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In Topic: Foxface

18 March 2020 - 07:47 PM

Good luck, Orik. I hope for all our sakes, the risk profile improves sooner than later.

In Topic: Mekelburg's

18 March 2020 - 06:28 PM

Take careful of yourself, Daniel. And not just from viruses: don't run yourself into the ground either. :mellow:

In Topic: Veronika

10 March 2020 - 06:19 PM

I have italicised Sutton's text for the sake of clarity. :cool:

In Topic: Veronika

10 March 2020 - 06:18 PM

No, no, that was me, your friendly neighbourhood unprofessional reviewer... :D Pay heed to the placement of the inverted commas.

In Topic: Veronika

10 March 2020 - 04:35 PM

Chekhov: 'it must lie before you, naked, shameless, a temptation. You wink at it, you cut off a slice, and you let your fingers just play over it.' Though the name sounds familiar, I couldn't say I knew what coulibiac is. 'One Instagrammer thought it recalled the Wu-Tang symbol.'


'Those pierogies, however, prompt a larger question for Veronika, which is whether it’s trying too hard to make a cafe, a purportedly democratic institution, into an exclusive one.' What?


'If restaurants like Momofuku, Estela, or Wildair represent the prevailing style of dressed-down, downtown, small-plates places, Veronika recalls one of those uptown prix fixe white-tablecloth spots from 2003 where every meal was three to four courses, and where the reservationist was your chief barrier to entry.' Where?


'This approach to dining feels tilted toward an older moneyed class who want to know precisely where they’ll be eating their roast duck a month from today, and who want to guarantee that even an a la carte meal will be a theatrical, 90-minute experience.' Who?