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26 January 2012 - 05:40 AM

Hi all,

No idea where to put the irreverent musings and hope I won't offend (too much). Enrolled yesterday in Hospice in search of pain management and relief from all the crummy side effects. My status has changed greatly since December 31. I wish it was a terrible hangover, virus, or parasite, but the pattern appears to match what just happens as the disease takes over and treatment is anticipated to cause more harm that good.

Since dx a little over three years ago, we've traveled to Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco, Mexico, Tampa, Washington DC, Lummi Island, and Sicily. Some good food, some good memories, and lots of depth to my relationships. Focus is not so good, so my posts may be fewer and a little less likely to make sense without replacing words that don't get fixed by spell check.

I hope future meals are more exciting than today' intake - so far, water (hooray!) a couple of ounces of plain yogurt and 2/3 of a strawberry popsicle. I'm going to see if I can eat something a bit crunchy. Our kitchen is full of abundance, in case anyone is hungry.

Just another night to appreciate whatever you have, especially the good stuff.


Christina Choi

30 December 2011 - 12:47 AM

34. A smile extinguished. RIP

Sicily, please

05 November 2011 - 07:37 PM

Well, it's going to happen, second half of this month. All I know is we are flying in and out of Palermo (some day I will get the hang of returning from another city. Maybe not.)

We've got Lonely Planet and the internet. The two recent NY Times pieces (Addiopizzo article and Almond Granita sidebar). No car. Nope, not doing it. Had a line on a private tour guide, but that would double the cost of the trip, so we'll take it slow and easy and miss a lot.

Recommendations welcome.

Tsquare goes to Washington

24 May 2011 - 11:20 PM

That was fun. We stayed at the Dupont Circle Hotel - modern, simple, and a great location. We had a bit of a discount, so I'm not sure what full price would be. No pool (but in season, use of an outdoor one a couple of blocks away.) No turndown service, they change the towels everyday (not so green) and have nice bath products, no tub but a good sized shower, very white sheets, and some windows that open and air conditioning. The bar was a real scene every night, but we had no issues with that since we were not close to it.

I was a little disappointed to not get to some of the best options on my list, but we ate well.

Breakfast and Lunch:
You can laugh, but I really liked Le Pain Quotidien - nice room, music, and food. The pastry could be much better, but for a chain, not bad.
I also had my first Pret A Manger experience and it was fine for a quick sandwich and warm cookie.
Georgetown - Cafe Bonaparte - I had very good fries. M had half crepe and soup and remembered he doesn't really like this type of food.
M had soft shell crabs at The Palm. After his press briefing at the White House. A dream come true for him.
NMAI - tasteless tamale, better buffalo chili and fry bread (the clear winner.)
Marleny's - I bet no one else on this board has eaten there! A dive Mexican/Salvadorean spot - pupusas for me. Worth checking out if you are near the zoo, on Mt. Pleasant, a very Latino area.
Conference buffets from Dupont Circle Hotel - flavorful fruit, decent bagels and pastries, all I could eat prosciutto and brie, super afternoon smoothie.
National Gallery Cafeteria - one place I was the last visit (in '84!) A little antipasti plate and a lemon cupcake - all okay.
Kramerbooks for brunch - too much food for me, but a handy spot across from the hotel.
Ben's Chili Bowl - I'll say I like the t-shirt better than the food. But loved the neighborhood. Wish we had gone earlier in the week.
Dupont Hotel bar - late afternoon lunch before heading home - the meatiest crabcake sandwich I have ever eaten. But M had a nasty colored lobster bisque that he said was bitter and gritty. He would not send it back.

very late supper at Kramerbooks - thank goodness for bookstores and late night kitchens (till midnight at least.)
Pesce - twice. We liked it. Soft shell crab, cream of portobello soup with smoked trout, octopus with polenta, whole branzino, little neck clams, caesar salad with white anchovies. Fresh flavored cocktails.
Dino - food was pretty good, service was terrible. I really don't care that they were training someone, there was no excuse for it. I did discuss it with the host, after we were done. Someone else paid, so I have no idea if we tipped - but I am guessing we did.
Vento - we were a party of 20 or so and they managed to get us food in a reasonable manner, keep the drinks flowing, and give us just enough attention. Some at the table thought less of the service, but I thought they did a great job. I very much enjoyed my burrata appetizer, soft shell crab entree, and cannoli dessert. Super thin shell filled with light chocolate cream and a sprinkle of pistachios.
Firefly - in a Kimpton Hotel, but packed with a younger crowd. Liked my salad (fresh favas and artichokes), the shrimp and grits were underwhelming. M had a beet salad and the soft shell crab (anyone notice a trend here?) that was much nicer.

Baked and Wired - cookies in Georgetown. Nice spot.
Red Velvet Cupcakery - yawn.
CakeLove - wonderful strawberry frosted chocolate cupcake. Met the owner (and star of Sugar Rush - not that I ever saw that show.) Fun chat.

Saw Eastern Market, but timing was wrong for food. Too bad, those sandwiches looked good!
Roamed the Dupont Circle Farmers Market and really wanted to take home a whole Virginia prosciutto! Did not ask the price, but the sample I tried was rich, salty, and porky. What more could I ask?
Also, Renwick Gallery, Gauguin at the National Gallery, a few minutes at the Library of Congress, the Building Museum, walk about Georgetown, the Zoo (pandas, baby lions, and gorillas, oh my!)

Didn't really do much food photography this trip. Thanks for the recommendations. Might be back next year and will know a bit better where to go.

(Moderator - can you fix the subtitle to "mean". Thank you!)

Restaurant groups

08 May 2011 - 08:18 PM

I am doing my research for the upcoming trip to DC and every time I find something that looks interesting, it turns out to be part of a family of restaurants.

There are a bunch under Restaurateur Ashok Bajaj's name, with a wide range of flavors, and some variety in prices.

The Oval Room - DC modern?
Rasika - Indian
Bibiana - Italian
Ardeo/Bardeo - Modern American
701 - DC contemporary
Bombay Club - high style Indian

All the menus look good, if slightly on the high end of my comfort zone. Is one better than another? Are any, any good? I've seen some mixed feelings about The Oval Room.

Another is the group that includes the lower brow

Ted’s Bulletin
Matchbook (Palm Springs too?)

I don't consider these chains anymore than some of the "groups" here at home. And they often highlight someone who knows not only how to put out good food, but has some ability with service and more. (And sometimes, they highlight someone who can run a restaurant but has no sense of what tastes good!)

Any experience or comments?