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#612191 Gusto e Bar Americano

Posted by eatpie on 29 July 2005 - 02:05 PM

Had a very late dinner at Gusto last night (11pm). New Italian spot on Greenwich and Perry from the former chef at Gorigione, Jody Williams. I liked the space very much. Bright white tiles like Giorgione offset with touches of black. Probably seat about a 100 if my estimates are right.

Most of our apps were outstanding. Simply grilled Octopus was perfect and served with thick slices of celery. Their Cuttlefish app is also excellent and comes in a mixture of olives, capers and chiles. For the first time ever, I wished we had ordered more salads. They all looked fresh and vibrant. We tried one that’s a combination of favas, pecorino, mint and escarole. Simplicity and harmony on a plate. Their fried Artichokes didn't do anything for me and their $16 plate of Prosciutto had me longing for a Lb from Dipalo's.

I had a whole grilled Branzino that was perfectly grilled, deftly oiled and moderately seasoned with a bit of fresh herbs and a healthy dose of salt. Other standouts were the grilled tuna belly which is cooked all the way through and served with Escarole and Olives and a Lemon Riostto which was packed with flavor. Fresh, salty flat bread that came with dinner was fantastic. All 8 diners were members of the clean-plate-club.

Entrees average in the mid $20’s, pastas around $15 and apps in the $12 range.
Id say that Gusto is an excellent neighborhood spot that I would put on par with
a place like Red Cat.

#374064 Grotto

Posted by eatpie on 14 June 2004 - 07:35 PM

Went on Saturday night to this new(ish) Italian on Forsyth and Broome. Place was obboxiously crowded, servce at 11pm was slow, they closed the kitchen before we ordered desert, etc. All this AND someone in my party knew the owners. I barely paid attention when ordering because I was expecting little. Ended up having an excellent meal.

Pulpo appetizer was charred and tasty, the simple Smoked Trout Salad instantly becomes one of my favorite salads.

I'm no expert on Spaghetti Carbonara but my taste buds don't lie. Better than Crispo's which usually receives raves on the food boards. This was an exceptional dish. Small chunks of porky, crisp bacon. An eggy sauce probably thickened with some heavy cream and what seemed like fresh spaghetti (is that possible?).
I was already full from a late lunch and managed to finish an enormous portion...Ended up dreaming in technicolor that night.

Others at my table had Grouper, Cornish Hen and a Black Linguini with Seafood Sauce. I tried both the Linguini and Hen, both were spot-on. Grouper-girl is a tough critic but she loved her dish, although she didn't offer any....grrr.

Dinner for 4 including 2 bottles of $35 wine was $210 icluding tip.