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Crown Shy

30 April 2019 - 09:01 PM

Since we have a long relationship with Crown Shy's Chef/Partner James Kent, of course, we were excited to find out what his food would be like. Well, it's not EMP style nor NoMad style.  It is his own style.  No surprise, it's beautifully plated and, in a word -- o.k., two words -- seriously delicious!  The amazing pull-apart bread with labne is worth going just for that.  (The pastry chef is Renata Ameni, ex-EMP.) 


There are two large dining rooms, one of which includes the open kitchen, and a capacious bar room.  (Note to Sneakeater: The full menu is served there.)  The vibe was lively but, happily for me, not super noisy. The crowd was young.  There was no diner older than maybe mid-40's -- except us and we're way, way past that!   


Comps:  The carrots, the sticky toffee pudding, Michael's two glasses of wine.  Plus, we were gifted a whole bread with labne to take home.


Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmAp4ion