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Today, 12:23 PM

Once I start bloviating about Roman food/recipes, I gotta have some.  Even though I wanted to go to Cervo's last night, Significant Eater may be coming down with a cold and wanted to stay home; she did say I should go and hang in my favorite corner seat while drinking various weird wines, but no, I stayed home like the good husband and made her dinner.


I always do this before making what I made...




That is, toasting the peppercorns before crushing them in a mortar/pestle (it's the little things that make a difference, home cooks!).


And then...




Spaghetti cacio e pepe for two.  Sautéed haricot verts, with garlic, red pepper flakes and a couple of mini San Marzano plum tomatoes thrown in for fun.

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Today, 12:17 PM

Orange juice was the one craving that persisted, and which I am now allowing myself.

Serious question:


Isn't eating a whole orange better for you than drinking a glass of orange juice?  You get some fiber that way (as opposed to all sugar), which I would think is somewhat important in moderating hunger...


One 8-ozglass of orange juice has close to 2.5 times the sugar and just one-third the fiber of a typical piece of fruit. The stats from caloriecounter.com: the small juice contains 112 calories, 0.1 g dietary fiber, and 20.8 g sugar, while the fruit has 45 calories, 2.3 g dietary fiber, and 9 g sugar.


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Today, 12:11 PM

You're training him well, Daniel and Miss A.  Nice to see and hear of a youngster who doesn't only eat pure garbage, and then wonders why he/she has food "issues" later on. Very European of you! 

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Today, 12:08 PM

That is freakin' great.

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Today, 12:07 PM

Maybe something good can once again exist on Smith Street after all?

These things do go in cycles, after all.