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#1447079 oatmeal porridge

Posted by beccaboo on 23 October 2019 - 05:14 AM

I used to make some really tasty savory oats in my fancy rice cooker. I’d set it up the night before, putting the pinhead oats and water in first and then laying a couple of green cabbage wedges, a couple of slices of pumpkin, some black pepper, and a bit of Tianjin preserved vegetable on top. I’d program the rice cooker to cook it on the congee setting, to be ready at 0530 or whenever I wanted my breakfast.

#1264230 Thanksgiving 2013 (US version)

Posted by beccaboo on 26 November 2013 - 03:27 PM

Is stem ginger hard to find?  I know I've purchased it before. But I couldn't find it anywhere at the Red Hook Fairway. They may have it tucked away somewhere but it was such a zoo I didn't want to try to track down an employee to ask. Do they have it at Whole Foods or Jubilee or somewhere else downtown?  

If you can't find it (I can't seem to get it in Seattle anymore) it's pretty easy to make. Just peel some ginger (young, if possible), simmer it till it's soft, then cook it in some syrup.