Chambo singed in your mind what an Entremet could also be ?


Are you willing to expand your definitions ... and horizons ?


Come on, now. Step out of that cave ... here, take my hand.


Let's be friends. Chambo will give you a big hug. We'll sing a nice song together. And then you suck it up and apologize to P.




Here we go ...



Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,

Where the deer and the antelope play,

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,

And skies are all entremet foam ...


#1339712 An American in (and outside of) Paris

Posted by Chambolle on 27 July 2015 - 01:18 AM




Let me elaborate.


Why you are an arse 1


Why you are an arse 2


Why you are an arse 3


Good to be done with this, arse.


The rest is personal abuse, which I return by calling you an arse. 


But I drink stuff that earns Chambo's scorn.


Hardly have to earn it.  Distributed with uninhibited largesse.


It seems churlish to respond to your thousands of words of vituperation, apparently seething in your breast over the weeks and months I'd forgotten you existed, with one four letter word.


Now we all know that Chambo has an exaggerated over-inflated ego of himself. Then again, Chambo's a fictional character.


But Wilfrid isn't.


I must admit that I was ROTFL about Wilf thinking that I was SEETHING IN MY BREAST about him. Hahahaha. That is wildly funny. 


I didn't realize that Wilf actually had a good sense of humor. Problem is ... he doesn't ... Wilf wasn't joking !


He actually believes his own nonsense.


It's crazy world ... but I love it.


FYI I seething and breathing fire and foaming at the mouth with steaming coming out my ears for ... not weeks ... not months ... but exactly 10 days. 




I was kinda shocked that it took that long too, to be honest.


But I waiting for you to yet again make believe that you are knowledgable on a subject that you have zero knowledge of.


#1339226 The Rest of Us

Posted by Chambolle on 22 July 2015 - 10:39 PM


And you guys wonder why I drink cocktails?


Yes - sometimes even with food.


Then Dersou. in Paris. Go knock yourself out !

#1338048 Madrid

Posted by Chambolle on 12 July 2015 - 09:57 PM

I had a seriously good meal at DiverXO a bunch of months ago. It's just a cool restaurant that beats to its own drum.

Food aside, what makes it interesting is the rhythm of the meal and the kinetic plating. I'll say no more to not spoil anything for 1st timers.

It's better to go there less informed than more.

Truly worth 3 stars ? Who knows ! Who cares ! The place rocks ! And it was only a mere deux etoiles when I was there.



DiverXo was a fun meal but, at least as of last February, unable to transcend the limits of the genre it was commenting on


If you say so, boss ...


The next time you hear my voice, you'll be on the floor scooping up bits of your brain ...

I'll find you ... naked, helpless and disoriented, easy prey that's what you'll be for me.

And in the end, when this is almost over, you'll BEG me not to stop and believe me, I won't !

#1338029 Babbo

Posted by Chambolle on 12 July 2015 - 03:18 PM

Re "date", was Sneak well-behaved ? Any loud books or belches or other loud gaseous exits from the big guy ? Was he looking especially fine ? I'm also curious if he was "very expensive" ? And finally and most importantly, did he try to jam* ya !

* Before you think that I'm trying to get too personal, which I am NOT, by "jam", I mean did he try to jam ya for an expensive bottle of bubbly ? We're talking water, of course. And if he did try to jam ya, did you just sit there and take it or did you have the balls to tell him that you're NOT that type of guy. Or are you that type** of guy now, as I have advised you to be.



** Before you think that I'm trying to get too personal, which I am NOT, by "type" of guy, I mean the type of wild and crazy free spirit who will let his hair down, just feel and be in the moment, totally loosen up and accept the consequences and pain of a large glass bottle of expensive water ?

And last but not least, and please excuse me if I'm getting too personal, but did YOU get any action ? If so, was Sneak any good ?

#1322994 Miami

Posted by Chambolle on 28 February 2015 - 10:31 PM




Just back from the SoFi Walgreens with two cases of tequila.


Hopped into the SoBe Whole Foods for a sack of blood oranges and a zupply of Siggi's "more protein than sugar" yogurts.


Saw a seriously hot, seriously young chick ... probably sweet sixteen ... with a beach bag labeled - Shopping IS my cardio !


But I know, I know, I know, that's illegal here !


Sixteen year olds, that is.


Don't go all Gary Glitter on us, Chambo.


And I know you know your wines; did you make Margaritas with blood oranges?


You are way off base, man.


I mainly use the blood oranges for facial, hair and shoe dye. The young chicks down here dig it !


Huh ? You're comparing me to Gary G-spot !


What the type of guy do you think Chambo is ? A sick, twisted pervert !


And just by making an association like that, you have truly hurt my feelings :-(


The "decent" folks here at Mouthfuls know Chambo to be upstanding member of the business community ... a normal, corporate working stiff.


As they say in gay Paris, a life of metro, boulot, dodo.



In general, I am usually reticent to expose details about my personal life BUT BUT BUT in the interest of answering your bloody question, I will need to.


On weekends in SoBe, as I said, I use the blood oranges for facial, hair and shoe dye.


As mentioned elsewhere, Chambo has self-described as being into high fashion and groovy haircuts. 


Further, when in SoBe, just to fit in with everyone else, I try to party like a rock star.


So, naturally, I gotta get my glitter on ...





Dye my hair wild colors ...






... and then I put on my party pants and dancing shoes.


Not those puffy things above ... today's style is slim.


