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Harold Bloom

15 October 2019 - 08:02 PM

Yesterday, at 89, and I just noticed.


In terms of his work, enormously influential. A lot of readers now think automatically about how writers systematically suppress threatening predecessors, and how many poems (and novels) are in large part about earlier poems and novels. He became part of how serious readers read (in the Western tradition, at least). And I suspect he has influenced how writers write.


Interested to know if Mongo thinks I exaggerate.  

Pig stomach

27 September 2019 - 12:18 AM

I have been furnished some pig stomach, and I’ve actually not cooked it before. Went online expecting Asian stir frys, but found countless hog maw recipes from Pennsylvanian grandmothers, who presumably served it as a break from scrapple.

Thoughts? Stuff it? Cook slow or fast?

New York Upscale (and would-be) Bars

22 September 2019 - 12:46 AM

I think I should review the kinds of bars nobody cares about.

21 Club Not the classic semi-circular bar in the dining room (which is a joy, but standing only); the “new” bar just as you turn into the lounge. Excellent classic martini. Seasoned bartender who had worked a lot of places, knew his history, and could tell some stories. Theoretically jackets for gents, but not if you’re a friend of the house.

Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Spotless, comfortable, very good martini. Service excellent, almost too much. Good snacks.

Old King Cole You have to be lucky to get a seat at this bar (I stopped trying for years). If you do, good drinks, first rate complimentary nuts (etc). The bartenders here have been around the block; ironic but solicitous.

Lamb’s Club Upstairs. The entrance and greeting are grand, but the second floor is so capacious, there’s no atmosphere even when people are dining there. No conversation with bartender, no snacks, competent drink.

Blue Room at the Algonquin Swift service from hotel staff. Martini big, but not cold. The ambience ruined by these really piercing blue lights embedded in the bar.

The Rickey at the Dream Midtown. Nice ambience early evening, and bar staff trying to create a downtown mixologist vibe. Good drinks, but signs clearly warning of DJs later in the evening.

Bar Pleiades adjacent Cafe Boulud. Good drinks and top level service, professional, personable, even funny. Zero atmosphere.

Every place mentioned had comfortable bar seating, Blue Room seats a little low (@ Attaboy).

Today I Sang

15 September 2019 - 12:51 AM

Why not?

“By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” which has some surprisingly intricate rhythms.

“Love Is a Many Splendor’d Thing.” Love this because I can belt when the second chorus comes around.

Not today, but “Days of Wine and Roses.” Can’t believe I hit such a bum note at or around “closing door,” which shouldn’t be hard.

(First one in my vocal lesson, other two in piano bars.)

Hudson & Charles Dinette

08 September 2019 - 10:47 PM

Randomly walking into a small West Village restaurant, with no prior intelligence, is not a strategy I recommend.

But I did. This place, as far as I know, has not been on the Mouthfuls radar. I’ve visited the H&C (sustainable, natural, etc) butcher before, but hadn’t noticed the attached restaurant, which essentially serves up the butcher’s meat.

And what a good meal. Small sample, I know, but it gave me confidence in this kitchen. A steak tartare which was just fine, then a piece of coppa which had really been cooked correctly, seasoned correctly, and came with a creative combination of sweet grilled peach and tart labneh.

The wine list is utterly minimal, but they pour hearty.

I wish this was in my neighborhood. I’ve had much more problematic meals at restaurants which are very much on the Mouthfuls radar.