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Sweatshorts is more refined than that.

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Speaking of a classy crew...


Join host Nick Solares and the Red Meat Lover’s Club — America’s premiere club dedicated to meat, spirits, and philanthropy — for a special dinner by James Beard award winning chef April Bloomfield and chef Ryan Jordan.


The menu will feature Merguez “rippers” in the style of NJ institution Rutt’s Hut, beef and stilton turnovers, and quail scotch eggs. Followed by suckling pigs, whole shoulders of lamb, and a dry aged steam ship round — a massive 65lb roast — that is currently hanging in Master Purveyors legendary meat locker.


To finish the Breslin's signature Banoffee Pie. Wine, beer, and Hudson Baby Bourbon will flow freely. Most importantly, there will be both live and silent auctions with all proceeds donated directly to the Madison Square Boys and Girls club.

Cigars will be provided by La Flor Dominicana for take home and included.

United in Causes,

The Secretary of Steak and Nick Solares




Whilst I don't think I'd argue that Joe Jr serves one of the best burgers in town, I also don't think it 'sucked'. I do think much of its appeal is to do with getting away from ultra-bourgeois New York.


The Rutt's Hut 'rippers' are also not awful [and the Hut itself ultra-non-bourgeois], but the Breslin probably oughtn't to indulge in this sort of  ̶s̶l̶u̶m̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ 'appropriation'.

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Today, 12:25 AM

Has Saoirse Ronan attained 'A' yet?

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Yesterday, 09:41 PM


Sure, I was looking for things to applaud here, as it's just the kind of restaurant I like.


Remember Chevalier? I don't think anyone thought the food was less than very good, but it's amazing how many other things were complained about.


But that's different.  At least in my case, I made clear that I thought the food was excellent, but that there were other things that made the place culturally unpleasant to me.


That's very different from just saying it wasn't good.



Can we do the whole l'affaire Chevalier over again? This time I promise to go at least thrice if that'll help. ;)

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Yesterday, 09:37 PM

What is the crowd like?