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#1371700 Le Coq Rico

Posted by nuxvomica on 15 April 2016 - 11:26 PM

Quick meal picked that day because of convenient location and a lovely surprise (despite the cookis smoking outside) - something to be said for going without big expectations. Loved the Rohan duck, my favorite dish of the night, although the poppy seed seared foie was a close second. The quarter chicken was good but no different from other great chickens we had.  The artichoke salad was quite good. I'd love to go with a few more ppl to try some more of the whole birds and the terrine.  So refreshing to have well executed classic French food.


Very good bread and butter too. I wish the wine list had some options with a bit more age though. The staff in the dining room was very nice, the bartender must have been new though as he had no idea about their signature negroni  (including its existence, though printed on the menu, lol). 


I liked the room, comfortable and very grownup for a change. Those tables between the bar and dining room did look dreadful though.  

#1330374 Micromange "My" Life

Posted by nuxvomica on 11 May 2015 - 01:29 AM

thanks, i saw your earlier comment. good to know it's there so we won't starve but hoping for less Brooklyn (says she whose husband booked a dinner at Bones in Paris - dinner! not just  a few snacks at the bar)

#1323774 Cosme (Enrique Olvera in NYC)

Posted by nuxvomica on 08 March 2015 - 04:47 PM

finally got to try this and it seems they have worked out some early issues. the meal was fairly smooth, cocktails good (esp. the mezcal one) but i'm not sure i'd want to go back - except for the duck, which was fantastic. the rest was fine/good (except for the ridiculous chicharron, and not in a good way), beautifully plated but not enthralling. while the kitchen is capable of turning out great stuff, i found a number of things just pointless.


let['s start with the pumpkin seed spread they send to the table with some fairly awful crisp tortillas - nice enough visually but not particularly edible and the spread just numbs the taste buds at hello - what's the point of that? i like spice but not having a numb mouth before the meal starts. also, keep the jalapeno away from uni - i didn't get that either, the heat dominating and obscuring the pleasure of uni and generally too much crap on the tostada. maybe i should have asked for the union the side, heh.


i mentioned the chicharron, so lets get it out of the way: is pretty much inedible and really just a vessel for the salad on top. ridiculous. the octopus was fine, didn't work with the hazelnut mole for me but the mole itself quite tasty. the smoked squid was rather crudely treated with a smoking gun, could have used a lighter hand.


the rest was much better - the mushroom and squash barbacoa was very good, as were the accompaniments and tortillas. the duck was spectacular and one of the best things i've eaten in a while. rich, satisfying, the skin so fatty and delicious.


after the duck high, the famous husk dessert was a letdown - nice but no epiphanies here. the chocolate was a bit more interesting, actually. 


Musar blanc was lovely and one of few bottles with any age on them. I also got a nice Tradicion palo cortado plus a complimentary pour of a Cour Cheverny, which would have worked well with the food as well. Huet to finish. 


the service was good, attentive and informed, although i'm not a fan of the check just being dropped on the table. the place is mobbed so i understand the need to turn the tables but still, just ask if the guest would like the check first. 


despite only being wowed by a couple of dishes, i did enjoy the experience (and the liquid side was very satisfying). comfortable and i like the space a lot more than the Aldo Sohm wine bar, they share that "living room" design that seems to be popular right now. 

#1308384 The Rest of Us

Posted by nuxvomica on 13 October 2014 - 02:10 PM

Why haven't I been to the Jura yet?


you'd love it. 

#1306686 Cosme (Enrique Olvera in NYC)

Posted by nuxvomica on 01 October 2014 - 02:56 PM

"hotness" is so 2006

#1303445 The Rest of Us

Posted by nuxvomica on 08 September 2014 - 02:58 AM

Sneak - for Piemontese white, i highly recommend Timorasso from the Alessandria area, east of Langhe - terrific, comples, esp. with some age on it. I'll take it over Roero any time.


My favorite timorasso is by Walter Massa (esp. the Sterpi but Derthona is good too), La Colombera's Derthona is very good to, as are Claudio Marinetti's wines but am not sure if the latter's are available in the US. 


Also, i know a very cool little restaurant with a very deep cellar of old (affordable) barolos, etc. in Alessandria, if you're ever headed that way  ;)

#1302674 Joe Dougherty, "SFJoe"

Posted by nuxvomica on 03 September 2014 - 01:06 PM

just got back and to such shocking and terribly sad news. he will be missed by many in the restaurant and wine world. seems so sudden, does anyone know what happened?

#1296213 [Bay Area] Manresa

Posted by nuxvomica on 08 July 2014 - 08:33 PM

terrible news, wishing them the best. 

