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03 October 2010 - 05:03 PM

This is no boring old documentary that's good for you in the manner of eating bland vegetables.

There's an intriguing story to follow and compelling characters with whom you cannot help but become emotionally involved. A plot, true suspense, resolution.

It revolves around a young (and movie-star handsome) photographer named Nev living in New York. He specializes in dance photos, which he posts online. An 8-yr-old girl, Abby, who lives somewhere out in flyover country, sends him a vivid and beautiful and extremely precocious painting she has done of one of his photographs. He contacts her, and one of the benefits of the ensuing ongoing relationship that follows turns out to be that she has an extremely attractive older sister, Megan, with whom Nev makes an indelible connection, and they strike up an intense long-distance romance.

It is pure happenstance that Nev's brother and a third friend are budding filmmakers, and they decide to document this journey to its conclusion.

The result is a mesmerizing foray into our modern virtual Facebook world.

Because it's a documentary, it might be a little difficult to seek out a showing.

But in every way, it's worth it.