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Heritage Foods Event

21 May 2006 - 12:58 AM

Recently got an email announcing that Heritage Meats is hosting a fundraising tasting of their products cooked by a very appealing lineup of chefs. Thought Mouthfullers might be interested. Apparently there's plenty of room at the event and it's not going to be sold out.

Here's the info from the email:

You are cordially invited to a Heritage Foods USA fundraiser!

Colin Alverez of the Tasting Room
David Chang of Momofuko
Shane Coffey of Alias Restaurant
Steve Connaughton of Lupa Restaurant
Wiley Dufresne of WD-50

For a tasting of heritage meats prepared in ways you can only imagine

Proceeds from the event will support a 40-day and 40-night tour across
the country to put a face on the people who care deeply about America's
food history including famous chefs, farmers, butchers, sausage-makers,
truckers, pit-stop waitresses, movie actors, authors and unusual
personalities that make up the Heritage Foods world.

Monday May 22nd
Gavin Brown's enterprise
620 Greenwich Street (not Avenue!) on the corner of Leroy
Tel 212-627-5258

Suggested Donation: $125

Please RSVP to 212-980-6603

Karihan ni Tata Bino

24 April 2006 - 08:42 PM

Had a wonderful dinner Saturday night at Karihan ni Tata Bino in Jackson Heights. It's a small family-run Filipino place specializing in pork dishes, roast pork in particular.

Started with the chicharon bulaklak appetizer, described as "deep fried ruffle fat". Pure crispy porky goodness, with a great palm vinegar and long green pepper dipping sauce (cut the fatiness perfectly).

Mains were sizzling sisig (diced pork ears, snout, and liver sauteed with onions and scallions in a fermented shrimp paste sauce), laing (taro leaves cooked with bits of pork and shrimp in coconut milk), and crispy pata (marinated and deep fried pork knuckle, with vinegar dipping sauce). Everything was carefully cooked, with a very nice balance of flavors; nothing overly greasy or salty as can oftentimes be the case with filipino restaurant cooking. By far the best renditions of these dishes at any of the Queens filipino restaurants I've tried.

Halo-halo for dessert, a solid version with a particularly tasty ube ice cream crowning the whole icy creation.

Service was warm and very friendly, and also very attentive as we were the only customers during our dinner from 6.30-8.00pm (was very rainy which may explain the emptiness of the restaurant).

Dinner, with tip and nonalcoholic drinks (no liquor license) came to $45 for two people.

71-34 Roosevelt Avenue
(718) 426-6201

Lip Plumpers

14 April 2006 - 06:04 PM

Received a gift of Duwop Lip Venom recently and just tried it today for the first time. Not sure if it's actually plumping, but it does have a very nice gloss to it and the tingly just-finished-a-very-spicy-thai-meal feeling that is quite fun. Thinking of picking up a tinted lip plumper now (lip venom is a clear gloss); anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!


12 April 2006 - 03:05 PM

Tried a newish sushi restaurant last night at 90th and Broadway called Haku. Finally it seems that some decent sushi has come to the UWS! Yay!

Started with the bonito sashimi appetizer; this was definitely the freshest and best bonito that I've ever had in the USA. Then shared the deluxe sushi and sashimi set for two with my husband. A very well rounded selection of fish was included, with a good distribution of oily and stronger tasting fishes to milder fishes. Unfortunately no shellfish was part of the set, only fish and salmon roe. Standouts were the wild yellowtail, chu-toro, kanpachi, and spanish mackerel.

All sushi and sashimi was glisteningly fresh and very well cut; all appropriately sized, no giant slabs on fish on miniscule portions of rice here. Also very traditional in taste with no fancy garnishes or sauces. My one complaint is that the sushi rice was a little underseasoned for my tastes, and could have used a little more vinegar.

The sake list is small but very well edited. Started with ginga shizuku "divine droplets", one of my favorite sakes, and then had asahi during the meal.

About 75 dollars per person, including drinks and tip. Service was efficient and friendly. Seems that people are onto this place as it was packed on a Tuesday night at 9pm.


05 April 2006 - 06:36 PM

Currently obsessed with a newish bakery on the LES called Babycakes. Discovered it last Friday night after a so-so meal at Pala. It's embarrasing to admit, but I've been back there five days in a row for their cupcakes. Normally I'm not a cupcake fan at all, finding most cloyingly sweet and poorly textured, but these are really something else entirely. The cake crumb itself is light and moist with a very restrained sweetness, and the frosting is decadently gooey yet very smooth and, like the cake, just the slightest bit sweet. I've tried their carrot, banana, lemon, and vanilla cupcake flavors so far, and all are excellent, and with real depth of flavor. The biggest surprise though was that aside from their scrumptiousness, everything at the bakery is vegan, as well as free of refined sugar and wheat-free, with some gluten-free items as well; I have absolutely no idea how they manage to make their cupcakes so good without wheat flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. Considering how dismal tasting most vegan baked goods are, this bakery is really onto something.

The service is very pleasant and the bakery has a very cute 50's theme. Unlike Magnolia or Billy's there are no ridiculous lines or attitude whatsoever. They also have cookies, brownies, and loaf cakes, all of which I have yet to sample.

248 Broome St.