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  2. Not going to be once a week at that price, is it? (This is actually a very detailed, worthwhile article.)
  3. I've noticed this, too!
  4. When you know your press strategy isn't working: The Eleven Madison Home box promises to make vegan eating an easy, luxurious experience. Who the hell is it for?
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  6. Now it's $300. Eater review here.
  7. I'm excited to see that the market at 168th Street & Ft. Washington is reopening on June 6. This is an added impetus to actually leave my office during lunch.
  8. The wine list is at least more accessible than Trois Chevaux. There are several whites and reds in the $50-65 range. And $19 doesn't strike me as outrageous for a cocktail. The wines BTG are pricey though.
  9. this place is good - but I very much suspect it might mutate from its current form. Its quite expensive, its a style of food that isn't really fashionable here, and the portions are actually pretty small. But I really liked it. I'm a sheep so did the pate and squab. Mrs B. the foie and lobster - mostly because we had the roast veal at L'Amb as our last real dinner out and seemed unfair to comp this to that so quickly.
  10. jolly pumpkin artisanal ales presents another chapter in the baudelaire biere series io saison ale brewed with rose hips, rose petals, and hibiscus - bottle 1/03/2018, 6.8% abv. this pours a dark amber color that has a tiny bit of red in it and smells strongly of brett, which is great because jolly pumpkin's brett beer is almost always terrific and you expect it to be pretty prominent in something this old. their brett really is magic, there's nothing harsh or unpleasant here and you can still taste the rose and hibiscus, even if the latter tastes like tea. this slightly tart in a very pleasa
  11. My favorite from Hinds band *liked* my post about her on Instagram, which in the context of this raging vile vicious hell we’re living in might make me get up tomorrow.
  12. What, the main restaurant at LeC isn’t mainly hotel guests? Really?
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  14. David Remnick's essay reminded me of my favorite line in Angell's essay This Old Man describing people's reactions when seeing him- "Holy shit—he’s still vertical!"
  15. A good appreciation in the Times.
  16. Right. I would imagine kitchen staffing is one reason things aren't fully back at LC, while the Frenchette menu is a story of current nyc dining - still very slow Mon-Tue (esp. for big ticket items), but Fri-Sat are back to before with the additional pressure from outdoor dining which means the kitchen is slammed even with a smaller menu. (and ingredient prices, etc.)
  17. I think what happened at Le Crocodile is that they understandably felt it necessary to cut down their menu during the slack period when the hotel wanted them to be open but they weren't doing much business (and sending those sad emails to their list). My complaint is that they haven't bulked it back up now that business has picked back up (although it isn't surprising they didn't). Compare Frenchette (which, obvs, isn't in a hotel). Their menu also contracted significantly during Lockdown. Now that things are resuming, they've expanded it some -- but not back to what it used to be.
  18. Go to Laser Wolf in the Hoxton down the street and tell me THOSE people are hotel guests.
  19. You went during the months they were sending email blasts begging former customers to come in and support them. Now it’s hard to get seated again. The Wythe isn’t that big.
  20. voyager


    Schnitled pork tenderloin, crushed baby Yukons, white gravy, scorched romaine drizzled with syrupy balsamic.
  21. Surprise! Obviously things were different during covid.
  22. I'd guess the main bar (not Le Gratin) is probably 50-50. Le Gratin is steps away from some high priced apartments so I'll guess 75-25 locals.
  23. Celts are not going down without a fight. These games are nail-biters.
  24. jester king grisette ale refermented with currants batch #1 december 2020 - 5.7% abv. this is a nice shade of dark purple that looks more or less like a light bodied red wine if you ignore the carbonation. this has a mildly tart mixture of currants, dark cherry, a tiny bit of oak, and some of the same bright brett I liked to much in femme sauvage I had recently. this is a lot sweeter than most lambics, and the sweetness shows through the currants at the same time the brett does. this is a really well made beer that’s pretty distinctive, but I prefer the other two jester king beers I’ve had rec
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  26. Do you think Le Gratin aims mainly to service Beekman Hotel guests?
  27. I am POSITIVE that the great majority of the people who drink and eat in the upstairs place aren't hotel guests.
  28. (Although I am grateful that being in a hotel requires them to open Mondays.)
  29. I would be very surprised if the majority of the people who eat in Le Crocodile are hotel guests.
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