#1290572 China Trip May 2014

Posted by nuxvomica on 30 May 2014 - 03:07 PM

wow, the epic eating continues!


loved images of the previous meal - could almost cure hangover just by looking at the food  :lol:

#1289443 Where Were Your Last Five Dinners Out

Posted by nuxvomica on 22 May 2014 - 04:34 PM

last five dinners not related to work:


Tocqueville (& 15 East sake dinner that had dishes from both chefs)

Louro (Bordeaux BYO)


Louro (Austria BYO)

Racines (Stephane Tissot wines)

#1261605 Mission Chinese Food

Posted by nuxvomica on 06 November 2013 - 03:30 PM

we actually tried to order delivery early on Monday and the ordering website would only give us the following day delivery. Called and found out they had a DOH inspection. Once it got to be past 8pm and they were still not taking orders, we figured it wasn't going to end well but wow, didn't expect this. 

#1244077 Reservation Desperation

Posted by nuxvomica on 30 July 2013 - 11:11 PM

Pascal Riffaud is at it again, preying in the clueless, the aspiring, the can't-be-bothered-and-my-secretary-is-shit-at-getting-resies types with his new reservations scam.


Anyone remember his Prime Time Tables scalping service from 2007? Seems it went down with the economy but I guess things are looking up as he is baaaack with another reservations scam. Enter "Today's Epicure" as profiled by Food Republic here: http://www.foodrepub...-reservation-sc - there are too many hilarious bits to copy but feel free to pick your favorites.


The man, excuse me, "entrepreneur," is a former hotel concierge and married to a (formerly) one of the big food PRs - well versed in the industry but he operates by making reservations under fake names and then selling them off to his "membership" to the tune of a $1,000 annual fee plus $45-95 fee per reservation.


We worked with a restaurant that was one of the hottest openings before the bubble burst and his operation (Prime Time Tables) made so many fake reservations that were no-shows that it became an issue. (Fortunately, they got pretty lazy fast and started using the same names a lot so they became easy to identify and scratch. )


The writer of this lovely piece gets a free membership for a month and scores the following hot, hot tables:


Disclosure: At my request, Riffaud provided me with a complimentary one-month subscription to Today's Epicure. I was able to book a table for six as "Gina Barber" at L'Artusi and secured a same-day reservation — this time under my name, since Riffaud has a relationship with the restaurant's owner — for a dinner date at Bond St.




#1239976 fancy food show?

Posted by nuxvomica on 03 July 2013 - 01:16 AM




welcome to the press treatment  :lol:

#1191789 What WINE are you drinking?

Posted by nuxvomica on 21 May 2012 - 05:23 PM

god i love Jura wines. another of my very last bottles of 2001 Montbourgeau Cuvee Speciale (i'll be really sad when that's gone) and Overnoy's savagnin. been drinking a lot of the 03 Tissot vin jaune.

also, a very good Lagar de Costa albarinio, delicious 08 Prince (another of my very favorite wines), whites from Occhipinti and Cornelissen. loved these wines.

#1177621 Corkbuzz

Posted by nuxvomica on 26 January 2012 - 09:51 PM

another opening i was looking forward to, a wine bar and "studio" from sommelier Laura Maniec. Nice long bar and space in the back for wine classes and other events. Promising but...sigh. I ran early on and decided not to write it up, maybe go back, try again. But I can't really muster much enthusiasm and recently I saw a tweet that kinda summed up the experience for me:

A good place to learn about wine, as long as you're rich and know everything about wine.

we didn't eat so i can't comment on the food quality and portions (i've heard rumblings of time cheese servings from industry friends) but wine service was (to me) lacking passion and knowledge.

i'm probably totally spoiled by places like Anfora, Terroir, the Tangled Vine and Ten Bells where there is plenty of server interaction and the staff are so passionate about wine one always ends up engaging in wine conversation and discovering something new. i didn't get that at Corkbuzz at all. i found my server lacking passion or even interest and knowledge.

asked about Clos Cibonne Tibouren, which they pour by the glass, the bartender said it "seems to be very popular for some unknown reason." way to sell a $14 glass of wine :lol:

oh, but ordering a glass for over $20 got him going and all excited. first round was something light and inexpensive which didn't even merit a how-do-you-like-it query but once i switched to a glass of high-end stuff he was checking in frequently and even gave me a little card listing the wine ordered and suggesting another i might like. um, thank you, i guess? i already know that wine :lol:

even a minimal interaction could have told him something about the customer and the price-based treatment (no cards/recommendations for my far less expensive choice) was just silly.

i hoped to check out their classes and events too - the monthly byo night sounds potentially fun but found most wine classes of interest run around $150 a pop - i've been to fantastic wine dinners for less than that.

has anyone else been? thoughts?