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#557203 Seattleites Speak Up

Posted by beans on 06 February 2005 - 12:05 AM

I think it's a given that since there are at least 17 PNWers here, there should be a PNW forum here used to chat, set up get togethers or whatever we want to do here, ie. like eG used to be before the new policy went into affect.  (and I say that neutrally as a fact).

Great idea Leslie! It would be great to have a separate forum for Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Portland posters. It seems to make more sense!

And Leslie, thanks for hosting the forum.

Emphasis mine.


#552107 Single Malts for Burns Night

Posted by beans on 25 January 2005 - 08:38 PM

Sales of ordinary Scotch have been flat or declining for years, but the high end of the whisky business is booming.

The single-malt category has grown at an average annual rate of nearly 10 percent since the early 1990s, according to the market research firm Datamonitor. Last year, single-malt revenues expanded by 13.5 percent.

In fact, the popularity of single malts is rising so quickly around the world that liquor companies large and small are rushing to meet demand.

They're releasing new versions of classic brands, such as whisky drawn from different kinds of casks or older bottlings (e.g., offering a 15-year old Scotch in addition to a 12-year old). They're also expanding distribution of smaller brands that formerly were available only in Scotland.

Best of all, they're reopening distilleries that went out of business years ago. From Edinburgh to the Hebrides, the whisky industry is being reborn.

The full CNN The Good Life article can be found here.


#535075 Flavoured Vodka

Posted by beans on 17 November 2004 - 07:42 PM

I've never been one to believe or view the Cleveland Plain Dealer ever to be cutting edge reporting about the newest and/or hottest trend... but here is an article that appears in today's paper.

So, flavoured vodkas certainly are not new, but any you tend to enjoy?

I love Charbay's whole line and would like to try New Zealand's 42 Below vodkas when given the opportunity. My customers drink more Three Olives Cherry than we sell of other leaders such as well vodka or J├Ągermeister.

However with the glut of these vodkas, I still will order up and sip a the old stand by of Stoli Ohranj or Vanil, which now almost seems pedestrian/old hat!

Anyone else enjoy an Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary? (not sure why that sounds completely appealing at this very moment on this dreary Autumn day!)

Hmmmmm, I gotta go and see if I have any limes, or pickled green beans..... :D


#531615 the lunch thread

Posted by beans on 30 October 2004 - 07:24 AM

Wow. This is a way better lunch thread. I enjoyed reading all of it. I'll add my pedestrian goodies when I eat them. :D