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In Topic: demi (minneapolis)

Today, 01:34 AM

Goodfellows. Yes, I went there that winter I spent in the twin cities.

In Topic: What makes you laugh?

Today, 01:32 AM

I should hope so!

In Topic: My Best U.S. Cities

Today, 01:31 AM

Providence, Rhode Island was very enjoyable, based on one long weekend.

In Topic: Kobe Bryant

Today, 01:30 AM

Nice, hollywood.

The death of his daughter adds intolerably to the sadness.

In Topic: My Best U.S. Cities

Yesterday, 02:58 PM

San Francisco downtown is in a terrible state, true.

Seattle I liked but must be 10 years since I’ve been. Most trips to DC have been day trips to galleries: don’t get much of a feel for the city.

I forgot Philadelphia. Actually go there quite often, and usually have a good time. Last trip I was on keto, and painfully aware it’s a city of sandwiches.