Maybe you'll now recognize me from the club scene. 


Yep, that's me. I'm CHAMBOWIE !


Joe, you dance ? You find me attractive ?


Let's Dance !


Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.


Let's Dance !



#1316910 Alba White Truffles

Posted by Chambolle on 26 December 2014 - 01:14 AM

Do white truffles have a lot of calories ?


I sure the heck hope not !

#1315893 Paris Bistros, Restos

Posted by Chambolle on 16 December 2014 - 08:21 PM

Chambo, my man, your game is usually so tight. But Lanvin or Dries sneaks? If you're spending silly numbers on sneakers, it's Common Projects or bust.


Who's spending silly on sneaks ? Surely not Chambo !


Dude, I understand and accept that it's my job to teach you how and what to eat. 


But now I gotta teach you how to shop and what to wear ? 


Pfffffft ... quelle vie, ma vie !


First off, let me state for the record that those Lanvin sneaks are seriously bad-ass. Further, they don't cost you anything ... they make you money ! 


How so, you ask ?


Obviously, you don't own a pair or you wouldn't be asking such basic questions.


Let's take a typical day in Chambo's life to explain ... you know .... let's say mid-week, mid-afternoon ... now imagine you're Chambo ...


You walk into a cocktail place. The babes come up to YOU and say "Ooooh la la, quels bels sneaks. Can I buy YOU a drink ?"


Next, you walk into a brothel. The ladies come up to YOU and say "Ooooh la la, quels bels sneaks. How much are YOU an hour ?"


Next, you walk into a resto. Maybe Table (last year). The Adult Supervision comes up to YOU and says "Chambo, quels bels sneaks. Here, finish the bottle. We need more people like YOU in this joint."





You getting the picture yet ? Lanvin sneaks are without a doubt a better investment than a home. That's my experience.


Now maybe you're thinking that the initial investment is substantial. WRONG AGAIN !


Dude, only chumps and chimps pay full price ! ! !


You buy these shoes on sale, you pay in euros which are pretty much worthless these days, you get that detaxe action going to recuperate the VAT, and next thing you know, they may have cost less than Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars !


Dude, stick with Chambo, and I can also teach YOU how to buy multi-million dollar waterfront houses with NO MONEY DOWN ... soon YOU too will be cruising on a giant yacht with Bikini Babes serving YOU champagne into golden flutes. But YOU gotta act fast and get in on the ground floor of Chambo's multi-level, pyramid scheme that's gonna make us all as rich as the Egyptian Pharaohs. All other interested parties are welcome to participate also.




Now all that being said, Chambo has nothing again common sense or Common Projects.


Believe it or not, I have personal stylists (aka ex-girlfriends) combing the globe searching for shoes and threads for Chambo. When they find something good, they snap a pic and WhatsApp me. I got this pic and msg end of November from my best NYC scout ...





Common Projects Barneys 40% off $249 They got your size. These are your summer shoes ! Want them?


Now Adrian, what would you do ? 

#1306280 World Championship "Cartes"

Posted by Chambolle on 27 September 2014 - 09:04 PM

World Championship "Cartes"





The World's 2nd Most Popular Sport / Game.

Futbol watch out ! Poker beware ! Being played everywhere !!






Played by Russian Oligarchs in G5s, tribal elders on the Serengeti plain, Norwegian ice fishermen, kids in Rio's favelas and on and on and on. 






Exponential growth and world-wide interest ... the biggest trending topic on Twitter ... estimates say 50% of WhatApp traffic is discussing the play by play action ... but it's hard to verify any of this stuff.












#1305260 Paris Bistros, Restos

Posted by Chambolle on 19 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

What's the word on the new post-Le Squer Ledoyen?


He's still supposedly at his other place Etc...  


No further updates to the best of my knowledge.


I was thinking of trying it but it's way out there dans la banlieue du 16ieme and those people scare me.


If I really knew that he was involved there on a daily basis, I would probably go.


Why not eat his food at 1/2 or 1/3 the sticker price. Granted, it's not "his" food.


Been to busy to inquire.



Holy Belly - cute girls in the kitchen.



Le Servan - cute girls in and out of the kitchen.


Kooka Boora - cute girls sipping coffee. Young, impressionable student types. Chambo ... Take Three ! Action !!!

#1305224 Larry E as CEO of Larry-Land ???

Posted by Chambolle on 19 September 2014 - 09:41 AM

Maybe in title ... but call me skeptical ...



#1304556 San Francisco in 2014 and Beyond

Posted by Chambolle on 13 September 2014 - 02:03 PM

#1304346 Paris Bistros, Restos

Posted by Chambolle on 12 September 2014 - 07:30 AM

Your comment was perfectly clear re Spring being all-Anglos but I'm just reiterating it because this has been discussed before and tourists like to dispute it.

They've gone once and say "No no, I think I heard someone speaking French on my far right ! ".

I have heard time and again from many visitors (friends, friends of friends, guests, friends of guests) that virtually everyone is speaking English at the resto.

Daniel Rose has gotten enormous press in the US as the young American Chef in Paris who's took the city by storm. He's even been on Charlie Rose ... and no, they are not related.

The reality is that you never hear about Spring here unless it's an article about anglo-chefs in Paris ... and then, it's Daniel, James Henry, etc.


Spring fills its seats with Anglos. Parisians have no to minimal interest in Spring. 

There is nothing wrong with that. It is what it is.