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Today, 06:38 PM

...and Talbott is as close to French wine making that exists in America.

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Today, 05:26 PM

They used to have a high end line produced by the granddaughter and it was excellent. Still have a couple of the '86 Cab. But it didn't sell and ceased operations after a few years. Their mistake, IMO, was keeping the Gallo name. A lot of people would not purchase a wine named Gallo, but if changed to Whispering Hills it would have outsold most competitors.

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Today, 05:22 PM


he has a good shot of winning a ring first.

What would Tim (oops!) Ryan say?


If Ryan's comment was racist, then every word ever uttered was/is racist.


There was (maybe is) a phrase used to express disbelief - "There are no words." Very soon that phrase will become literal as more an more words are banned.


Baby, it's getting colder outside..

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Today, 05:16 PM

The new menu at Indian accent is impressive. Plus they have a reasonably priced wine list.

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Yesterday, 08:30 PM